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Fay Wray ACTOR


Vina Fay Wray was born on September 15th, 1907, near Cardston, Alberta, Canada.  At the age of three her family, which included five siblings immigrated to the United States. First they moved to Arizona and 2 years later to Salt Lake City, Utah. Her sister passed away in 1918, due to the influenza epidemic and shortly after, Wray moved to Los Angeles to live with a family friend.  
At the age of 16, she was noticed by filmmakers and was being cast in low budget movies.  Under a contract she got with Universal Studio’s, she appeared in a number of films, mostly westerns, such as, "The Man In The Sadle” (1926) also starring Hoot Gibson, Boris Karloff, Charles Hill Mailes, Sally Long and Janet Gaynor and “Art Acord” (1923). At the age of 19, Universal allowed her to cancel her contract with them so that she could be cast in the film, “The Wedding March” (1926).   This movie went way over budget as was finally released in 1928.  Wray then had the chance to work with Paramount pictures on, “The Street of Sin” (1927) followed by “The Legion of the Condemned” (1927). 
On June 15th, 1928, Wray married screenwriter, John Saunders at the age of 20 but in 1939, Wray was divorced and in 1942, married another screenwriter by the name of Robert Riskin.   

In 1929, Wray as then cast to work on, “The Four Feathers” which lead to Wray’s first chance to work with the team that would be responsible for creating “ King Kong”. Along with joining the cast of “King Kong” co-starring Bruce Cabot and Robert Armstrong, Wray was allowed to work in other films such as, “Doctor X” (1932), “The Mystery of the Wax Museum” and “The Vampire Bat” starring with Lionel Atwill, Melvyn Douglas and Dwight Frye, both in (1933). Her role in these two films in particular, showed that Wray had quite a set of screaming lungs.

Kong reached the screen in 1933. Thereafter, Wray appeared in, “Affairs of Cellini, Viva Villa”, “The Richest Girl in the World” and “The Captain Hates the Sea” all (1934). However, these 3 films did very little to help with her acting career. Movie roles were becoming fewer and few as new stars were entering the entertainment industry. After she married again in 1942, she put a hold on her acting career and did not appear in another film until, (1953’s), “Treasure of The Golden Condor”.  Wray also appeared in, “The Cobweb” (1955), “Queen Bee” (1955), “Rock, Pretty Baby” (1956) and “Tammy and the Bachelor” (1957).  Her last feature film was, “Dragstrip Riot” in (1958) and her last camera performance was a made for television movie called, “Gideon’s Trumpet”. 
Fay Wray died of an undisclosed ailment on August 8, 2004 at the age of 96.  Even though her talent and beauty was not used to it’s fullest potential in the entertainment world, She will always remain a bright star from cinema's golden era.

She will be forever remembered as "The Beauty that Killed the Beast" in the ending to "King Kong"!


1923 Gasoline Love
1925 The Coast Patrol
1926 Lazy Lightning
1926 The Man in the Saddle
1926 The Wild Horse Stampede
1927 Loco Luck
1927 A One Man Game
1927 Spurs and Saddles
1927 The Wedding March
1928 Legion of the Condemned
1928 The First Kiss
1928 The Street of Sin
1929 The Four Feathers
1929 Thunderbolt, Paramount
1930 The Border Legion
1930 Paramount on Parade
1930 Pointed Heels
1930 The Sea God
1930 The Texan
1931 The Conquering Horde
1931 The Lawyer's Secret
1931 Dirigible
1931 Three Rogues
1931 The Unholy Garden
1931 Captain Thunder
1931 The Finger Points
1932 Doctor X
1932 The Most Dangerous Game
1932 King Kong
1932 Stoneway
1933 Ann Carver's Profession
1933 Below the Sea
1933 The Big Brain 
1933 One Sunday Afternoon
1933 The Bowery
1933 Master of Men
1933 The Mystery of the Wax Museum
1933 Shanghai Madness
1933 The Vampire Bat
1933 The Woman I Stole
1934 The Affairs of Cellini
1934 Black Moon
1934 Cheating Cheaters
1934 The Countess of Monte Cristo
1934 Madame Spy
1934 Once to Every Woman
1934 The Richest Girl in the World
1934 Viva Villa
1934 Woman in the Dark
1934 The Captain Hates The Sea
1935 Bull Dog Drummond
1935 The Clairvoyant
1935 Come Out of the Pantry
1935 Mills of the God
1935 White Lies, Columbia
1936 Roaming Lady, Columbia
1936 They Met in a Taxi
1936 When Kinghts Were Bold
1937 It Happened in Hollywood
1937 Once In a Hero
1937 Murder in Greenwich Village
1938 The Jury's Secret
1939 Navy Secrets
1939 Smashing the Spy Ring
1940 Wildcat Bus
1941 Adam Had Four Sons
1941 Melody for Three
1942 Not A Lady's Man
1942 Out Of Time
1953 Small Town Girl
1953 Treasure of the Golden Condor
1955 The Cobweb
1955 Queen Bee
1956 Hell on Frisco Bay
1956 Pretty Baby
1957 Crime of Passion
1957 Tammy and the Bachelor
1958 Dragstrip Riot
1958 Summer Love

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