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East Side Kids ACTOR

The East Side Kids were a group of actors who made a series of films released by Monogram Pictures from 1940 through 1945. Many of them were originally part of The Dead End Kids and The Little Tough Guys, and several of them later became members of The Bowery Boys.

Leo Gorcey (Terrence Aloysius "Slip" Mahoney), Huntz Hall (Horace Debussy "Sach" Jones), Bobby Jordan (Bobby), Gabriel Dell, Billy Halop (Tommy Gordon), Billy Benedict (Whitey), 'Sunshine' Sammy Morrison, and Bernard Punsly and the gang usually hanging out at Louie's Sweet Shop (reportedly at 3rd & Canal St. New York City) until an adventure came along.

Matinee Classics - Boys of the City starring Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan and Hal E. Chester
Matinee Classics - Million Dollar Kid starring Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell, Billy Benedict, Louise Currie, Noah Beery Sr., Iris ADrian, Herbert Hayes, Robrert Gried, Johnnie Duncan, Stanley Brown, Patsy Moran and the East Side / Dead End Kids
Matinee Classics - Mr. Wise Guy starring Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall, Billy Gilbert, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Douglas Fowley, Joan Barclay, Warren Hymer, Ann Doran, Jack Mulhall, Gabriel Dell - The East Side Kids / The Dead End Kids
Matinee Classics - Mug Town starring the Dead End Kids and Little Tough Guys, Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, Grace McDonald, Gabriel Dell, Edward Norris, Virginia Brissac, Tommy Kelly, Dick Hogan, Jed Prouty, Murray Alper and Paul Fix
Matinee Classics - 'Neath Brooklyn Bridge starring the Dead End Kids - Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell, Noah Beery Jr., Narc Lawrence, Ann Gillis, Dave O'Brien, Ernest 'Sunshine Sammy' Morrison, Stanley Clements, Bobby Stone, Jack Raymond, Betty Wells, Dewey Robinson, Patsy Moran, Jack Mulhall, Bud Osborne and J. Arthur Young
Matinee Classics - Pride of the Bowery starring Dead End Kids / East Side Kids - Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Kenneth Howell, Mary Ainslee, Bobby Stone, Donald Haines, Ernest 'Sunshine Sammy' Morrison, Kenneth Harlan, Nick Stuart and Lloyd Ingraham
Matinee Classics - Smart Alecks starring the East Side Kids - Leo Gorcey, Bobby Jordan, Huntz Hall, Gabriel Dell, Max 'Slapsie Maxie' Rosenbloom, Gale Storm, Roger Pryor, Ernest 'Sunshine Sammy' Morrison, Stanley Clements and David Gorcey
Matinee Classics - That Gang of Mine starring The East Side Kids - Bobby Jordan, Leo Gorcey, Clarence Muse, Dave O'Brien, Joyce Bryant, Ernest 'Sunshine Sammy' Morrison, Milton Kibbee, David Gorcey, Donald Haines, Richard Terry, Wilbur Mack, Hazel Keener and Eugene Francis

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