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Frank Faylen ACTOR


Frank Faylen was born on December 8th, 1905 in St. Louis, Missouri with the birth name Frank Ruf.  Both his parents were involved in vaudeville known as Ruf and Cusik, therefore he was introduced to the show business lifestyle as an infant.  He would appear with his parents on stage and would travel with them and perform as a child.
As he got older he enrolled at St. Joseph's Preparatory College in Missouri, but soon decided to return to his love of performing.  He began with following in his parents footsteps, touring and performing as a clown, singer and dancer.
Soon he decided to pursue a career as a stage actor.  After gaining some experience he went to Los Angeles and did a screen test which went well so he switched gears to now pursuing a career in the television and film industry. 
Frank worked with Warner Brothers Studio's but also did some freelance work with other studio's.  Some of his early roles were in, "The Reluctant Dragon" and "A-Haunting We Will Go".
As his career progressed he gained a decent amount of attention when he appeared in, "The Lost Weekend" (1945) playing the character, Bim.  Hollywood was now beginning to take more notice of the acting talents he possessed.  Other film roles soon followed such as, "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946) starring James Stewart and Donna Reed, "Francis" (1950), "Passage West" (1951), "Fourteen Hours" (1951), "Fluffy" (1965), "Funny Girl" (1968) and the television movie "Eddie" (1971). 
Along with working as a film actor, Faylen also appeared on a number of television series throughout his career such as, "Man with a Camera" (1958), "The Rough Riders" (1959), "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" (1959), "The Great Adventure" (1963), "My Mother The Car" (1965-1966) and his final television role in, "Quincy, M.E." (1978).
For his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Throughout his lifetime he married only once to actress, Carol Hughes and they had two daughters, Catherine and Carol. 
Frank Faylen remained married until he passed away from pneumonia on August 2nd, 1985 in Burbank, California.  His remains are interred in the San Fernando Mission Cemetery in Mission Hills, Los Angeles, California. 


