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Forrest Taylor ACTOR


Forrest Taylor was born on December 29th, 1883 in Bloomington, Illinois with the birth name Edwin Forrest Taylor.  His career as an actor began as a stage actor before moving to work in silent films and later 'talkies'. 

He began his film career in 1915 and added such film short credits to his resume as, "In the Sunset Country" (1915), "April" (1916), "True Nobility" (1916), "The Abandonment" (1916) and "The Thunderbolt" (1916). 

Between 1916 and 1926 he did not appear in any short films and his career was interrupted by serving in the military during World War I.  Upon completing his service, he returned to stage acting and continued his pursuit of a full time career in the film industry.  Over the course of his career, he would add four hundred film and television  appearances, although many were un-credited. 

Some of his more well known film roles during this time included, "Riders of Destiny" (1933) starring John Wayne, Cecilia Parker, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Lafe McKee, Al 'Fuzzy' St. John and Yakima Canutt, "The Miracle Rider" (1935) starring Tom Mix, Charles Middleton, Jason Robards, Edmund Cobb, Tom London and George Chesebro, "The Oregon Trail" (1939) starring Johnny Mack Brown, Louise Stanley, Roy Barcroft, John Forrest 'Fuzzy' Knight and Bill Cody Jr., "The Green Archer" (1940) starring Victor Jory, Iris Meredith and Jack Ingram, "Reap the Wild Wind" (1940) starring Ray Milland, John Wayne, Paulette Goddard, Robert Preston, Charles Bickford, Louise Beavers, Raymond Massey, Hedda Hopper and Susan Hayward, "The Spider Returns" (1941) starring Warren Hull, Mary Ainslee and Dave O'Brien, "The Iron Claw" (1941) starring Charles Quigley and Joyce Bryant, "The Spoilers" (1942), "The Great Dan Patch" (1949) starring Dennis O'Keefe, Gail Russell, Charlotte Greenwood, Henry Hull, Harry Lauter, Clarence Muse and Arthur Hunnicutt and "Winchester '73" (1950) starring James Stewart, Stephen McNally, Will Geer, Shelley Winters, Dan Duryea, Millard Mitchell, Rock Hudson, John McIntire, Jay C. Flippen, Steve Brodie and Tony Curtis.

Along with film work he began to make quite a name for himself as a television actor appearing on such series as, "The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok" starring Guy Madison and Andy Devine, "Annie Oakley" starring Gail Davis and Jimmy Hawkins, "The Cisco Kid" starring Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo, "Maverick" starring James Garner and Jack Kelly, "This Is the Life", "Racket Squad" starring Reed Hadley, "Bonanza", "The Gene Autry Show", "Zane Grey Theatre", "Lassie", "Waterfront", "The Roy Rogers Show", "Medic" starring Richard Boone, "The Lineup" starring Macdonald Carey, "Lawman" starring John Russell and Peter Brown, "Cheyenne" starring Clint Walker, "The Life of Riley" starring William Bendix and Marjorie Reynolds and his final television appearance was in, "Ripcord" (1963) starring Larry Pennell and Ken Curtis.

He passed away two years after his retirement on February 19th, 1965 in Garden Grove, California at the age of eighty one from natural causes.   


