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Dickie Jones ACTOR


Dickie Jones was born on February 25th, 1927 in Snyder, Texas.  He began working in the industry as a child actor.  His father worked as a Newspaper editor in Texas and by the age of four, Jones was already riding horses and billed as the youngest trick Rider and Roper.

When he turned six he got hired to perform live riding and doing tricks in a rodeo owned by a western star named Hoot Gibson who believed in Jones talent.  He convinced his parents that Jones could make it in the movies.    

Jones and his mom decided to travel to Hollywood and see if there was any chance a young boy with his talents could work in the film industry.  With the help of Gibson, Jones got a small part in a film which quickly opened up a number of more roles for him.
His break through role was on the film, "Pinocchio" (1940) even though he was not seen on screen it was his voice over work that earned him a large amount of attention in the industry.  He was still just a young man working in the industry and managed to continue getting his High School education. 
Soon he got a chance at a role on radio in the show, "The Aldrich Family".  When he was old enough to join the Army, he took a brief break from acting and  served in Alaska during World War II. 
When he completed his service, he returned right back to acting and was cast by Gene Autry in some more films as well as television roles.  He starred as Dick Jones in the television series, "The Range Rider" (1951) which had a run of seventy six episodes.  This was followed by Jones getting his own series, "Buffalo Bill Jr." (1955) and also had a decent run of forty episodes. 
Dickie Jones worked on films for a couple more years during the 1950's before deciding it was time to retire from the industry and pursue other interests.  He only married once to a lady named Betty in 1948 and they have four children, Rick, Melody, Jeffrey and Jennifer.  Today he works in real estate and banking and did appear in 2009 as a guest star at the Williamsburg, Virginia Film Festival as well as being a guest star at the Memphis Film Festival in 2010. 


1965 Requiem for a Gunfighter 
1964 The Devil's Bedroom
1962 Wagon Train
1962 The Night Rider 
1960 The Blue Angels
1960 Shadow of the Boomerang 
1960 Pony Express
1958 The Cool and the Crazy 
1958 Flight
1957 The Gray Ghost
1955-1956 Buffalo Bill Jr.
1956 The Wild Dakotas 
1955 Navy Log
1954-1955 Annie Oakley
1954 The Bamboo Prison 
1954 The Bridges at Toko-Ri 
1954 Attila 
1950-1954 The Gene Autry Show 
1953 Last of the Pony Riders 
1953 Mr. & Mrs. North
1951-1953 The Range Rider 
1952 Wagon Team 
1952 The Old West 
1951 Fort Worth
1950 Rocky Mountain 
1950 Redwood Forest Trail 
1949-1950 The Lone Ranger
1950 Military Academy with That Tenth Avenue Gang 
1949 Sons of New Mexico 
1949 Sands of Iwo Jima 
1949 Battleground
1948 Angel on the Amazon 
1948 The Strawberry Roan 
1944 Musical Movieland 
1944 The Adventures of Mark Twain
1943 Heaven Can Wait 
1943 The Outlaw 
1943 Mountain Rhythm 
1942 The Major and the Minor
1942 The Vanishing Virginian 
1941 Adventure in Washington 
1940 Knute Rockne, All American 
1940 The Howards of Virginia
1940 Brigham Young 
1940 Maryland
1940 Hi-Yo Silver 
1940 The Singing Dude 
1940 Virginia City
1940 Pinocchio 
1939 Destry Rides Again
1939 Beware Spooks! 
1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 
1939 Sky Patrol 
1939 On Borrowed Time 
1939 Young Mr. Lincoln 
1939 The Man Who Dared 
1939 Sergeant Madden
1939 Nancy Drew... Reporter 
1939 Woman Doctor 
1938 The Frontiersmen 
1938 Girls on Probation
1938 A Man to Remember 
1938 The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
1938 The Devil's Party
1938 Love, Honor and Behave
1938 Land of Fighting Men 
1938 Border Wolves 
1938 The Kid Comes Back 
1937 Our Gang Follies of 1938 
1937 Hollywood Round-Up
1937 The Pigskin Palooka
1937 Love Is on the Air 
1937 Renfrew of the Royal Mounted 
1937 Stella Dallas
1937 Flying Fists 
1937 Smoke Tree Range 
1937 Land Beyond the Law 
1937 Ready, Willing and Able 
1937 Blake of Scotland Yard 
1937 Black Legion 
1936 Wild Horse Roundup 
1936 The Man I Marry 
1936 Daniel Boone 
1936 Who's Looney Now 
1936 Love Begins at Twenty
1936 Pepper
1936 36 Hours to Kill
1936 Little Lord Fauntleroy 
1936 Sutter's Gold
1936 Exclusive Story
1936 The Adventures of Frank Merriwell
1936 The Pinch Singer
1936 Gasoloons 
1935 Our Gang Follies of 1936
1935 Moonlight on the Prairie 
1935 O'shaughnessy's Boy
1935 Westward Ho
1935 Silk Hat Kid  
1935 The Hawk 
1935 The Call of the Savage 
1935 The Pecos Kid
1935 Life Returns 
1935 Queen of the Jungle 
1934 Babes in Toyland 
1934 Little Men 
1934 Strange Wives 
1934 Kid Millions 
1934 Washee Ironee 
1934 Burn 'Em Up Barnes 

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