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Frank McHugh ACTOR


Frank McHugh was born on May 23rd, 1898 in Homestead, Pennsylvania with the birth name Francis Curray McHugh.  His parents were involved in the industry running their own stock company so he was introduced to stage acting as a child.
By the age of ten he performed in an act with his brother, Matt and his sister, Kitty.  He also had three other siblings, although all five did not perform together.  He gained some experience as a vaudeville performer and performed with a number of other stock companies before being given the chance to appear on Broadway in such productions as, “The Fall Guy” (1925).
After gaining some more stage experience Hollywood began to take notice of him and he was given a chance to work with Warner Brothers studio’s as a contract player.  Over the course of his career he would work with Warner Brothers on over ninety films.
McHugh added such film credits to his resume as, “One Way Passage” (1932) starring William Powell and Kay Francis, “The Crowd Roars” (1932) starring James Cagney, Ann Dvorak, Guy Kibbee and Joan Blondell, “Footlight Parade” (1933) starring James Cagney, Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell, “Here Comes the Navy” (1934) starring James Cagney, Pat O'Brien and Gloria Stuart, “Devil Dogs of the Air” (1935) starring James Cagney, Pat O'Brien and Margaret Lindsey, "Indianapolis Speedway” (1939) starring Ann Sheridan and Pat O'Brien, John Payne and Regis Toomey, “Till We Meet Again” (1940) starring Merle Oberon, George Brent and Pat O'Brien, “City for Conquest” (1940) starring alongside James Cagney, Ann Sheridan, Arthur Kennedy, Anthony Quinn and Elia Kazan and “Mighty Joe Young" (1949) starring Terry Moore, Ben Johnson and Robert Armstrong and finally "Easy Come, Easy Go" (1967) starring Elvis Presley.
Along with film roles as his career entered the 1960’s he began to turn his focus towards television work.  Some of these credits included, "Tales of Tomorrow" (1952), "Wagon Train" (1961) and "The Bing Crosby Show” (1964-1965) portraying Willie Walters and his final television role was on CBS on the, “Lancer” Western series.
Throughout his lifetime, he married only once to Dorothy Spencer in 1933 and they had three children and remained married until he passed away on September 11th, 1981 in Greenwich, Connecticut.


1969   Lancer 

1968   Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1967   Easy Come, Easy Go 

1966   F Troop

1964-1965  The Bing Crosby Show 
1964   A Tiger Walks

1957-1963  The United States Steel Hour

1963   The Doctors and the Nurses
1962   Going My Way

1962   Route 66

1962   The DuPont Show of the Week
1962   Cain's Hundred

1961   The Spiral Staircase

1961   The Defenders
1961   Wagon Train

1961   Outlaws

1961   Harrigan and Son
1960   The DuPont Show of the Month

1960   Art Carney Special

1959   Buick-Electra Playhouse
1959   Career 

1959   Say One for Me

1959   The Millionaire
1959   The Red Skelton Hour

1958   The Last Hurrah

1954-1958  Studio One in Hollywood
1957-1958  Kraft Theatre 

1957   Playhouse 90 

1956   Star Stage
1956   The Alcoa Hour

1955   Appointment with Adventure

1954-1955  Justice
1954   The Elgin Hour

1954   There's No Business Like Show Business

1954   Armstrong Circle Theatre
1953-1954  Ponds Theater

1954   Center Stage

1954   Love Story
1954   The Motorola Television Hour

1953   The Web 

1953   A Lion Is in the Streets 
1953   It Happens Every Thursday

1952   The Gulf Playhouse

1952   My Son John
1952   Tales of Tomorrow

1952   The Pace That Thrills

1951   Musical Comedy Time
1951   Starlight Theatre 

1950   The Tougher They Come

1950   Paid in Full
1949   Miss Grant Takes Richmond

1949   Mighty Joe Young

1948   The Velvet Touch
1947   Carnegie Hall 

1946   Little Miss Big
1946   The Runaround

1946   The Hoodlum Saint

1945   State Fair
1945   A Medal for Benny

1944   Bowery to Broadway

1944   Marine Raiders
1944   Going My Way

1942   Her Cardboard Lover 

1941   All Through the Night
1941   Manpower

1941   Back Street

1941   Four Mothers 
1940   City for Conquest 

1940   I Love You Again 

1940   'Til We Meet Again
1940   Virginia City

1940   Alex in Wonderland 

1940   The Fighting 69th
1939   Four Wives

1939   The Roaring Twenties

1939   On Your Toes
1939   Dust Be My Destiny

1939   Indianapolis Speedway

1939   Daughters Courageous
1939   Dodge City

1939   Wings of the Navy

1938   Valley of the Giants
1938   Boy Meets Girl

1938   Four Daughters

1938   Little Miss Thoroughbred
1938   He Couldn't Say No

1938   Swing Your Lady

1937   Submarine D-1
1937   Mr. Dodd Takes the Air 

1937   Marry the Girl 

1937   Ever Since Eve 
1936   Three Men on a Horse 

1936   Stage Struck

1936   Bullets or Ballots
1936   Snowed Under 

1936   Moonlight Murder

1936   Freshman Love 
1935   Stars Over Broadway 

1935   A Midsummer Night's Dream

1935   Page Miss Glory 
1935   The Irish in Us 

1935   Gold Diggers of 1935 

1935   Devil Dogs of the Air
1935   Maybe It's Love

1934   Happiness Ahead

1934   6 Day Bike Rider
1934   Here Comes the Navy

1934   Return of the Terror

1934   Smarty
1934   Merry Wives of Reno

1934   Let's Be Ritzy

1934   Heat Lightning
1934   Fashions of 1934

1933   Convention City

1933   The House on 56th Street
1933   Son of a Sailor

1933   Havana Widows

1933   Footlight Parade
1933   Professional Sweetheart

1933   Tomorrow at Seven

1933   Hold Me Tight
1933   Ex-Lady

1933   Lilly Turner

1933   Elmer, the Great
1933   Private Jones

1933   The Telegraph Trail

1933   Grand Slam
1933   Mystery of the Wax Museum

1933   Parachute Jumper

1932   One Way Passage
1932   Life Begins

1932   Blessed Event

1932   The Dark Horse
1932   The Strange Love of Molly Louvain

1932   The Crowd Roars

1932   Extra! Extra!
1932   High Pressure

1932   Union Depot 

1931   The Wide Open Spaces 
1931   Corsair

1931   The Big Scoop

1931   Bad Company
1931   The Great Junction Hotel

1931   The Hot Spot

1931   Traveling Husbands
1931   That's News to Me

1931   Men of the Sky 

1931   Up for Murder
1931   The Front Page

1931   Millie

1930   Going Wild 
1930   The Widow from Chicago

1930   Kiss Me Again

1930   College Lovers
1930   Bright Lights

1930   Top Speed

1930   The Dawn Patrol

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