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Frances Robinson ACTOR

Frances Robinson was born on April 26th, 1916 in Fort Wandsworth, New York with the birth name Marion Frances Ladd.  She was most well known as the television spokesperson for Arrid Deodorant.
She began acting in the early 20's appearing in a couple films with un-credited roles such as, "Orphans of the Storm" (1921), "Laddie" (1926), "Reckless" (1935) and "Dante's Inferno" (1935). 
However as her career progressed she added a number of decent film roles to her resume such as, "Risky Business" (1939), "Society Smugglers" (1939) ,"The Family Next Door" (1939), "The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date" (1940), "Outlaws of the Panhandle" (1941) and one of her more well known roles in, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (1941).
She then began to break away from the film industry and appeared on a number of television series such as, "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse" (1951), "Fireside Theatre" (1954), "Kraft Theatre" (1951-1954), "The Ford Television Theatre" (1954-1955), "Lux Video Theatre" (1957), "The Real McCoys" (1958) and "Border Patrol" (1959).
Although she never reached a level of major stardom she did make a decent living as an actress and had a career that spanned over four decades.  Her latest appearances were on the films, "Kitten with a Whip" (1964), "The Lively Set" (1964), "The Happiest Millionaire" (1967) and the television series, "Headmaster" (1970).
Frances Robinson passed away on August 16th, 1971 in Los Angeles, California after suffering from a heart attack.


1970 Headmaster 
1967 The Happiest Millionaire 
1966 Run Buddy Run 
1965 The Smothers Brothers Show 
1964 Kitten with a Whip 
1964 The Lively Set 
1964 Bedtime Story 
1962-1964 The Jack Benny Program 
1963 Dr. Kildare
1963 Our Man Higgins 
1962 His Model Wife
1961 The Hathaways 
1961 Westinghouse Playhouse
1959-1961 The Donna Reed Show
1960 Johnny Midnight
1959 The DuPont Show with June Allyson 
1959 Mike Hammer
1959 Border Patrol 
1958 Whirlybirds
1958 The Real McCoys 
1958 The Adventures of McGraw 
1957 Zane Grey Theater
1957 Lux Video Theatre 
1957 Circus Boy
1956 Screen Directors Playhouse
1955 Damon Runyon Theater 
1955 Four Star Playhouse 
1955 Matinee Theatre 
1954-1955 The Ford Television Theatre
1951-1954 Kraft Theatre 
1954 Ponds Theater 
1954 Fireside Theatre 
1952 Skirts Ahoy! 
1952 Armstrong Circle Theatre 
1951 Pulitzer Prize Playhouse 
1950 Backfire 
1948 I, Jane Doe
1947 Keeper of the Bees 
1947 Suddenly It's Spring 
1946 The Missing Lady 
1944 Lady in the Dark 
1941 Smilin' Through
1941 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
1941 Outlaws of the Panhandle 
1940 The Lone Wolf Keeps a Dat
1940 So You Won't Talk
1940 Glamour for Sale 
1940 Riders of Pasco Basin
1940 Double Alibi 
1940 The Invisible Man Returns 
1939 Charlie McCarthy, Detective 
1939 Tower of London 
1939 Little Accident
1939 Hero for a Day
1939 Rio 
1939 Desperate Trails 
1939 When Tomorrow Comes 
1939 I Stole a Million 
1939 Big Town Czar 
1939 The Family Next Door
1939 The Spirit of Culver
1939 Society Smugglers 
1939 Risky Business 
1939 Pirates of the Skies
1938 The Last Warning
1938 Secrets of a Nurse
1938 Strange Faces
1938 His Exciting Night 
1938 Exposed 
1938 Little Tough Guys in Society 
1938 Red Barry 
1938 Service de Luxe 
1938 The Last Express 
1938 Personal Secretary 
1938 Letter of Introduction
1938 The Rage of Paris 
1938 The Crime of Doctor Hallet 
1938 Forbidden Valley 
1938 The Jury's Secret 
1938 The Spy Ring 
1937 Tim Tyler's Luck 
1937 A Girl with Ideas 
1936 One Rainy Afternoon 
1935 Millions in the Air
1935 Dante's Inferno 
1935 Reckless 
1927 The Climbers
1926 Laddie 
1921 Orphans of the Storm

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