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Diana Dors ACTOR


Diana Dors was born on October 23rd, 1931 in Swindon, Wiltshire in England with the birth name Diana Mary Fluck as an only child to Mary and Peter Fluck.  As a young girl she took dancing lessons and began to take an interest in films when she attended the movies at local theaters with her mother as a child.  

She received her early years education in the top private schools and already had her aspirations set on pursuing a career as an actress.  After she placed in a local beauty contest she began acting as a teenager appearing in a number of stage productions.  She then enrolled in acting classes and by age fifteen she was appearing in films mostly as a young sexy background actress.
Some of her early film roles were on such features as, "Code of Scotland Yard" (1947) followed by, "Dancing With Crime" (1947) and "Oliver Twist" (1948).  She was being promoted as the British, Marilyn Monroe and was earning such nicknames as, The Siren of Swindon, Hurricane in Mink and Dorsy. 
As she matured she was being cast in larger and more mature roles such as, "There's a Girl in My Soup" (1970), "The Amorous Milkman" (1975), "Craze" (1974), "Three For All" (1975) and "Steaming" (1985).  

After being diagnosed with cancer she had a hard time dealing with her health ailment.  She donated much of her final years working with various religious groups and charities. 
Dors married a number of times throughout her lifetime.  Her first husband was Dennis Hamilton whom she wed in 1951 and even though they had begun divorce proceedings in 1958, before they finalized he passed away in 1959.  Her second husband was Richard Dawson, whom she married in 1959 and they had two children together before ending this marriage in 1966.  Dors third husband was Alan Lake in 1968 and they had one son, Alan Lake Jr. and they remained married until Diana Dors passed away on May 4th, 1984 in Windsor, Berkshire, England after suffering from stomach cancer.  Her third husband Alan committed suicide five months after losing his wife.


1985 Steaming 
1981 Dick Turpin
1981 Timon of Athens 
1980 The Two Ronnies 
1980 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 
1980 Shoestring 
1980 Hammer House of Horror 
1980 Bernie
1979 The Plank 
1979 Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair
1979 Of Mycenae and Men 
1978 The Sweeney
1977-1978 Just William 
1977 Adventures of a Private Eye
1976 Keep It Up Downstairs 
1976 Adventures of a Taxi Driver 
1975 Whodunnit?
1975 Three for All 
1975 Bedtime with Rosie 
1975 A Man with a Maid
1975 Thriller
1975 The Amorous Milkman 
1974 Every Afternoon
1974 Craze 
1974 From Beyond the Grave
1973 Steptoe and Son Ride Again 
1973 Theater of Blood 
1973 All Our Saturdays
1973 Nothing But the Night 
1972 The Amazing Mr. Blunden 
1970-1972 Queenie's Castle 
1972 The Pied Piper 
1972 Dixon of Dock Green 
1971 Hannie Caulder 
1971 Z Cars 
1971 The Misfit
1970 There's a Girl in My Soup 
1970 Deep End 
1970 It's Tommy Cooper
1970 Barry Humphries' Scandals
1968 Boy Meets Girl
1968 Baby Love 
1968 Hammerhead 
1967 Danger Route 
1967 Berserk 
1966 The Bruce Forsyth Show 
1966 The Sandwich Man 
1965 AquĆ­ el segundo programa
1960-1964 Armchair Theatre
1964 Gran parada 
1964 The Eleventh Hour
1963 Burke's Law
1963 West 11
1963 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 
1962 Mrs. Gibbons' Boys
1962 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1962 Encontra a Mallorca
1961 Straightaway
1961 King of the Roaring 20's: The Story of Arnold Rothstein 
1961 On the Double 
1961 The Jack Benny Program
1960 The Red Skelton Hour
1960 The Steve Allen Plymouth Show
1960 Scent of Mystery
1958 Room 43 
1958 Tread Softly Stranger 
1958 The Love Specialist 
1958 I Married a Woman
1957 The Long Haul 
1957 The Unholy Wife 
1956 Blonde Sinner
1955 An Alligator Named Daisy 
1955 Value for Money
1955 Dead by Morning 
1955 A Kid for Two Farthings 
1955 As Long as They're Happy 
1954 Rheingold Theatre 
1954 Young and Willing 
1953 It's a Grand Life 
1953 The Saint's Girl Friday
1953 Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?
1953 The Great Game
1952 My Wife's Lodger 
1952 Man Bait 
1949 How Do You View? 
1951 Bikini Baby 
1951 Worm's Eye View
1951 Face to Face
1950 Dance Hall
1949 Diamond City 
1949 A Boy, a Girl and a Bike 
1949 It's Not Cricket 
1949 Vote for Huggett 
1948 Here Come the Huggetts 
1948 Oliver Twist 
1948 Penny and the Pownall Case 
1948 My Sister and I 
1948 The Calendar
1948 Good-Time Girl
1947 Holiday Camp
1947 Dancing with Crime 
1947 Code of Scotland Yard 

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