1978 Quincy, M.E.
1977 Whatever Happened to Dobie Gillis?
1971 Eddie 
1967-1970 That Girl 
1968 Funny Girl
1968 Petticoat Junction 
1966 The Beverly Hillbillies
1965-1966 My Mother the Car 
1965 When the Boys Meet the Girls 
1965 Fluffy
1965 The Monkey's Uncle 
1963 The Great Adventure
1959-1963 The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
1960 North to Alaska
1959 The Rough Riders
1959 Zane Grey Theater
1959 Whirlybirds
1958 Man with a Camera
1958 The Ann Sothern Show
1958 Wanted: Dead or Alive 
1958 Maverick 
1957 Dino 
1957 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 
1956 Three Brave Men 
1956 7th Cavalry 
1956 Everything But the Truth 
1956 Away All Boats 
1956 Terror at Midnight
1955 G.E. True Theater 
1955 The McConnell Story 
1955 The Looters
1954 The Lone Gun
1954 Riot in Cell Block 11
1954 Red Garters 
1953 99 River Street 
1952 Hangman's Knot 
1952 The Lusty Men 
1952 The Sniper
1951 My Favorite Spy
1951 Detective Story
1951 Racket Squad
1951 Passage West
1951 Fourteen Hours 
1950 Copper Canyon
1950 Convicted
1950 The Eagle and the Hawk
1950 Francis 
1950 The Nevadan 
1948 Whispering Smith 
1948 Blood on the Moon 
1948 Race Street 
1948 Hazard
1947 Road to Rio
1947 The Perils of Pauline
1947 The Trouble with Women
1947 Welcome Stranger
1947 Suddenly It's Spring
1947 Easy Come, Easy Go
1947 California
1946 It's a Wonderful Life
1946 Cross My Heart
1946 Blue Skies
1946 A Tale of Two Cafes
1946 Our Hearts Were Growing Up
1946 The Well-Groomed Bride
1946 The Blue Dahlia 
1946 To Each His Own
1946 Two Years Before the Mast
1945 Masquerade in Mexico
1945 The Lost Weekend
1945 Duffy's Tavern 
1945 You Hit the Spot 
1945 Incendiary Blonde
1945 You Came Along
1945 Boogie Woogie 
1945 The Affairs of Susan
1945 Bring on the Girls
1945 Bombalera
1944 An American Romance
1944 National Barn Dance
1944 The Canterville Ghost
1944 Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble
1944 And the Angels Sing
1944 Address Unknown
1944 See Here, Private Hargrove
1944 Standing Room Only
1943 Tarzan's Desert Mystery
1943 A Guy Named Joe
1943 The Gang's All Here 
1943 She's for Me 
1943 Mystery of the 13th Guest 
1943 The Unknown Guest
1943 Corvette K-225 
1943 Thank Your Lucky Stars 
1943 The Good Fellows 
1943 Young Ideas 
1943 Yanks Ahoy 
1943 Get Going 
1943 Nazty Nuisance 
1943 Three Hearts for Julia 
1943 Prairie Chickens 
1943 Follow the Band 
1943 Good Morning, Judge 
1943 Mission to Moscow 
1943 Taxi, Mister
1943 Slightly Dangerous 
1943 The Falcon Strikes Back
1943 Salute for Three 
1943 Dixie Dugan
1943 Silver Skates
1942 Two Mugs from Brooklyn
1942 Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Fall In
1942 The Palm Beach Story
1942 Across the Pacific
1942 Somewhere I'll Find You
1942 Wake Island
1942 A-Haunting We Will Go 
1942 Wings for the Eagle 
1942 The Pride of the Yankees 
1942 Maisie Gets Her Man 
1942 Tough As They Come 
1942 Yankee Doodle Dandy
1942 Whispering Ghosts 
1942 Mokey 
1942 About Face 
1942 Joe Smith, American
1942 Dr. Kildare's Victory
1942 Hay Foot 
1941 Steel Against the Sky 
1941 H.M. Pulham, Esq. 
1941 Unholy Partners 
1941 Niagara Falls 
1941 Top Sergeant Mulligan 
1941 Let's Go Collegiate 
1941 Tanks a Million 
1941 International Squadron 
1941 Father Steps Out
1941 Sergeant York
1941 Blossoms in the Dust
1941 Affectionately Yours
1941 Thieves Fall Out
1941 Model Wife
1941 Knockout
1941 Footsteps in the Dark
1941 Come Live with Me
1941 The Reluctant Dragon 
1940 Alice in Movieland
1940 East of the River
1940 Margie
1940 City for Conquest 
1940 No Time for Comedy
1940 They Drive by Night 
1940 Pop Always Pays
1940 Brother Orchid
1940 La Conga Nights
1940 Edison, the Man
1940 Saturday's Children
1940 Curtain Call
1940 Millionaire Playboy 
1940 Castle on the Hudson
1940 The Fighting 69th
1940 The Grapes of Wrath 
1940 Married and in Love
1940 Just a Cute Kid
1939 Invisible Stripes
1939 Gone with the Wind
1939 Nick Carter, Master Detective
1939 Reno
1939 No Place to Go
1939 Slapsie Maxie's
1939 Thunder Afloat
1939 The Star Maker
1939 Waterfront
1939 Five Came Back
1939 It's a Wonderful World 
1939 Lucky Night
1939 Women in the Wind 
1939 The Flying Irishman 
1939 The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle 
1939 You Can't Get Away with Murder 
1939 Idiot's Delight
1939 Crime Rave
1938 Too Hot to Handle 
1938 Four's a Crowd 
1938 No Time to Marry
1938 The Invisible Menace 
1937 Headin' East
1937 Back in Circulation 
1937 That Certain Woman
1937 Wine, Women and Horses
1937 Dance Charlie Dance
1937 San Quentin
1937 Talent Scout
1937 They Won't Forget
1937 Public Wedding 
1937 Ever Since Eve
1937 The Case of the Stuttering Bishop
1937 Kid Galahad 
1937 The Go Getter
1937 The Cherokee Strip 
1937 Marked Woman 
1937 Midnight Court 
1937 Smart Blonde 
1936 Gold Diggers of 1937 
1936 Night Waitress 
1936 King of Hockey 
1936 Down the Stretch 
1936 All American Chump 
1936 China Clipper
1936 Bullets or Ballots
1936 Border Flight
1936 Romance in the Air
1936 Sky Parade
1936 Road Gang

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