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Dolores Costello ACTOR

Dolores Costello was born on September 17th, 1903 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, born to Maurice and Mae Costello, both actors.  As a young girl. she began working as an actress along with her sister, Helene Costello.  Dolores was also adding stage credits to her resume such as, "George White Scandals of 1924". 

Some of her childhood roles included, "The Telephone" (1910) starring with Leo Delaney and Rose Tapley, "Too Much Burglar" (1914) starring Maurice Costello, Estelle Mardo, Robert Gaillard and Thomas R. Mills and "The Evil Men Do" (1915) with Robert Galliard, Rex Ingram, Maurice Costello and Mary Anderson.  After gaining quite a bit of experience as a child actress she made the transition in the industry to adult actress with no issues and was soon offered a film contract with Warner Brothers Studios and began appearing in such films as, "The Sea Beast" (1926) also starring John Barrymore and George O'Hara, "Bride of the Storm" (1926) starring Tyrone Power Sr. and Sheldon Lewis, "When a Man Loves" (1927) also starring John Barrymore, Warner Oland and Myrna Loy and "The College Window" (1927) with William Collier, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams and Anders Randolf.

It was also during this time period that she married John Barrymore and together they had two children.  She later divorced Barrymore, mostly due to his excessive drinking and returned to focusing on her career.

Some of her later film roles included appearances on such features as, "Noah's Ark" (1928) also starring George O'Brien, Noah Beery Sr., Myrna Loy, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams and Louise Fazenda, "Expensive Women" (1931) co-starring H. B. Warner, Warren William and Anthony Bushell, "Little Lord Fauntleroy" (1936) starring alongside Freddie Bartholomew, C. Aubrey Smith, Guy Kibbee, Mickey Rooney and Henry Stephenson, "Yours for the Asking" (1936) also starring George Raft, Ida Lupino, James Gleason, Edgar Kennedy, Groucho Marx, Ellen Drew, Dennis O'Keefee, Charlie Ruggles and Reginald Owen, "Breaking the Ice" (1938) starring with Bobby Breen, Irene Dare and Charlie Ruggles, "Whispering Enemies" (1939) co-starring Jack Holt, Addison Richards and Joseph Crehan and her final film role, "This is the Army" (1943) starring George Murphy, Joan Leslie, Alan Hale Sr., Rosemary DeCamp, George Tobias, Kate Smith, Victor Moore, Irving Berlin and Ronald Reagan.

She then chose to retire from the industry as her physical appearance had been so affected by the extended use of theatrical make-up for so many years.  She lived in Fallbrook, California and remarried only one other tine to John Vruwink however this marriage ended in 1951.

Dolores remained living in California until she passed away on March 1st, 1979 after suffering from emphysema.  Her remains are interred in Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles, California. 

She will always be remembered for being the grandmother of actress Drew Barrymore and will always be remembered for her nickname, "Goddess of the Silent Screen".  For her contribution to the Motion Picture Industry, Dolores Costello was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  


1943         This Is the Army
1942         The Magnificent Ambersons
1939         Outside These Walls
1939         Whispering Enemies
1939         King of the Turf
1938         Breaking the Ice
1938         The Beloved Brat
1936         Yours for the Asking
1936         Little Lord Fauntleroy
1931         Expensive Women
1930         Second Choice
1929         The Show of Shows
1929         Hearts in Exile
1929         Madonna of Avenue A
1929         Glad Rag Doll
1929         The Redeeming Sin
1928         Noah's Ark
1928         Glorious Bets
1928         Tenderloin
1927         The College Widow
1927         The Heart of Maryland
1927         Old San Francisco
1927         A Million Bid
1927         When a Man Loves
1926         The Third Degree
1926         The Little Irish Girl
1926         Bride of the Storm
1926         The Sea Beast
1926         Mannequin
1925         Bobbed Hair
1925         Greater Than a Crown
1923         Lawful Larceny
1923         The Glimpses of the Moon
1915         The Heart of Jim Brice
1915         The Evil Men Do 
1914         Too Much Burglar
1914         Etta of the Footlights
1914         Some Steamer Scooping
1913         Fellow Voyagers
1913         In the Shadow
1913         The Hindoo Charm
1913         A Birthday Gift
1912         Ida's Christmas 
1912         The Toymaker
1912         The Irony of Fate 
1912         Bobby's Father
1912         Captain Barnacle's Legacy
1912         Her Grandchild 
1912         Vultures and Doves
1912         Wanted... a Grandmother
1912         A Juvenile Love Affair 
1912         The Troublesome Step-Daughters
1912         Lulu's Doctor 
1912         She Never Knew 
1912         For the Honor of the Family
1912         The Meeting of the Ways 
1912         Captain Jenks' Dilemma
1912         The Money Kings
1911         Some Good in All
1911         A Reformed Santa Claus
1911         His Sister's Children
1911         The Child Crusoes
1911         The Geranium
1911         Consuming Love; or, St. Valentine's Day in Greenaway Land
1910         The Telephone 
1909         A Midsummer Night's Dream

Matinee Classics - Breaking the Ice starring Bobby Breen, Charles Ruggles, Dolores Costello and Irene DareBobby Breen, Dolores Costello, Billy Gilbert, Margaret Hamilton, John 'Dusty' King, Charlie Ruggles
Matinee Classics - Actress Dolores Costello
Matinee Classics - Noah's Ark starring Dolores Costello, George O'Brien, Noah Beery, Louise Fazenda, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, John Wayne and Andy Devine
Matinee Classics - Noah's Ark starring Dolores Costello, George O'Brien, Noah Beery, Louise Fazenda, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, John Wayne and Andy Devine
Matinee Classics - Noah's Ark starring Dolores Costello, George O'Brien, Noah Beery, Louise Fazenda, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, John Wayne and Andy Devine

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