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Ella Raines ACTOR


Ella Raines was born with the birth name, Ella Wallace Raines near Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, USA.  Her father worked as an engineer.  Raines was always interested in acting as a child so upon completion of school she attended the University of Washington and studied drama there.  She participated in numerous school stage productions and then traveled to New York to work on Broadway.  
She was seen by Howard Hawks, a film director, producer and screen writer.  He had just recently formed a new production company, B'H Productions with the former actor, Charles Boyer and she was the first actress signed to his new company.  In 1942 she was briefly married to Kenneth trout but this marriage only lasted three years. 
Her film debut under this new contract was in, "Corvette K-225" (1943) which starred Randolph Scott.  It was first released in the UK as, "The Nelson Touch" and it featured a fictional ship in the Royal Canadian Navy. 

Ella did an outstanding performance alongside John Wayne in the western "Tall in the Saddle" (1944).
Raines was married in 1947 to a United States Air Force fighter pilot, Brigadier General Robin Olds.  Ella's film career continued with roles on various films such as "Impact", "The Walking Hills" and "A Dangerous Profession" (all 1949).  She later signed with Universal Studios and moved on to pursue other acting interests. 

Ella tried her hand on television with a role on starring in her own series, "Janet Dean, Registered Nurse" (1954) followed by additional appearances in, "Robert Montgomery Presents", Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Presents", "Lights Out", "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse" and The "Christophers". 

Ella Raines retired from acting quite early in her career in 1957 after filming, "The Man in the Road" (1956).  However she did return for one more appearance with a guest role on the series, "Matt Houston" (1984).  She also was divorced from Olds in 1976.  After retirement she moved to Hollywood and lived in Sherman Oaks. 
Ella Raines passed away from throat cancer on Monday, May 30, 1988, in Sherman Oaks, CA and was survived by two daughters, Christina Eloise Olds who lives in Vail, Colorado and Susan Scott-Risner who lives in North Bend, Washington.  She also had one granddaughter, Jennifer Newman. 
For her contribution to the Motion Picture Industry, she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard, and also a star for television at 6600 Hollywood Boulevard. 

1943  Corvette K-225
1943  Cry 'Havoc'
1944  Phantom Lady
1944  Hail the Conquering Hero
1944  Tall in the Saddle
1944  Enter Arsene Lupin
1944  The Suspect
1945  The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry
1946  The Runaround
1946  White Tie and Tails
1947  Time Out of Mind
1947  The Web
1947  Brute Force
1947  The Senator Was Indiscreet
1949  The Walking Hills
1949  Impact
1949  A Dangerous Profession
1950  Singing Guns
1950  The Second Face
1951  Fighting Coast Guard
1952  Ride the Man Down
1957  The Man in the Road

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