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Dina Merrill ACTOR

Dina Merrill was born on October 29th, 1923 in New York City, New York with the birth name Nedenia Marjorie Hutton, born to E.F. Hutton and Marjorie Merriweather.  Merrill was born into a family with wealth, class and sophistication, however she has always shown appreciation for how lucky she has been.
After receiving her early years education at Miss. Porter's School,  Merill enrolled at George Washington University , however after only one year she decided to leave school and enrolled at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
Merrill's parents disapproved at the time of her choice to pursue acting, however, Merrill was adamant to follow her love for the art.  Soon she began appearing in a number of summer stock productions and after gaining some more experience, she made her way to Broadway.
In 1957 she debuted in her first film role, "Desk Set" which soon followed with more successful film roles such as, "Operation Petticoat" (1959), "Catch Me if You Can" (1959), "Don't Give Up on the Ship" (1959), "Butterfield 8" (1960) starring Elizabeth Taylor, "The Young Savages" (1961) and "I'll Take Sweden" (1965).
Although quite successful as a film actress, she has graced the screen of many television series over the course of her career, some of which include, "Climax!", "Hong Kong", "Investigator", "Burke's Law", "Checkmate", "Dr. Kildare", "Alfred Hitchcock Hour", "Rawhide", "Mickey", "Bonanza", 'Run for Your Life", "Mission: Impossible", "The Odd Couple", "Hawaii Five-O", "Switch", "The Love Boat", "Murder, She Wrote" and "The Nanny".
Other notable film roles include, "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" (1963), "A Wedding", (1977), "True Colors" (1991) and "The Player" (1992).

Merrill has continued to alternate between film, television and stage work.  Latest Broadway stage credits include the productions, "Angel Street", "On Your Toes" and in 2004 she was in a summer stock production of, "Only a Kingdom".  In 2003 she appeared on the film, "Shade" and most recent screen appearance was in 2009 on, "Beyond a Reasonable Doubt".

Dina Merrill has married a total of three times, first to Stanley Rumbough, Jr., in 1946 and they had two children before the marriage ended after twenty years.  She then married actor, Cliff Robertson in 1966 and they had one child together and also remained together, close to twenty years before this marriage also ended in divorce in 1986.  Her third marriage was to Ted Hartley an investment banker and actor.  They married in 1989, and together own RKO Studios which they now call, RKO Pavilion.
She is also one of the founders of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation since finding out one of her children was diagnosed with the disease.


2009         Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
2003         Shade
2002         The Glow 
2002         The Magnificent Ambersons 
2001         100 Centre Street 
2000         Meeting Genevieve
1999         The Other Sister
1998         Mighty Joe Young
1998         A Chance of Snow 
1998         Vengeance Unlimited 
1997         Something Borrowed, Something Blue
1996         Roseanne 
1996         Milk & Money
1995         The Nanny
1995         Open Season
1995         Point of Betrayal
1993         Suture
1993         Not in My Family 
1992         The Player
1990-1992     Murder, She Wrote 
1991         True Colors
1990         Fear
1989         Turn Back the Clock
1988         Caddyshack II
1984-1986     Hotel
1986         The Alan King Show 
1986         Twisted
1984         Tales of the Unexpected 
1984         Hot Pursuit
1983         The Brass Ring
1983         Anna to the Infinite Power
1980         Just Tell Me What You Want
1979         The Love Boat
1979         The Tenth Month 
1979         Roots: The Next Generations 
1978         A Wedding
1977         The Greatest
1977         The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
1976         Quincy, M.E. 
1976         Hawaii Five-O 
1976         Kingston: Confidential
1975         Switch 
1975         The Meal
1975         Ellery Queen
1974         The Odd Couple 
1974         Throw Out the Anchor!
1973         Marcus Welby, M.D. 
1973         Cannon 
1973         Running Wild
1973         Rod Serling's Night Gallery
1973         The Letters 
1972         Family Flight
1965-1972     The F.B.I.
1971         Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones
1971         The Bold Ones: The New Doctors
1971         Medical Center
1971         The Virginian
1969-1970     The Name of the Game
1970         Aru heishi no kake
1969         The Lonely Profession
1969         Mission: Impossible
1969         Seven in Darkness
1968         The Sunshine Patriot
1968         Batman 
1967         Run for Your Life 
1967         ABC Stage 67 
1966         Bonanza
1966         Daktari
1966         12 O'Clock High 
1965         Daniel Boone
1963-1965     Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1965         I'll Take Sweden
1964-1965     The Rogues
1964         Kraft Suspense Theatre
1964         Mickey
1964         Rawhide 
1964         Jackie Gleason: American Scene Magazine 
1963         Burke's Law 
1963         The Eleventh Hour 
1963         The Courtship of Eddie's Father
1962         The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
1962         The Dick Powell Theatre 
1962         The New Breed 
1962         Dr. Kildare
1962         Checkmate 
1962         The Expendables 
1961         The Investigators
1961         Westinghouse Presents: The Dispossessed
1961         The United States Steel Hour
1961         Twenty Plus Two
1961         The Young Savages
1961         Hong Kong 
1960         The Sundowners
1960         BUtterfield 8
1959-1960     The DuPont Show of the Month
1960         Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse 
1959         Operation Petticoat
1959         Sunday Showcase
1959         Don't Give Up the Ship
1959         Catch Me If You Can
1958         A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed
1958         Playhouse 90 
1958         Climax!
1957         Desk Set
1956         The Phil Silvers Show
1956         Playwrights '56 
1955         Four Star Playhouse

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