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Danny Thomas ACTOR


Danny Thomas was born January 6th, 1912 in Deerfield, Michigan on a horse farm with the birth name Muzyad Yakhoob.  His parents were Lebanese Immigrants and they later changed his name to Amos Jacobs.  Thomas was raised in Toledo, Ohio and attended a Roman Catholic Church.  He went to Woodward High School and then The University of Toledo.  A week after his 24th birthday, he married Rose Marie Cassaniti in 1936.  Thomas first performed under his Anglicized birth name, "Amos Jacobs", before choosing the stage name, 'Danny Thomas', which were the first names of two of his brothers.

He began his entertainment career singing on the radio in the 1940's in, "The Bickersons" before becoming a nightclub emcee and comedian.  In the 1950's, Danny starred in a television comedy, "Make Room For Daddy" which ran from 1953 to 1964 and it what he is most known for today. 

Danny also starred in various films such as, "The Jazz Singer" (1952) and "I'll See You in My Dreams" (1951), however, his film career was not nearly as successful as his television and producing career.  He worked on many popular shows including, "The Dick Van Dyke Show", "The Andy Griffith Show" and "The Mod Squad".   He also produced three series for Walter Brennan, "The Real McCoys", "The Tycoon" and "The Guns of Will Sonnett", all on ABC during the late 1950's and 1960's.

Danny was also responsible for founding St Jude's Research Hospital, which opened in Memphis, Tennessee in 1962.  The organization helps find cures for children's diseases.  

In 1970, Danny reunited with most of the cast from, "Make Room For Daddy" to do a follow up, "Make Room For Granddaddy", however this barely lasted a whole season.  He was though, nominated for the best performance by an actor in a television series in 1970 for his role on this series.  Danny's last series was, "One Big Family" (1986-1987). 

One year before he passed away, Danny published his autobiography, "Make Room for Danny" (1990).  Danny Thomas passed away on February 6th, 1991 from heart failure.  Danny and his wife, Rose Marie are buried in a memorial garden on the grounds of St. Jude's.  He was a posthumous recipient of the 2004 Bob Hope Humanitarian Award.  Danny had completed filming a commercial for St. Jude Hospital a few days before his death and this final commercial aired as a tribute to him. 

His two children also followed career in the entertainment industry.  His daughter, Marlo Thoman, is married to talk show host Phil Donahue. His son, Tony Thomas, is a television producer and his other daughter, Terre Thomas, is a former actress.


1988   The Spike Jones Story
1988   Side by Side
1980   Celebrity Commercials and Bloopers
1979   The Return of the Mod Squad
1979   Samurai
1978   Three on a Date
1978   Kojak: In Full Command
1975   Satan's Triangle
1974   Shivaree on Delancey Street
1973   Remember When
1972   Second Chance
1971   Journey Back to Oz
1970   The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again
1969   The Pigeon
1969   The Over-the-Hill Gang
1969   The Monk
1969   The Ballad of Andy Crocker
1969   Black Brigade
1968   The Guns of Will Sonnett 
1967   Cricket on the Hearth
1966   Don't Worry, We'll Think of a Title   
1965   The Lucy Show: Lucy Helps Danny Thomas
1964   Looking for Love   
1963   The Dick Van Dyke Show: It May Look Like a Walnut!
1961   The Dick Van Dyke Show     
1960   The Andy Griffith Show     
1960   Road to Lebanon   
1958   The All-Star Christmas Show     
1953   The Jazz Singer   
1953   The Danny Thomas Show
1953   Shower of Stars
1953   Make Room for Daddy
1957   The Danny Thomas Show
1951   I'll See You in My Dreams   
1951   Call Me Mister   
1948   The Big City   
1948   Texaco Star Theater
1947   The Unfinished Dance   

Matinee Classics - Make Room for Daddy starring Danny Thomas, Jean Hagen, Marjorie Lord, Sherry Jackson, Rusty Hamer, Amanda Randolph, Jesse White, Mary Wickes, Sid Melton, Angela Cartwright, Lelani Sorenson, Sheldon Leonard, Annette Funicello, Hans Conried, Pat Harrington and Horace McMahon
Matinee Classics - Make Room for Granddaddy starring Danny Thomas, Marjorie Lord, Angela Cartwright, Rusty Hamer, Sid Melton, Michael Hughes and Rosie Greer
Matinee Classics - Make Room for Granddaddy starring Danny Thomas, Marjorie Lord, Angela Cartwright, Rusty Hamer, Sid Melton, Michael Hughes and Rosie Greer
Matinee Classics - Make Room for Daddy  - Danny Thomas and Angela Cartwright
Matinee Classics - Make Room for Daddy - Danny Thomas and Rusty Hamer
Matinee Classics - Make Room for Daddy - Sherry Jackson, Danny Thomas and Rusty Hamer
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