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Douglas Kennedy ACTOR

Douglas Kennedy was born on September 14th, 1915 in New York City, New York with the birth name Douglas Richards Kennedy.  He was born the tenth child to his parents, Robert and Ethel Skakel Kennedy.  After graduating from Deerfield Academy High School he went on to earn a college degree at Amherst.
Soon he was working in the film industry and throughout his career he mainly focused on westerns as well as thrillers.  Paramount Pictures gave him contract status and later on he was also employed with Warner Brothers Studio's.
He took a brief break from pursuing his career as an actor during World War II where he served as a Signal Corps officer and an operative in the OSS and US Army Intelligence.
Upon completing his military service, Kennedy returned back to pursuing his career in entertainment.  He appeared on a number of more prominent films and was being cast in more starring roles.
He became most well known for his starring role in the western television series, "Steve Donovan, Western Marshal" (1955) and the film, "Invaders from Mars" (1953).  Other credits he added to his resume were roles on such series as, "The Restless Gun", "Lassie", "Perry Mason", "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "The Big Valley", "Bonanza", "Dragnet", "The Virginian", "Wagon Train" and "Maverick" and his final appearance was on the television series, "Hawaii Five-O".
At the young age of fifty seven he passed away from cancer on August 10th, 1973 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  His remains are buried at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific in Honolulu.


1973 Hawaii Five-O 
1972 O'Hara, U.S. Treasury 
1971 Cade's County 
1969 Bracken's World 
1965-1969 The Big Valley
1968 Dragnet 1967 
1959-1968 Bonanza
1968 The Destructors
1966-1967 The Virginian 
1967 The Fastest Guitar Alive 
1967 Valley of Mystery
1967 Iron Horse 
1960-1966 Gunsmoke 
1964-1966 Lassie
1965 The Legend of Jesse James 
1959-1965 Rawhide 
1957-1965 Perry Mason
1965 The Outer Limits
1961-1962 Everglades
1961 Flight of the Lost Balloon 
1961 Ripcord 
1960 The Amazing Transparent Man 
1960 The Deputy 
1960 Sugarfoot
1960 Pony Express
1960 The Rifleman 
1960 Riverboat
1960 Lock Up
1960 Have Gun - Will Travel
1959-1960 The Texan 
1956-1959 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1959 Laramie
1958-1959 Maverick
1959 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1959 The Alligator People 
1959 Zorro
1959 Colt .45 
1958-1959 Wagon Train 
1959 The Lineup 
1959 The Restless Gun
1959 G.E. True Theater 
1959 Lone Texan 
1959 Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond
1959 Bat Masterson
1959 Good Day for a Hanging 
1958 Rescue 8
1958 Jefferson Drum 
1958 Northwest Passage
1958 Cimarron City
1958 Wanted: Dead or Alive
1958 Bronco
1958 The Rough Riders 
1958 Tombstone Territory
1958 The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold
1958 The Bonnie Parker Story
1958 State Trooper
1958 Studio One in Hollywood
1958 Flight 
1957 Code 3
1957 Rockabilly Baby
1956-1957 Navy Log 
1957 The Land Unknown
1957 Chicago Confidential
1957 Tales of Wells Fargo
1957 The Adventures of Jim Bowie
1957 Cheyenne 
1957 Hell's Crossroads
1957 Last of the Badmen 
1956 The Last Wagon 
1956 General Electric Summer Originals 
1956 Strange Intruder
1956 Sneak Preview 
1955-1956 Steve Donovan, Western Marshal
1955-1956 Dragnet 
1956 Assignment: Mexico
1955 Matinee Theatre 
1955 TV Reader's Digest
1955 Wiretapper
1955 Annie Oakley
1955 The Eternal Sea
1955 Strange Lady in Town 
1955 The Star and the Story
1950-1955 The Lone Ranger 
1955 Science Fiction Theatre
1955 The Man Behind the Badge
1955 The Whistler
1954-1955 The Adventures of Falcon 
1955 The Public Defender
1954 Climax!
1954 Cry Vengeance 
1954 Sitting Bull 
1954 The Big Chase 
1954 The High and the Mighty
1954 Stories of the Century 
1954 Massacre Canyon 
1954 The Lone Gun
1954 Rails Into Laramie
1954 The Loretta Young Show 
1954 Wyoming Renegades 
1953-1954 Schlitz Playhouse 
1954 The Pride of the Family 
1954 Mr. & Mrs. North
1954 Hopalong Cassidy 
1951-1953 Fireside Theatre
1953 Cavalcade of America
1953 Sea of Lost Ships
1953 The All American
1953 Mexican Manhunt
1953 War Paint
1953 Gun Belt 
1953 Safari Drums 
1953 Invaders from Mars 
1953 Jack McCall Desperado 
1953 San Antone 
1952 Torpedo Alley 
1952 Ride the Man Down
1952 The Ford Television Theatre
1952 Last Train from Bombay 
1952 Hoodlum Empire 
1952 Gruen Guild Theater
1952 Fort Osage 
1952 For Men Only 
1952 Indian Uprising 
1951 Callaway Went Thataway 
1951 China Corsair 
1951 The Texas Rangers 
1951 I Was an American Spy 
1951 The Lion Hunters 
1951 Oh! Susanna
1950 The Du Pont Story
1950 Revenue Agent 
1950 Chain Gang 
1950 Convicted 
1950 The Cariboo Trail
1950 The Next Voice You Hear...
1950 Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town
1950 Barricade 
1950 Montana 
1950 Backfire
1949 East Side, West Side 
1949 Fighting Man of the Plains 
1949 Ranger of Cherokee Strip
1949 The House Across the Street 
1949 Task Force 
1949 It's a Great Feeling
1949 South of Rio
1949 The Fountainhead 
1949 One Last Fling
1949 Look for the Silver Lining
1949 Flamingo Road 
1949 A Kiss in the Dark 
1949 South of St. Louis 
1949 Flaxy Martin 
1949 John Loves Mary 
1948 One Sunday Afternoon
1948 Whiplash
1948 The Decision of Christopher Blake 
1948 Adventures of Don Juan
1948 Johnny Belinda 
1948 Embraceable You 
1948 The Big Punch 
1948 Romance on the High Seas 
1948 Let's Sing a Stephen Foster Song
1948 To the Victor
1947 The Voice of the Turtle
1947 Always Together
1947 That Hagen Girl 
1947 The Unsuspected 
1947 Let's Sing a Song of the West 
1947 Dark Passage
1947 Life with Father
1947 Deep Valley
1947 Possessed 
1947 Circus Horse
1947 The Unfaithful 
1947 Stallion Road 
1947 Nora Prentiss 
1941 Passage from Hong Kong 
1941 The Bride Came C.O.D.
1941 The Nurse's Secret 
1941 Affectionately Yours 
1941 Strange Alibi 
1941 Wings of Steel
1941 Here Comes Happiness 
1941 The Roundup 
1941 The Great Mr. Nobody
1941 The Mad Doctor 
1940 Love Thy Neighbor
1940 North West Mounted Police 
1940 Arise, My Love 
1940 Rhythm on the River
1940 Those Were the Days!
1940 The Ghost Breakers
1940 The Way of All Flesh 
1940 Opened by Mistake 
1940 Women Without Names 
1935 'G' Men

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