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Dick Foran ACTOR


Dick Foran was born on June 18th, 1910 in Flemington, New Jersey with the birth name John Nicholas Foran to parents, Arthur Foran, a New Jersey senator Elizabeth Foran.  He had five siblings and grew up in New Jersey attending the Hun School which was a college preparatory school.  As a teenager, Foran excelled in sports and also sang in the school choir.  After completing High School he went to study at the Princeton University earning a degree in geology. 
Foran then proceeded to study music at the Leibling Studio in New York and had developed an interest in acting while taking some acting classes during college.  He also supported himself by working aboard a freighter and as a special investigator for the Pennsylvania Railroad. 
Soon, he decided to relocate to California and pursue a singing career on the radio.  He first became a band leader and soon formed his own orchestra.  Warner Brothers took notice of him and signed him to a contract.
He began working on such films as "Change of Heart" (1934), "Moonlight on the Prairie" (1935), "Song of the Saddle" (1936), "Treachery Rides the Range" (1936), "Guns of the Pecos" (1937), "Empty Holsters" (1937) and "Cowboy from Brooklyn" (1938).  He was nicknamed "The Singing Cowboy" and was slightly limited to western films
However, as his career progressed to the mid 40's he was given the opportunity to play other types of supporting roles in non westerns films and also made a number of television appearances on such series as, "Science Fiction Theatre" (1955), "Crossroads" (1955-1956), "Maverick" (1957) and "Justice" (1954) amongst many others.
Some of his final film roles were in "Donovan's Reef" (1963) starring John Wayne and Lee Marvin and "Brighty of the Grand Canyon" (1967).  Dick was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the film industry.
Throughout his lifetime, Foran married three times, first to Ruth Piper Hollingsworth from 1937 through 1940 and they had two children together.  His second wife was Carole Gallagher in 1943 and they had one child before ending their marriage in 1945.  His third and final wife was Susanne Rosser whom he wed in 1951 and they had one child together and remained married until he passed away on August 10th, 1979 in Panorama City, California and is buried in San Fernando Mission Cemetery. 


1967 Brighty of the Grand Canyon
1964 Taggart
1963 Lassie: A Christmas Tail
1963 Donovan's Reef
1960 Studs Lonigan
1960 The Big Night
1960 The Atomic Submarine
1958 The Fearmakers
1958 Thundering Jets
1958 Violent Road
1957 Chicago Confidential
1957 Sierra Stranger
1956 Please Murder Me
1955 Treasure of Ruby Hills
1951 Al Jennings of Oklahoma
1949 Deputy Marshal
1949 El Paso
1948 Fort Apache
1947 Easy Come, Easy Go
1945 Guest Wife
1943 He's My Guy
1943 Hi, Buddy
1942 Behind the Eight Ball
1942 Keeping Fit
1942 The Mummy's Tomb
1942 Private Buckaroo
1942 Butch Minds the Baby
1942 Ride 'Em Cowboy
1941 Road Agent
1941 Keep 'Em Flying
1941 Mob Town
1941 The Kid from Kansas
1941 Unfinished Business
1941 Riders of Death Valley
1941 In the Navy
1941 Horror Island
1941 Four Mothers
1940 The Mummy's Hand
1940 Rangers of Fortune
1940 Winners of the West
1940 The House of the Seven Gables
1940 My Little Chickadee
1940 The Fighting 69th
1939 Four Wives
1939 Private Detective
1939 Hero for a Day
1939 I Stole a Million
1939 Daughters Courageous
1939 Inside Information
1938 Heart of the North
1938 Secrets of a Nurse
1938 The Sisters
1938 Boy Meets Girl
1938 Four Daughters
1938 Cowboy from Brooklyn
1938 Over the Wall
1938 Love, Honor and Behave
1937 She Loved a Fireman
1937 The Perfect Specimen
1937 Prairie Thunder
1937 The Devil's Saddle Legion
1937 Empty Holsters
1937 Blazing Sixes
1937 The Cherokee Strip
1937 Land Beyond the Law
1937 Black Legion
1937 Guns of the Pecos
1936 California Mail
1936 The Sunday Round-Up
1936 Trailin' West
1936 Earthworm Tractors
1936 Public Enemy's Wife
1936 The Big Noise
1936 The Golden Arrow
1936 Treachery Rides the Range
1936 Song of the Saddle
1936 The Petrified Forest
1935 Dangerous
1935 Moonlight on the Prairie
1935 Shipmates Forever
1935 Ladies Love Danger
1935 Accent on Youth
1935 The Farmer Takes a Wife
1935 It's a Small World
1935 One More Spring
1935 The Lottery Lover
1934 Gentlemen Are Born
1934 Student Tour
1934 Change of Heart

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