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Edward Mulhare ACTOR

Edward Mulhare was born on April 8th, 1923 in Cork, Ireland.  Initially, he planned to pursue a career in medicine, however as he grew older, he developed an interest in acting.  He began with working in Ireland on various stage productions such as, "Mrs. Fraser" (1942).  After gaining some experience there, he decided to relocate to London and worked with Orson Welles and John Gielgud and appeared in such productions as, "Othello" which soon followed with a role in the Broadway production, "My Fair Lady" which ran for over 1000 performances.
Along with working as a stage actor, he was already adding numerous television credits to his resume such as, "Look Up and Live", "BBC Sunday Night Theatre", "London Playhouse", "The Adventures of Aggie", "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "Studio One in Hollywood" and "Kraft Theatre".
Although quite successful as a stage and television actor, he was never able to break into stardom as a film actor.  Over the course of his career some of his more well known film roles included, "Von Ryan's Express" (1965) starring Frank Sinatra, "Our Man Flint" (1966) starring Jaes Coburn, "Carpice" (1967), "Megaforce" (1982) and "Out to Sea" (1997).

Other television appearances included, "Daniel Boone", "The F.B.I.", 'Search", "Most Wanted", "Hart to Hart", "Murder, She Wrote", "Knight Rider", "Hotel" and "Baywatch Nights".
Sadly, at the age of seventy four he passed away during the filming of, "Out to Sea" which was released three years after his death.  Mulhare died on, May 24th, 1997 in Los Angeles, California after suffering from lung cancer.  he never married nor did he ever have any children of his own. 


1997         Out to Sea
1997         Baywatch Nights
1995         Hart to Hart: Secrets of the Hart
1995         Spider-Man
1991         Knight Rider 2000
1987         Hotel 
1987         B-17: The Flying Fortress 
1986         MacGyver
1986         Murder, She Wrote
1982-1986     Knight Rider
1983         Matt Houston
1982         Megaforce
1979         Hart to Hart
1979         Battlestar Galactica
1977         Most Wanted 
1977         Hunter
1976         Ellery Queen
1974         Benjamin Franklin
1972-1974     The Streets of San Francisco 
1974         Cannon 
1972         Search 
1967-1972     The F.B.I. 
1968-1970     The Ghost & Mrs. Muir
1969         Gidget Grows Up 
1967         Custer
1965-1967     Daniel Boone 
1967         Cowboy in Africa 
1967         Caprice
1966         12 O'Clock High 
1966         The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. 
1966         Eye of the Devil
1966         Run for Your Life 
1966         Our Man Flint
1965         Convoy 
1965         Von Ryan's Express
1964         Signpost to Murder
1964         The Farmer's Daughter 
1963         Mr. Novak 
1963         The Outer Limits
1961         The Catholic Hour
1960         Startime 
1957         The United States Steel Hour
1957         Kraft Theatre
1957         Lamp Unto My Feet 
1957         Studio One in Hollywood 
1956-1957     The Adventures of Robin Hood 
1956         The Adventures of Aggie 
1955-1956     London Playhouse 
1955         Giv'a 24 Eina Ona
1955         BBC Sunday-Night Theatre
1954         Look Up and Live 
1947         Captain Boycott

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