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Eddie Acuff ACTOR


Eddie Acuff was born on June 3rd, 1903 in Caruthersville, Missouri with the birth name Edward DeKalb Acuff.  He was an American actor who became most well known for his role portraying the postman, Mr. Beasley in the "Blondie" film series such as, "Blondie's Big Dea" (1949) and "Blondie's Secret" (1948) among others.  
His interest in the entertainment industry stemmed from his uncle who would perform on showboats along the Mississippi River.  In the early 1930's, he began gaining experience as a stage actor and also had the opportunity to perform on Broadway in such productions as, "The Dark Hour", "Heat Lightning" and "Yellow Jack".
Soon he began to work in the film industry and over the course of his career he would add over 250 film roles to his resume and would only appear in one television series.  He never limited himself to portraying one specific type of character as he would be cast in any roles ranging from a cowboy, to a bus driver to a mailman.
Some of his more well known film roles are, "The Petrified Forest" (1936) starring Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, Leslie Howard and Dick Foran, "They Drive By Night" (1940) starring George Raft, Ann Sheridan, Humphrey Bogart and Ida Lupino, "High Sierra" (1941) starring Humphrey Bogart and Ida Lupino, "The Flying Serpent" (1946) starring George Zucco, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (1947) starring Danny Kaye, "Johnny Allegro" (1949) starring George Raft, Nina Foch and Will Geer and "Smokey Mountain Melody" (1948) co-starring Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams and Jock Mahoney.  The only television series he ever appeared on was, "The Lone Ranger" in 1950.
Eddie Acuff passed away on December 17th, 1956 in Hollywood, California after suffering from a heart attack.  His remains are buried at the North Hollywood Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park.    


