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Eddie Albert ACTOR


Eddie Albert was born on April 22nd, 1906 in Rock Island, Illinois with the birth name Edward Albert Heimberger.  He graduated from Central High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota and then went on to the University of Minnesota where he studied drama and first got involved in the industry of entertaining by working as a circus trapeze flier. 
He then became involved in working as a stage actor and from there he became interested in working in television as well as the film industry.  His television career began very early on before electronic television was known to the public.  He began his career as a contract player with Warner Brothers. The first time to appear live was in 1936 in RCA/NBC's private live performance for the radio licensees.  Eddie also wrote the first ever television drama in 1936 and followed this by writing many other small scripts for RCA throughout his career. 
He wrote the first original drama for television in 1936 as well as writing dozens of small scripts for RCA.  Albert made his film debut in, "Four Daughters" (1938) followed by, "Brother Rat" (1938).  During World War II he served in the United States Navy and when he completed his service he returned right back to acting.
He continued to work in the industry for over 6 decades and portrayed a variety of characters.  One of his more well known roles was in the film, "Attack" (1956) and is also very well known for his role in, "Green Acres" (1965).  He also worked on a number of game shows and variety shows in the 1950's.      

Eddie Albert married only one time to Mexican actress and singer, Margo Albert from 1945 through 1985 when she passed away and together they had two children, actor Edward and Maria Albert.  Albert continued to work as an actor up until the late 90's.  He passed away on May 26th, 2005 in Pacific Palisades, California after suffering from pneumonia.  Eddie Albert is buried at the Westwood memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.
Along with being a very talented actor he also founded, City Children's Farms which was a program to help get inner city children involved in faming.  He was also very involved in environmental causes and groups.  International Earth day is actually set on his birthday, April 22nd.   


1997 Extreme Ghostbusters
1996-1997 Spider-Man 
1997 California
1995 The Barefoot Executive 
1994 Death Valley Memories 
1994 Headless! 
1993 General Hospital 
1993 Time Trax
1993 The Golden Palace
1991 The Girl from Mars 
1990 The Ray Bradbury Theater 
1990 Return to Green Acres 
1989 Brenda Starr
1989 thirtysomething 
1989 The Big Picture
1988 War and Remembrance
1988 The Twilight Zone
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1986 Highway to Heaven
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1985 Stitches 
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1985 In Like Flynn 
1984 Burning Rage 
1984 The Act 
1984 Dreamscape 
1983 Parade of Stars 
1983 The Demon Murder Case 
1983 The Love Boat 
1983 Simon & Simon
1982 Yes, Giorgio 
1982 Rooster 
1982 Beyond Witch Mountain 
1982 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1981 Goliath Awaits 
1981 The Fall Guy 
1981 Take This Job and Shove It 
1981 Peter and Paul 
1981 Yesterday 
1981 The Oklahoma City Dolls 
1981 Living in Paradise 
1980 Foolin' Around 
1980 Beulah Land 
1980 Border Cop 
1980 How to Beat the High Co$t of Living 
1980 Trouble in High Timber Country 
1979 The Concorde... Airport '79 
1978 The Word 
1978 Crash 
1978 Evening in Byzantium
1975-1978 Switch
1976 Moving Violation 
1976 Birch Interval 
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1975 The Devil's Rain 
1975 Promise Him Anything 
1975 Escape to Witch Mountain 
1974 Benjamin Franklin
1974 Kung Fu  
1974 The Longest Yard 
1974 The Take 
1974 McQ 
1973 Hallmark Hall of Fame 
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1972 McCloud
1972 The Heartbreak Kid
1972 Fireball Forward 
1972 The Lorax 
1971 See the Man Run 
1971 Columbo
1965-1971 Green Acres
1971 Li'l Abner
1970 Howdy
1968 The Beverly Hillbillies
1968 Mouse on the Mayflower 
1965-1968 Petticoat Junction
19667 Women
1965 The Party's Over 
1965 The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
1965 Burke's Law
1965 The Rogues
1964 Kraft Suspense Theatre
1964 Rawhide
1964 The Reporter
1964 The Outer Limits
1964 Mr. Novak
1964 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
1964 The Lieutenant 
1964 The Nutcracker 
1963 Dr. Kildare
1963 Captain Newman, M.D. 
1963 Combat!
1963 The Greatest Show on Earth 
1963 The Eleventh Hour
1963 Miracle of the White Stallions 
1963 Sam Benedict 
1963 The Wide Country 
1963 The DuPont Show of the Week 
1963 Naked City
1962 Who's Got the Action? 
1957-1962 Wagon Train
1962 The Virginian
1953-1962 The United States Steel Hour 
1962 The Longest Day
1962 Alcoa Premiere
1962 The New Breed
1962 Ben Casey
1962 Madison Avenue 
1961 Tales of Wells Fargo 
1961 Frontier Circus
1961 The Two Little Bears 
1961 The Spiral Staircase
1961 The Young Doctors 
1954-1961 G.E. True Theater
1960 Startime
1960 Sunday Showcase 
1959 Playhouse 90
1959 Beloved Infidel 
1959 The Ballad of Louie the Louse
1959 Riverboat
1959 Laramie
1959 The David Niven Show
1954-1958 The Loretta Young Show
1956-1958 Zane Grey Theater 
1952-1958 Schlitz Playhouse
1958 Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse
1958 Goodyear Theatre
1958 The Roots of Heaven 
1958 The Gun Runners 
1958 Orders to Kill 
1958 Studio 57
1956-1957 Climax!
1957 The Joker Is Wild 
1957 The Sun Also Rises 
1956 The Teahouse of the August Moon
1956 Our Mr. Sun 
1956 Attack 
1956 The Alcoa Hour 
1953-1956 The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse
1953-1956 Goodyear Playhouse
1955 I'll Cry Tomorrow 
1955 Robert Montgomery Presents
1955 The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theater
1955 Oklahoma! 
1955 The Girl Rush 
1955 Front Row Center 
1955 TV Reader's Digest
1955 The Chocolate Soldier 
1955 A Connecticut Yankee 
1953-1954 Your Show of Shows
1954 Medallion Theatre
1953 Nothing But the Best 
1953 Season's Greetings
1953 The Motorola Television Hour
1953 The Philip Morris Playhouse
1951-1953 Studio One in Hollywood
1953 Roman Holiday
1953 The Revlon Mirror Theater
1953 Danger
1949-1953 Suspense 
1952 Leave It to Larry 
1952 Carrie 
1952 Actor's and Sin
1951 Somerset Maugham TV Theatre
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1951 Meet Me After the Show 
1951 You're in the Navy Now 
1950 The Fuller Brush Girl 
1948 The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre
1948 Every Girl Should Be Married
1948 The Ford Theatre Hour
1948 You Gotta Stay Happy 
1948 The Dude Goes West 
1947 Unconquered 
1947 Time Out of Mind 
1947 Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman 
1947 Hit Parade of 1947 
1947 The Perfect Marriage 
1946 Rendezvous with Annie 
1946 Strange Voyage 
1943 Bombardier 
1943 Ladies' Day
1943 Lady Bodyguard
1942 Eagle Squadron
1942 Treat 'Em Rough 
1941 Out of the Fog 
1941 Thieves Fall Out
1941 The Wagons Roll at Night 
1941 The Great Mr. Nobody 
1941 Four Mothers 
1940 A Dispatch from Reuter's 
1940 My Love Came Back 
1940 An Angel from Texas 
1940 Brother Rat and a Baby 
1939 Four Wives 
1939 On Your Toes 
1938 Brother Rat 
1938 Four Daughters      

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