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Darryl Hickman ACTOR

Darryl Hickman was born on July 28th, 1931 in Hollywood, California with the middle name Gerard.  He and his younger brother, Dwayne Hickman both began their careers as actors when they were children.  His brother became more remembered as time went on due to the hit TV show "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis", however, Darryl was more popular and considered a better actor when the boys were children.
Some of his earlier roles were in such films as, "The Grapes of Wrath" (1940), "Men of Boys Town", (1941) "The Human Comedy" (1943), "Leave Her to Heaven" (1945) and "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" (1956) starring Kirk Douglas
Along with working as a film actor, Darryl was also appeared on such television series as, "Gunsmoke", "Our Gang", "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse", "The Range Rider" and "Sky King".  Before he had even turned twenty one years old, he had already worked on over one hundred films.
Making the transition to adult actor from child actor was not too difficult for him, however he did take a break from acting in 1951 to join a monastery, but it did not work well for him so he returned to Hollywood.  He appeared on the television series, "The Lone Ranger" (1951-1953), "Mark Saber" (1952), "Sky King" (1972) and such films as, "Destination Gobi" (1953), "Island in the Sky" (1953) starring John Wayne and "Sea of Lost Ships" (1953).
While still working as an actor he was also pursuing a college degree at Loyola University and took a brief break from school and acting to serve in the military during the Korean war.
After he completed his military service he returned to acting and as his career progressed his brother was gaining a huge amount of popularity working in television however, roles were becoming less available to Darryl.  He did, though, continue to find work and some of his latest roles were on such series as, "Wild Fire" (1986), "Sky Commanders" (1987), "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" (1988), doing the voice over work, "Baywatch" (1996), "The Nanny" (1997-1999) and such films as, "Sharky's Machine" (1981).
Later on in his career he decided to veer away from the acting side of the industry and began working as a program executive.  Daryl also worked as an acting coach on the side.  He is currently married to his second wife, Lynda Farmer Hickman.  He was married once before to Pamela Lincoln whom he wed in 1959 and after having two sons together the marriage came to an end in 1982.  In 1985 his youngest son, Justin, who was only nineteen at the time, sadly, committed suicide. 


1997-1999 The Nanny 
1996 Baywatch 
1992 Queen Esther 
1991 Aftermath: A Test of Lov
1991 The Miracles of Jesus
1990 The Easter Story
1990 Joseph and His Brothers
1988 A Pup Named Scooby-Doo 
1987 Beauty and the Beast
1987 Sky Commanders 
1986 Wildfire 
1986 GoBots: War of the Rock Lords 
1986 David and Goliath
1986 Jonny Quest 
1984 Pole Position 
1984 Challenge of the GoBots 
1983 Whiz Kids 
1983 High School U.S.A.
1983 The Biskitts 
1982 The Tragedy of King Lear 
1982 Pac-Man
1981 Sharky's Machine 
1981 Looker 
1981 Space Stars 
1979 Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo
1978 All in the Family
1977 Maude 
1977 Final Warning 
1976 Network 
1970 Love, American Style 
1967 New York Television Theatre
1966 Good Old Days 
1965 Dr. Kildare 
1963 Vacation Playhouse 
1959-1963 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1959-1962 The Untouchables 
1961-1962 Rawhide 
1961 87th Precinct 
1961 The United States Steel Hour 
1961 Westinghouse Preview Theatre 
1961 The Americans 
1961 The Loretta Young Show
1961 Insight 
1960 The Detectives
1959-1960 The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
1960 The Man and the Challenge 
1960 The DuPont Show with June Allyson
1959 The Millionaire 
1959 Gunsmoke 
1959 The Tingler
1957-1959 Whirlybirds
1959 Tales of Wells Fargo
1959 Wanted: Dead or Alive .
1958 Pursuit
1958 Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse
1958 Studio One in Hollywood
1957-1958 G.E. True Theater 
1957-1958 Men of Annapolis 
1957-1958 Playhouse 90
1957 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1957 Climax!
1957 Perry Mason
1957 Panic!
1957 Sheriff of Cochise
1957 The Persuader
1957 The Iron Sheriff 
1957 The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1956 Tea and Sympathy 
1956 Sneak Preview 
1956 Matinee Theatre 
1955 Many Rivers to Cross
1954 Ricochet Romance
1954 Schlitz Playhouse 
1954 Prisoner of War
1954 The Public Defender
1954 Annie Oakley
1954 Southwest Passage 
1954 Waterfront 
1953 Sea of Lost Ships 
1953 Island in the Sky 
1951-1953 The Lone Ranger
1953 Footlights Theater 
1953 Destination Gobi
1952 Mark Saber
1952 Sky King 
1952 The Range Rider
1951 Submarine Command 
1951 Criminal Lawyer
1951 Lightning Strikes Twice 
1950 Pulitzer Prize Playhouse
1950 The Happy Years 
1949 A Kiss for Corliss 
1949 Any Number Can Play 
1949 The Set-Up 
1949 Alias Nick Beal 
1948 Big Town Scandal 
1948 Fighting Father Dunne
1948 The Sainted Sisters 
1947 Dangerous Years
1947 Black Gold
1947 The Devil on Wheels
1946 The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946 Boys' Ranch
1946 Two Years Before the Mast
1945 Leave Her to Heaven 
1945 Kiss and Tell 
1945 Rhapsody in Blue 
1945 Captain Eddie 
1945 Boogie Woogie
1945 Salty O'Rourke
1944 And Now Tomorrow
1944 Meet Me in St. Louis 
1944 Song of Russia 
1944 Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout 
1943 Assignment in Brittany
1943 The Human Comedy 
1942 Keeper of the Flame
1942 Northwest Rangers
1942 Jackass Mail 
1942 Going to Press 
1942 Joe Smith, American 
1942 Heart Burn
1942 Young America 
1941 Glamour Boy 
1941 Mob Town 
1941 Coffins on Wheels
1941 Men of Boys Town 
1941 Sign of the Wolf 
1940 Young People 
1940 Mystery Sea Raider 
1940 Untamed 
1940 Prairie Law 
1940 The Way of All Flesh 
1940 The Farmer's Daughter 
1940 The Grapes of Wrath 
1940 Emergency Squad 
1939 The Star Maker 
1938 If I Were King 

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