1963         Ripcord
1960-1962     Bonanza
1961         Whispering Smith
1955-1961     Lassie 
1960         Tales of Wells Fargo
1960         Cheyenne 
1960         Lawman 
1960         Overland Trail
1960         M Squad 
1960         Wanted: Dead or Alive 
1960         Maverick 
1959         The Dennis O'Keefe Show 
1959         The FBI Story
1957-1959     Man Without a Gun
1959         Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1959         Father Knows Best 
1958         Zane Grey Theatre
1958         The Lineup 
1957         Man of a Thousand Faces
1957         Matinee Theatre 
1957         Footsteps in the Night
1957         The 20th Century-Fox Hour 
1956-1957     The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1957         Official Detective
1956         My Friend Flicka
1955         Medic 
1954-1955     Cavalcade of America 
1955         Four Star Playhouse
1955         The Touch of Steel
1952-1955     The Roy Rogers Show 
1955         Waterfront 
1954         Dawn at Socorro
1954         The Gene Autry Show 
1954         Ring of Fear
1954         Annie Oakley
1954         Rails Into Laramie
1954         Hopalong Cassidy
1954         The Boy from Oklahoma
1954         Bitter Creek
1950-1953     The Cisco Kid
1953         Calamity Jane
1953         The Marshal's Daughter
1953         The Lost Planet
1953         Iron Mountain Trail
1953         Gunsmoke
1952         The Unexpected
1952         South Pacific Trail
1952         This Is the Life
1952         Park Row
1952         Untamed Frontier
1952         The Story of Will Rogers
1952         Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair
1952         Wagons West
1952         Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
1952         Denver and Rio Grande
1952         Border Saddlemates
1952         Rancho Notorious
1952         Flaming Feather
1952         Night Raiders
1952         Smoky Canyon
1952         Craig Kennedy, Criminologist
1951         Lawless Cowboys
1951         Utah Wagon Train
1951         Racket Squad 
1951         Wells Fargo Gunmaster
1951         Blazing Bullets
1951         Don Daredevil Rides Again
1951         Prairie Roundup
1951         Close to My Heart
1950         Rustlers on Horseback
1950         Cherokee Uprising
1950         I Killed Geronimo
1950         Winchester '73
1950         Johnny One-Eye
1950         The Arizona Cowboy
1950         Code of the Silver Sage
1950         The Fighting Stallion
1950         Forbidden Jungle
1950         The Fargo Phantom 
1950         Montana
1950         The Life of Riley
1949         Cowboy and the Prizefighter
1949         The Great Dan Patch
1949         Deputy Marshal
1949         The Pecos Pistol
1949         Navajo Trail Raiders
1949         The Fighting Redhead
1949         The Gal Who Took the West
1949         Scene of the Crime
1949         Stallion Canyon
1949         The Lawton Story
1949         Death Valley Gunfighter
1949         South of St. Louis
1949         Bruce Gentry
1948         The Plunderers
1948         The Golden Ey
1948         Four Faces West
1948         Return of the Bad Men
1948         Superman
1948         Coroner Creek
1948         Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains
1948         Albuquerque
1947         Big Town After Dark
1947         Mystery Range
1947         Shadow Valley
1947         The Black Widow
1947         Buckaroo from Powder River
1947         Unconquered
1947         Along the Oregon Trail
1947         The Pretender
1947         The Stranger from Ponca City
1947         Rustlers of Devil's Canyon
1947         Yankee Fakir
1947         The Sea of Grass
1947         Code of the West
1947         Trail Street
1947         Vacation Days
1946         Renegade Girl
1946         Stagecoach to Denver
1946         Santa Fe Uprising
1946         Lady Luck
1946         The Crimson Ghost
1946         Driftin' River
1946         Strange Voyage
1946         Colorado Serenade
1946         That Texas Jamboree
1946         The Glass Alibi
1946         Galloping Thunder
1946         The Caravan Trail
1946         Romance of the West
1946         Strange Impersonation
1946         Girl on the Spot
1945         Texas Panhandle
1945         Lawless Empire
1945         Bandits of the Badlands
1945         Dangerous Intruder
1945         Mr. Muggs Rides Again
