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Dolores Hart ACTOR


Dolores Hart was born on October 20th, 1938 in Chicago, Illinois with the birth name Dolores Hicks.  She was an only child born to Bery Hicks, an actor and Harriett Hicks.  At the age of three her parents divorced and Hart was raised in Chicago with her grandparents.  She attended St. Gregory School and it was her grandfather who raised her interest in the film industry.
In 1956 she became involved in acting and took on the stage name Dolores Hart.  By 1957 she was being cast in films beginning with, "Loving You" followed by roles in, "King Creole" (1958) both starring Elvis Presley and "Francis of Assisi" (1960).
She also frequented the theater and had her Broadway debut in, "The Pleasure of His Company" (1959) for which she received a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress as well as a Theatre World Award. 
As her career progressed she added more film roles to her resume such as, "Where the Boys Are" (1960), "The Inspector" (1962) and her final film role, "Come Fly With Me" (1963).  Even though she was well liked in Hollywood and as well on her way to success, she decided to leave the industry and joined the Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethmehem, Connecticut, becoming a Roman Catholic Nun. 
She returned to Hollywood in 2006, but not as an actress.  Instead she wanted to raise awareness for peripherial idiopathic neuropathy disorder which affects many American's, herself included. 
Dolores never married, but was engaged to marry Don Robinson when she decided to become a nun. 

She does remain active in Hollywood as a voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. 
She is now called Reverend Mother Dolores Hart, and is Prioress of Regina Laudis (Queen of Praise) Abbey in Bethlehem, Connecticut.

Mother Dolores, as she is now known, is the subject of an Oscar-nominated documentary short, "God Is the Bigger Elvis," which airs April 5, 2012 on HBO. The documentary chronicles her life as a nun after a Hollywood career. Not only does "God Is the Bigger Elvis" explore Mother Dolores' life in Hollywood and at the monastery, but it also chronicles the day-to-day life of the nuns at the abbey, which is also a working farm.


2012 God Is the Bigger Elvis
1963 The Virginian
1963 Come Fly with Me 
1962 Lisa 
1961 Sail a Crooked Ship 
1961 Francis of Assisi
1960 Where the Boys Are
1960 The Plunderers 
1960 Playhouse 90 
1959 The DuPont Show with June Allyson
1958 King Creole 
1958 Schlitz Playhouse 
1958 Matinee Theatre
1958 Lonely Hearts 
1957 Wild Is the Wind 
1957 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1957 Loving You 
1947 Forever Amber

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