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Eartha Kitt ACTOR


Eartha Kitt was born on January 17th, 1927 in South Carolina.  She was born out-of-wedlock as a result from the rape of a white plantation owner and a sharecrop mother of African American and Cherokee Native American decent.  Her birth name was Eartha Mae Keith.  Her birth mother gave her up for adoption and she moved to Harlem New York when she was nine years old with an aunt.
At the age of fifteen, she dropped out of the High School of Performing Arts and found work at a factory in Brooklyn.  Her teenage life was very troublesome moving from different homes and sleeping in and out of the subway.  

In 1946 she went to see Jose Ferrer perform on stage and when she saw how the audience went into wild applause she became intrigued and she too, wanted a career as an entertainer.  The rest is history, she managed to sing and dance her way to stardom.  She made herself best known for her distinctive singing style.
Kitt was given her first starring role from Orson Welles in 1950 as Helen of Troy in, "Dr. Faustus" and this followed with being cast in, "New Faces of 1952".  In 1954, 20th Century Fox made a film version of, "New Faces" and she was cast in the film.        

Kitt performed with the Katherine Dunham Dance Troup and traveled Europe and was nominated twice for a Broadway Tony Award in 1978 as Best Actress for the musical, "Timbukto" and again in the year 2000 for Best Actress Feature Role musical for the play, "The Wild Party".  Eartha also performed in the musical, "Nine" and was nominated in 1996 for a Grammy for her album, "Back in Business".  Also, in 1996, she was awarded the Joseph Jefferson Award for Actress in a Principal Role  for the musical, "Lady Day at the Emerson's Bar & Grill".
She is also very well known for her recording of, "Santa Baby" and her role as Catwoman on the television series, "Batman" (1960).  Some of her other well known film roles were in, "St. Louis Blues" (1958) and "Anna Lucasta" (1959).      

Eartha Kitt married only once to William O. McDonald on June 6th, 1960 and they had one child, Kitt McDonald, before finalizing their divorce on March 26th, 1964.  She continued to work on stage, film and television as well as recording numerous albums.      

In 1968, her career suffered major setbacks when at a White House luncheon, she made anti war statements and was virtually exiled from the United States.  Luckily, when Jimmy Carter took office in 1977, he welcomed her back in to the country.
By 1978, she was back in business working as the voice-over for a Television commercial for a rock group called, Aja.  She came back on top of the music charts with the hit song, "Where is My Man" followed by another hit in 1989 with the song, "Cha-Cha Heels".  She took on a number of other roles such as on BBC Radio playing the voice of Kaa the python in, "The Jungle Book".  She also won two Emmy Awards and two more Annie Awards for her role of Yzma in Disney's, "The Emperor's New School".   

Kitt was ranked #89 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock 'N' Roll and was also awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the Recording Industry.  In addition, she authored three autobiographies "Thursday's Child" (1956), "Alone With Me" (1976) and "I'm Still Here: Confessions of a Sex Kitten" (1989).  Kitt also made another screen appearance in 2007 in the film, "And Then Came Love".       

Just one year later on Christmas day, 2008 Eartha Kitt passed away from colon cancer at her home in Weston, Connecticut.  She was always known to show her appreciation for her fans and has said, "I'm an orphan. But the public has adopted me and that has been my only family. The biggest family in the world is my fans."  


2006-2007 The Emperor's New School
2007 Behind the Director's Son's Cut 
2007 American Dad!
2007 And Then Came Love 
2005 The Emperor's New Groove 2: Kronk's New Groove 
2005 Preaching to the Choir 
2003-2005 My Life as a Teenage Robot
2003 Holes 
2001 Santa, Baby! 
2001 Feast of All Saints 
2001 Emperor's New Groove 
2000 The Emperor's New Groove 
2000 Welcome to New York
2000 Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child
1999 The Famous Jett Jackson
1998 The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story 
1998 The Wild Thornberrys 
1998 I Woke Up Early the Day I Died 
1997 Ill Gotten Gains 
1996 Harriet the Spy
1995 Living Single
1995 New York Undercover
1995 The Magic School Bus
1993 Fatal Instinct 
1993 Matrix
1993 Jack's Place
1992 Boomerang 
1991 Ernest Scared Stupid 
1990 Living Doll 
1989 Erik the Viking 
1987 The Pink Chiquitas 
1987 Master of Dragonard Hill 
1987 Dragonard 
1985 Miami Vice
1985 The Serpent Warriors 
1983 A Night on the Town 
1979 Butterflies in Heat 
1978 To Kill a Cop 
1978 Police Woman
1975 Friday Foster
1974 The Protectors
1972 Lieutenant Schuster's Wife 
1971 The Chastity Belt 
1967-1968 Batman
1967 Mission: Impossible
1967 All About People 
1965 I Spy
1965 Ben Casey
1965 Synanon 
1965 Uncle Tom's Cabin 
1965 Burke's Law 
1962 BBC Sunday-Night Play 
1962 Drei Männer spinnen 
1961 Play of the Week
1961 Saint of Devil's Island 
1958 Anna Lucasta 
1958 Playhouse 90
1958 St. Louis Blues 
1957 The Mark of the Hawk 
1956 BBC Sunday-Night Theatre
1955 Omnibus
1954 Your Show of Shows
1953 You Are There
1948 Casbah 

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