1945         Federal Operator 99
1945         Bewitched
1945         The Master Key
1945         The Power of the Whistler
1945         Rockin' in the Rockies
1945         Identity Unknown
1945         Manhunt of Mystery Island
1945         Rough Ridin' Justice
1945         Sing Me a Song of Texas
1945         Sagebrush Heroes
1945         Mom and Dad
1945         Beyond the Pecos
1944         Can't Help Singing
1944         Zorro's Black Whip
1944         Cyclone Prairie Rangers
1944         Cheyenne Wildcat
1944         Haunted Harbor
1944         Trail to Gunsight
1944         Song of Nevada
1944         Wilson
1944         Three Little Sisters
1944         The Desert Hawk
1944         The Last Horseman
1944         Sonora Stagecoach
1944         Mystery Man
1944         Ghost Catchers
1944         Boss of Boomtown
1944         Shake Hands with Murder
1944         Outlaws of Santa Fe
1944         Sundown Valley
1944         Mojave Firebrand
1944         Lady in the Death House
1944         Sweethearts of the U.S.A.
1944         Beneath Western Skies
1943         Death Valley Rangers
1943         Bullets and Saddles
1943         The Kansan
1943         Sleepy Lagoon
1943         Silver Spurs
1943         Spy Train
1943         Song of Texas
1943         Wild Horse Stampede
1943         King of the Cowboys
1943         Air Raid Wardens
1943         Corregidor
1943         Land of Hunted Men
1943         Hangmen Also Die!
1943         Idaho
1943         A Night for Crime
1943         Dead Men Walk
1943         The Fighting Buckaroo
1943         Thundering Trails
1943         Man of Courage
1942         Ridin' Down the Canyon
1942         The Rangers Take Over
1942         The Valley of Vanishing Men
1942         Trail Riders
1942         The Living Ghost
1942         The Pay Off
1942         The Yanks Are Coming
1942         Outlaws of Pine Ridge
1942         King of the Mounties
1942         Overland Mail
1942         King of the Stallions
1942         Arizona Stage Coach
1942         Sons of the Pioneers
1942         Perils of Nyoka
1942         In Old California
1942         Juke Girl
1942         Perils of the Royal Mounted
1942         The Spoilers
1942         Home in Wyomin'
1942         Down Rio Grande Way
1942         Sunset on the Desert
1942         Reap the Wild Wind
1942         Lawless Plainsmen
1942         Bullets for Bandits
1942         Wild Bill Hickok Rides
1942         Cowboy Serenade
1942         Code of the Outlaw
1942         Texas Man Hunt
1942         Nostradamus and the Queen 
1942         The Lone Star Vigilantes
1941         Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.
1941         Riot Squa
1941         Underground Rustlers
1941         Sea Raiders
1941         King of the Texas Rangers
1941         The Iron Claw
1941         They Meet Again
1941         Kansas Cyclone
1941         Wrangler's Roost
1941         The Spider Returns
1941         The Singing Hill
1941         Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals
1941         Pals of the Pecos
1941         Flying Wild
1941         Ridin' the Cherokee Trail
1941         Ridin' on a Rainbow
1941         The Lone Rider Rides On
1940         The Wildcat of Tucson
1940         Billy the Kid's Gun Justice
1940         The Green Hornet Strikes Again!
1940         The Trail Blazers
1940         The Green Archer
1940         West of Abilene
1940         Trailing Double Trouble
1940         Under Texas Skies
1940         That Gang of Mine
1940         Arizona Gang Busters
1940         When the Daltons Rode
1940         The Durango Kid
1940         Deadwood Dick
1940         Boys of the City
1940         Pony Express Days 
1940         The Golden Trail
1940         Wild Horse Range
1940         Frontier Crusader
1940         The Kid from Santa Fe
1940         Terry and the Pirates
1940         Rhythm of the Rio Grande
1940         The Cheyenne Kid
1940         Young Tom Edison
1940         The Sagebrush Family Trails West
1939         My Son Is Guilty
1939         Chip of the Flying U
1939         Meet Dr. Christian
1939         Rovin' Tumbleweeds
1939         Trigger Fingers
1939         Danger Flight
1939         The Phantom Creeps
1939         Dick Tracy's G-Men
1939         The Fighting Renegade
1939         Riders of Black River
1939         Straight Shooter
1939         The Fighting Gringo
