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Dick Purcell ACTOR


Dick Purcell was born on August 6th, 1908 in Greenwich, Connecticut with the birth name Richard Gerald Purcell.  He was an only child and attended a Catholic grade school.  After finishing high school, he went on to study at Fordham University in the Bronx in New York City and was also on the hockey team.  
While residing in New York he became interested in acting and started as a stage actor.  Some of the productions he was cast in were, "Men in White", "Sailor, Beware!" and "Paths of Glory".  When he was spotted by an acting scout he was cast in his first film, "Ceiling Zero" (1936) followed by a role in the film, "Man Hunt" (1936).
As his career progressed through the 30's and 40's, he worked mainly with Warner Brothers and appeared in such films as, "Tough Kid" (1938), "Heroes In Blue" (1939), "Irish Luck" (1939) and "King of the Zombies" (1941).    

He soon was cast in his most well known role as District Attorney, Grant Gardner in the, "Captain America" serials (1943)
Dick Purcell married only once to Ethelind Terry on March 3rd, 1942 but this marriage only lasted until August 26th, 1942.  He never had any children of his own and never chose to remarry.  Sadly on April 10th, 1944 he was found in Los Angeles, California in the locker room at a golf course dead after suffering from a heart attack. 


1944 Leave It to the Irish
1944 Trocadero
1944 Captain America
1944 Timber Queen
1943 Mystery of the 13th Guest
1943 High Explosive
1943 Aerial Gunner
1943 Idaho
1943 No Place for a Lady
1943 Reveille with Beverly
1942 X Marks the Spot
1942 Phantom Killer
1942 The Old Homestead
1942 I Live on Danger
1942 In Old California
1942 Torpedo Boat
1941 No Hands on the Clock
1941 Flying Blind
1941 The Pittsburgh Kid
1941 Bullets for O'Hara
1941 Two in a Taxi
1941 King of the Zombies
1940 Flight Command
1940 The Bank Dick
1940 Arise, My Love
1940 Private Affairs
1940 New Moon
1940 Outside the Three-Mile Limit
1939 Heroes in Blue
1939 Drunk Driving
1939 Irish Luck
1939 While America Sleeps
1939 Streets of New York
1939 Blackwell's Island
1938 Tough Kid
1938 Nancy Drew -- Detective
1938 Red Barry
1928 Broadway Musketeers
1938 Garden of the Moon
1938 Valley of the Giants
1938 Penrod's Double Trouble
1938 Mystery House
1938 Air Devils
1938 Flight Into Nowhere
1938 Accidents Will Happen
1938 Over the Wall
1938 Daredevil Drivers
1937 Missing Witnesses
1937 Alcatraz Island
1937 Wine, Women and Horses
1937 Reported Missing
1937 Public Wedding
1937 Slim
1937 Draegerman Courage
1937 Melody for Two
1937 Men in Exile
1937 Navy Blues
1936 King of Hockey
1936 The Captain's Kid
1936 The Case of the Velvet Claws
1936 Jailbreak
1936 Bengal Tiger
1936 Public Enemy's Wife
1936 Bullets or Ballots
1936 The Law in Her Hands
1936 Times Square Playboy
1936 Snowed Under
1936 Brides Are Like That
1936 Follow the Fleet
1936 Man Hunt
1936 Freshman Love
1936 Ceiling Zero
1932 The Strange Love of Molly Louvain
1930 The Doorway to Hell 

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