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Dick Lane ACTOR

Dick Lane was born on May 28th, 1899 in Rice Kale, Wisconsin.  From a young age he loved to perform singing and dancing acts.  By the time he was a teen he was working an 'iron jaw' routine in circuses and traveling all over Europe. 

When vaudeville began to become less popular, he found work in the film industry and became most well known for his character, Inspector John also known as William Faraday in a total of fourteen Boston Blackie Columbia Picture features.
When World War II occurred, he traveled an entertained troops and later found work at KTLA TV as a news presenter.  He was then hired by KTLA to work as a commentator on wrestling matches and while doing the play by play announcing he coined the recognizable phrase" Whoa Nellie".
By 1951, he was also working as an announcer for the Roller Derby's as well as for the Roller Games during the 1960's.  Upon retiring from television work in 1972, he only made two more appearances, one in 1976 on, "The Shaggy D.A." as a Roller Rink Announcer and his final acting job was in 1978 in an un-credited role on, "The One and Only".
Dick Lane passed away on September 5th, 1982 in Newport Beach, California.  

1978   The One and Only

1976   The Shaggy D.A.

1972   Kansas City Bomber 

1965   The Munsters 

1965   Dear Brigitte 

1964   The Killers 

1960   Visit to a Small Planet 

1959   Leave It to Beaver

1956   Crossroads

1951   I Can Get It for You Wholesale

1950   The Admiral Was a Lady 

1950   The Jackie Robinson Story

1950   Everybody's Dancin' 

1950   Quicksand

1950   Hold That Monkey 

1949   There's a Girl in My Heart

1949   The Big Wheel

1949   That Midnight Kiss

1949   Mighty Joe Young

1949   Flung by a Fling 

1949   Take Me Out to the Ball Game

1949   Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture

1949   Miss Mink of 1949

1949   He's in Again

1948   The Creeper

1948   The Babe Ruth Story 

1948   Pardon My Lamb Chop 

1948   Trapped by Boston Blackie

1948   The Return of the Whistler

1948   Tenth Avenue Angel 

1948   Two Nuts in a Rut

1947   Devil Ship

1947   Wedding Belle

1947   Out of the Blue

1947   Hit Parade of 1947

1947   Song of Scheherazade

1947   KTLA Premiere

1946   Boston Blackie and the Law

1946   Sioux City Sue 

1946   Gentleman Joe Palooka

1946   Pardon My Terror

1946   Hot Water 

1946   Ain't Love Cuckoo?

1946   The Phantom Thief

1946   Talk About a Lady

1946   A Close Call for Boston Blackie

1946   Girl on the Spot

1945   High Blood Pleasure 

1945   Boston Blackie's Rendezvous

1945   Wonder Man

1945   The Bullfighters 

1945   Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion 

1945   The Horn Blows at Midnight

1945   Two O'Clock Courage

1945   Here Come the Co-eds 

1945   What a Blonde 

1944   Brazil

1944   Bowery to Broadway

1944   One Mysterious Night

1944   A Wave, a WAC and a Marine

1944   Mr. Winkle Goes to War 

1944   Louisiana Hayride

1944   Take It Big 

1944   Bermuda Mystery 

1944   Slightly Terrific 

1943   'Gung Ho!': The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders 

1943   The Chance of a Lifetime

1943   Crazy House 

1943   Corvette K-225 

1943   Thank Your Lucky Stars

1943   Fired Wife

1943   Swing Your Partner

1943   After Midnight with Boston Blackie 

1943   It Ain't Hay

1943   Air Force

1942   Arabian Nights 

1942   Time to Kill

1942   Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood

1942   A-Haunting We Will Go 

1942   Drums of the Congo

1942   Junior G-Men of the Air 

1942   Dr. Broadway 

1942   Alias Boston Blackie 

1942   To the Shores of Tripoli 

1942   Butch Minds the Baby

1942   Ride 'Em Cowboy 

1941   Hellzapoppin'

1941   Confessions of Boston Blackie

1941   Riders of the Purple Sage

1941   Man at Large

1941   Navy Blues 

1941   San Antonio Rose 

1941   Tight Shoes

1941   For Beauty's Sake

1941   Time Out for Rhythm

1941   Sunny

1941   The Cowboy and the Blonde 

1941   I Wanted Wings 

1941   The Penalty

1941   A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob 

1941   Meet Boston Blackie 

1941   Meet the Chump

1941   Ride, Kelly, Ride

1941   Respect the Law

1940   Youth Will Be Served 

1940   Margie 

1940   Yesterday's Heroes 

1940   The Bride Wore Crutches

1940   Hired Wife 

1940   Boom Town

1940   Brother Orchid

1940   The Biscuit Eater 

1940   Sandy Is a Lady

1940   Two Girls on Broadway

1940   Free, Blonde and 21 

1940   City of Chance

1939   Nick Carter, Master Detective 

1939   The Amazing Mr. Williams

1939   Main Street Lawyer 

1939   Drunk Driving 

1939   Sued for Libel 

1939   Hero for a Day

1939   The Escape

1939   The Day the Bookies Wept

1939   Mutiny on the Blackhawk

1939   News Is Made at Night 

1939   Stronger Than Desire 

1939   Unexpected Father

1939   It Could Happen to You

1939   For Love or Money 

1939   Union Pacific

1939   While America Sleeps

1939   Mr. Moto in Danger Island 

1938   Charlie Chan in Honolulu

1938   The Last Warning

1938   His Exciting Night

1938   Exposed 

1938   Mr. Doodle Kicks Off

1938   Carefree

1938   I'm from the City 

1938   Hunting Trouble

1938   The Jitters

1938   Blind Alibi

1938   Joy of Living

1938   Go Chase Yourself 

1938   This Marriage Business 

1938   Maid's Night Out 

1938   Bringing Up Baby

1938   Radio City Revels 

1938   Ears of Experience

1938   Everybody's Doing It 

1938   The Dummy Owner

1938   Crashing Hollywood

1937   Wise Girl

1937   Hitting a New High

1937   Danger Patrol

1937   Saturday's Heroes 

1937   Should Wives Work?

1937   The Life of the Party 

1937   Flight from Glory 

1937   Super-Sleuth 

1937   New Faces of 1937 

1937   You Can't Beat Love 

1937   There Goes My Girl 

1937   You Can't Buy Luck 

1937   The Outcasts of Poker Flat 

1937   The Woman I Love 

1936   Shake, Mr. Shakespeare 

1936   Punch and Beauty

1936   They're Off

1936   For the Love of Pete 

1936   Shop Talk

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