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Dean Jagger ACTOR


Dean Jagger was born on November 7th, 1903 in Columbus Grove, Ohio with the birth name Ota Dean Jagger.  He dropped out of High School two times before he was finally able to go to college and graduate from Wabash College.  He first found work as a school teacher and later decided to enroll at Chicago's, "Lyceum Art Conservatory".
He found work in stock theater, vaudeville and radio before getting involved in the film industry.  His first film was a silent called, "The Woman from Hell" (1929) followed by an appearance in, "Handcuffed" (1929).  He soon found out that he was best cast playing character roles.  

His big break role was in the film, "Brigham Young" (1940) followed by some more decent film roles such as, "Western Union" (1941), "Sister Kenny" (1946) and "Pursued" (1947).  In 1949 he was cast in the film, "Twelve O'Clock High" in which he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.    

He continued to work on a variety of films such as, "The Robe" (1953), "White Christmas" (1954) and "Bad Day at Black Rock" (1955).  He also worked on television such as on the series, "Mr. Novak" (1963) in which he received Emmy Award nominations for his role.  Jagger also won a Daytime Emmy Award for making a guest appearance on, "This is the Life" (1980) which was a religious series.    

Even though he never reached a star level in the industry he did work on over 100 films and made a decent career for himself.  His final television appearance was on, "St. Elsewhere" (1985).  Dean was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the Motion Picture Industry. 
Dean Jagger married a total of three times throughout his lifetime.  His first marriage was to Antoinette Lawrence from January 27th, 1935 through 1943.  He then married Gloria Ling from 1947 through 1967 and together they had one daughter.  His third and final marriage was to Etta Jagger from July 19th, 1968 and they remained married until he passed away on February 5th, 1991 in Santa Monica, California after suffering from heart disease.


1987 Evil Town 
1985 St. Elsewhere
1980 Alligator 
1980 Hallmark Hall of Fame
1980 This Is the Life
1979 The Waltons
1978 The Game of Death
1977 End of the World 
1977 Hunter
1976 Harry O
1976 The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case 
1975 So Sad About Gloria
1974 The Great Lester Boggs
1974 The Hanged Man 
1974 Love Story
1974 God Bless Dr. Shagetz
1973 I Heard the Owl Call My Name 
1973 Shaft
1972-1973 The Delphi Bureau
1973 The Stranger 
1973 Medical Center
1973 Alias Smith and Jones 
1973 The Lie 
1972 Kung Fu
1972 Columbo
1972 The Glass House 
1971 The Partridge Family 
1971 Incident in San Francisco 
1971 Bonanza
1971 Vanishing Point 
1970 Matt Lincoln
1970 The Name of the Game
1970 The Brotherhood of the Bell 
1970 Men at Law
1970 The Kremlin Letter 
1969 The Lonely Profession 
1969 Smith! 
1968 Day of the Evil Gun 
1968 Firecreek 
1968 Tiger by the Tail 
1967 First to Fight
1966 The Fugitive
1966 The F.B.I.
1963-1965 Mr. Novak
1963 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour 
1958-1963 The Christophers
1962 Billy Rose's Jumbo 
1962 Dr. Kildare
1962 G.E. True Theater 
1961 The Honeymoon Machine 
1961 Parrish 
1961 Sunday Showcase
1961 Twilight Zone
1960 Elmer Gantry
1960 Cash McCall 
1959 The Nun's Story 
1959 The Loretta Young Show
1958 King Creole
1958 The Proud Rebel 
1958 Smoke Jumpers 
1957 Forty Guns 
1957 Playhouse 90
1957 Bernardine
1957 Zane Grey Theater
1956 Three Brave Men
1956 The Great Man 
1956 The 20th Century-Fox Hour
1956 X: The Unknown 
1956 Red Sundown 
1956 On the Threshold of Space
1955 It's a Dog's Life 
1955 Studio 57
1955 Schlitz Playhouse
1955 The Eternal Sea 
1955 Bad Day at Black Rock 
1954 Cavalcade of America
1954 White Christmas
1954 Private Hell 36
1954 Lux Video Theatre 
1954 Executive Suite 
1953 The Robe
1952 The Gulf Playhouse
1952 It Grows on Trees 
1952 Denver and Rio Grande
1952 My Son John 
1951 Warpath
1951 Rawhide 
1950 Dark City 
1950 Sierra 
1949 Twelve O'Clock High 
1949 C-Man
1948-1949 The Chevrolet Tele-Theatre
1948 The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse
1948 Studio One in Hollywood
1947 Driftwood
1947 Pursued
1946 Sister Kenny 
1945 A Yank in London 
1944 Alaska 
1944 When Strangers Marry 
1943 The North Star 
1943 I Escaped from the Gestapo 
1942 The Omaha Trail 
1942 Valley of the Sun 
1941 The Men in Her Life 
1941 Western Union 
1940 Brigham Young 
1938 Having Wonderful Time 
1937 Exiled to Shanghai 
1937 Escape by Night 
1937 Song of the City 
1937 Dangerous Number 
1937 Woman in Distress
1937 Under Cover of Night 
1936 Star for a Night 
1936 Pepper 
1936 Revolt of the Zombies 
1936 Thirteen Hours by Air 
1936 Woman Trap 
1935 It's a Great Life 
1935 Wanderer of the Wasteland 
1935 Men Without Names 
1935 People Will Talk 
1935 Car 99 
1935 Home on the Range 
1935 Wings in the Dark 
1934 Behold My Wife 
1934 College Rhythm
1934 You Belong to Me 
1930 Whoopee! 
1929 Handcuffed 
1929 The Woman from Hell   

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