1939         The Oregon Trail
1939         Stunt Pilot
1939         S.O.S. Tidal Wave
1939         Street of Missing Men
1939         Outlaws' Paradise
1939         The Law Comes to Texas
1939         Texas Wildcats
1939         Trigger Smith
1939         The Lone Ranger Rides Again
1939         Code of the Cactus
1939         Honor of the West
1939         Stand Up and Fight
1939         The Phantom Stage
1938         Ghost Town Riders
1938         California Frontier
1938         Rio Grande
1938         Gun Packer
1938         Prairie Justice
1938         Law of the Texan
1938         Guilty Trails
1938         Lightning Carson Rides Again
1938         Crime Takes a Holiday
1938         Nostradamus 
1938         Black Bandit
1938         Phantom Gold
1938         Durango Valley Raiders
1938         Dick Tracy Returns
1938         Heroes of the Hills
1938         Prison Break
1938         Man's Country
1938         The Story of Doctor Carver 
1938         Outlaw Express
1938         Desert Patrol
1938         Songs and Saddles
1938         Western Trails
1938         The Fighting Devil Dogs
1938         The Feud Maker
1938         The Last Stand
1938         Frontier Town
1938         The Spy Ring
1937         Headin' East
1937         Amateur Crook
1937         Courage of the West
1937         Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts
1937         Where Trails Divide
1937         Moonlight on the Range
1937         Renfrew of the Royal Mounted
1937         Stars Over Arizona
1937         The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen
1937         Island Captives
1937         The Red Rope
1937         Riders of the Dawn
1937         Lost Ranch
1937         Orphan of the Pecos
1937         Servant of the People: The Story of the Constitution of the United States
1937         Arizona Days
1937         The Roaming Cowboy
1936         Headin' for the Rio Grande
1936         Death in the Air
1936         The Phantom of the Range
1936         Song of the Gringo
1936         Ellis Island
1936         Two Minutes to Play
1936         Rip Roarin' Buckaroo
1936         Shadow of Chinatown
1936         Put on the Spot
1936         Men of the Plains
1936         Charlie Chan at the Race Track
1936         It Couldn't Have Happened - But It Did
1936         Kelly of the Secret Service
1936         West of Nevada
1936         Prison Shadows
1936         Too Much Beef
1936         Rio Grande Romance
1936         Rogue of the Range
1936         Desert Phantom
1936         Taming the Wild
1936         A Face in the Fog
1936         Valley of the Lawless
1936         Tell Your Children
1935         Trail of Terror
1935         The Widow from Monte Carlo
1935         The Courageous Avenger
1935         Alias John Law
1935         Between Men
1935         The Rider of the Law
1935         Death from a Distance
1935         No Man's Range
1935         Honeymoon Limited
1935         Great God Gold
1935         The Miracle Rider
1935         Mississippi
1935         Big Calibre
1935         Shadow of Doubt
1935         The Gilded Lily
1934         The Mysterious Mr. Wong
1933         Riders of Destiny
1933         Neighbors' Wives
1933         Broadway to Hollywood
1933         One Man's Journey
1933         Turn Back the Clock
1932         The Death Kiss
1930         Reno
1926         No Man's Gold
1926         A Poor Girl's Romance
1916         The Fighting Heiress
1916         The Girl from Frisco
1916         The Madonna of the Night
1916         Black Magic
1916         The Music Swindlers
1916         In the Service of the State
1916         The Abandonment
1916         The Disappearance of Helen Mintern
1916         April
1916         The Social Pirates
1916         True Nobility
1916         The White Rosett
1916         Wild Jim, Reformer
1916         The Thunderbolt
1916         The Hills of Glory
1915         The Mender
1915         In the Sunset Country 
1915         There's Good in the Worst of Us
1915         Broadcloth and Buckskin 
1915         The Valley Feud 
1915         The Warning
1915         The Trail of the Serpent
1915         The Idol 
1915         The Sheriff of Willow Creek 
1915         Two Spot Joe 
1915         Let There Be Light
1915         Man-Afraid-of-His-Wardrobe 
1915         The Terror of Twin Mountains

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