1952   Stop, You're Killing Me 

1951   Painting the Clouds with Sunshine 
1950   The Milkman 

1950   The Lone Ranger

1949   Miss Grant Takes Richmond 
1949   Johnny Allegro 

1949   Home in San Antone 

1949   Blondie's Big Deal
1948   Blondie's Secret 

1948   Smoky Mountain Melody 

1948   Bungalow 13 
1948   Leather Gloves 

1948   The Return of October 

1948   Northwest Stampede 
1948   The Timber Trail 

1948   Blondie's Reward

1948   Song of Idaho
1948   Black Bart

1948   G-Men Never Forget 

1948   Slippy McGee 
1947   Blondie's Anniversary

1947   Bandits of Dark Canyon 

1947   Roses Are Red 
1947   The Fabulous Texan 

1947   Blondie in the Dough

1947   Black Gold
1947   Exposed 

1947   Down to Earth

1947   The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
1947   Wyoming 

1947   Swing the Western Way

1947   Bells of San Angelo 
1947   Blondie's Holiday

1947   Buck Privates Come Home 

1947   The Sea of Grass
1947   Suddenly It's Spring

1947   Lady in the Lake 

1947   Blondie's Big Moment 
1946   Heldorado 

1946   Gallant Bess 

1946   Wake Up and Dream
1946   Three Little Girls in Blue

1946   The Bamboo Blonde

1946   Danger Woman
1946   Chick Carter, Detective 

1946   Inside Job 

1946   Renegades 
1946   Bad Bascomb

1946   Blonde Alibi

1946   Cinderella Jones 
1946   The Notorious Lone Wolf 

1946   The Flying Serpent 

1946   Meet Me on Broadway
1945   San Antonio

1945   Life with Blondie

1945   Shadow of Terror
1945   The Hidden Eye

1945   Lady on a Train

1945   The Jungle Captive
1945   Wonder Man

1945   The Frozen Ghost

1945   Don Juan Quilligan
1945   Flame of Barbary Coast

1945   Honeymoon Ahead

1945   Diamond Horseshoe
1945   Brewster's Millions

1945   Between Two Women

1945   Without Love
1945   The Clock

1945   Leave It to Blondie

1945   Her Lucky Night 
1945   Roughly Speaking

1945   She Gets Her Man 

1944   Belle of the Yukon 
1944   Can't Help Singing

1944   Carolina Blues

1944   Sergeant Mike
1944   Something for the Boys

1944   Irish Eyes Are Smiling

1944   In the Meantime, Darling 
1944   Rainbow Island 

1944   I Love a Soldier 

1944   Wing and a Prayer
1944   Bride by Mistake

1944   Christmas Holiday

1944   South of Dixie
1944   Silent Partner 

1944   It Happened Tomorrow 

1944   Once Upon a Time 
1944   Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble 

1944   Hey, Rookie 

1944   Four Jills in a Jeep
1944   Hat Check Honey

1944   Weekend Pass 

1943   Lost Angel 
1943   Swingtime Johnny 

1943   Flesh and Fantasy

1943   Guadalcanal Diary
1943   Headin' for God's Country

1943   Hers to Hold

1943   Pilot #5
1943   Daredevils of the West

1943   Good Morning, Judge 

1943   He Hired the Boss
1943   Slightly Dangerous 

1942   The Traitor Within

1942   Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant
1942   Fall In

1942   Army Surgeon 

1942   Youth on Parade
1942   Girl Trouble 

1942   Bells of Capistrano 

1942   The Old Homestead 
1942   The War Against Mrs. Hadley

1942   Pardon My Sarong

1942   Blondie for Victory
1942   Calling Dr. Gillespie 

1942   The Postman Didn't Ring 

1942   Yankee Doodle Dandy  

1942   Private Buckaroo

1942   She's in the Army 

1942   In This Our Life
1942   Take a Letter, Darling

1942   Who Is Hope Schuyler?

1942   Mississippi Gambler
1942   True to the Army 

1942   Sing Your Worries Away

1942   Sleepytime Gal
1942   What's Cookin'?

1942   The Lady Is Willing

1942   Dr. Kildare's Victory
1942   Fly-By-Night

1941   Hellzapoppin'

1941   Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case
1941   They Died with Their Boots On

1941   Bad Man of Deadwood 

1941   Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day 
1941   Rags to Riches 

1941   Bad Men of Missouri

1941   A Very Young Lady
1941   Jungle Girl 

1941   Broadway Limited 

1941   The Great American Broadcast
1941   The People vs. Dr. Kildare

1941   The Wagons Roll at Night

1941   Model Wife 
1941   Mr. District Attorney 

1941   Dutiful But Dumb

1941   Here Comes Happiness 
1941   The Great Train Robbery

1941   Blondie Goes Latin 

1941   Ride, Kelly, Ride 
1941   Back Street 

1941   High Sierra

1941   Six Lessons from Madame La Zonga
1941   Robin Hood of the Pecos

1940   The Green Hornet Strikes Again!

1940   The Texas Rangers Ride Again
1940   The Border Legion

1940   Dr. Kildare's Crisis

1940   The Bank Dick
1940   Gallant Sons

1940   One Night in the Tropics

1940   Slightly Tempted 
1940   The Villain Still Pursued Her

1940   So You Won't Talk 

1940   Spring Parade
1940   Dr. Kildare Goes Home 

1940   Flowing Gold 

1940   Money and the Woman
1940   The Secret Seven 

1940   The Boys from Syracuse 

1940   They Drive by Night
1940   Girls of the Road

1940   Manhattan Heartbeat

1940   Sailor's Lady
1940   Flight Angels

1940   Buck Benny Rides Again

1940   Enemy Agent 
1940   Shooting High

1940   Star Dust

1940   It's a Date 
1940   Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me 

1940   Charlie Chan in Panama 

1940   Castle on the Hudson
1940   Honeymoon Deferred

1940   Oh Johnny, How You Can Love 

1940   Cafe Hostess 
1939   Days of Jesse James 

1939   Too Busy to Work

1939   Meet Dr. Christian
1939   Dead End Kids at Military School

1939   The Roaring Twenties

1939   The Phantom Creeps
1939   Hero for a Day 

1939   Espionage Agent 

1939   Two Bright Boys
1939   Flight at Midnight

1939   When Tomorrow Comes

1939   Miracles for Sale
1939   The Cowboy Quarterback

1939   Help Wanted 

1939   Blind Alley
1939   Winner Take All

1939   Rough Riders' Round-up

1939   Blondie Meets the Boss 
1939   Society Smugglers 

1939   Persons in Hiding 

1939   Wings of the Navy 
1939   Ambush

1939   The Mysterious Miss X

1939   Fighting Thoroughbreds
1939   Lawyer Woman

1939   Backfire

1938   Ride a Crooked Mile
1938   Road Demon 

1938   Next Time I Marry

1938   His Exciting Night
1938   The Cowboy and the Lady

1938   Rhythm of the Saddle

1938   How to Watch Football 
1938   King of Alcatraz 

1938   Youth Takes a Fling

1938   Four Daughters 
1938   Smashing the Rackets

1938   The Chaser

1938   Young Fugitives
1938   Ladies in Distress

1938   Law of the Underworld

1938   The Invisible Menace
1937   Hollywood Hotel 

1937   She Loved a Fireman

1937   Missing Witnesses
1937   Love Is on the Air 

1937   Back in Circulation 

1937   The Outer Gate 
1937   Talent Scout

1937   They Won't Forget

1937   The Singing Marine
1937   What Price Vengeance?

1937   The Go Getter 

1937   Black Legion 
1937   Guns of the Pecos 

1936   Let's Make a Million 

1936   Laughing at Trouble 
1936   The Case of the Velvet Claws

1936   Jailbreak

1936   Crash Donovan 
1936   The Golden Arrow 

1936   The Law in Her Hands 

1936   Colleen
1936   Boulder Dam

1936   The Walking Dead

1936   The Petrified Forest
1935   Miss Pacific Fleet

1935   I Found Stella Parish

1935   Shipmates Forever
1934   Sweet Adeline

1934   Here Comes the Navy

1934   Mr. Widget 

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