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Dan White ACTOR

Dan White was born on March 25th, 1908, born to George and Orpha White on Falmouth, Florida.  He had eleven siblings and at the age of fourteen he ran away from home and began working in show business.
White began performing as a vaudeville performer as well as in a traveling circus.  He also performed for nine years in a theater show at Tampa's Rialto Theater.  After marrying Matilda Mae Spivey in 1933 he took a break from pursuing a career in show business for financial reasons and found work with the Conservation Corps in Florida. 

White longed to have a career in acting and therefore, he chose to relocate his family to Los Angeles, California in 1935.  He had a difficult time finding acting work right away and again for financial reasons he had to put his dreams on hold and take a job offering for six month working on the Pan American Highway.
Upon returning to Hollywood he finally caught the attention of Republic Studio who chose to cast him in a number of films.  Some of his early roles included, "Born to Be Wild" (1938) with Ralph Byrd, Doris Weston and Ward Bond, "Murder in the Family" (1938) co-starring Barry Jones, Jessica Tandy and Evelyn Ankers, "Prairie Moon" (1938) starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, Shirley Deane, Stanley Andrews, William Pawley and Warner Richmond, "Lady of Burlesque" (1943) starring Barbara Stanwyck, Michael O'Shea, Iris Adrian, Pinky Lee and Gerald Mohr, "Rough Riders' Round-Up" (1939) starring Roy Rogers, Lynne Roberts, George Meeker, Raymond Hatton, Dorothy Sebastian, Eddie Acuff and William Pawley, "Destry Rides Again" (1939) starring Marlene Dietrich, James Stewart, Mischa Auer, Charles Winninger, Brian Donlevy, Allen Jenkins, Irene Hervey, Billy Gilbert, Bill Cody Jr., and Una Merkel and "Our Town" (1940) starring Martha Scott, William Holden, Fay Bainter, Beulah Bondi, Thomas Mitchell, Guy Kibbee, Stu Erwin and Frank Craven. 

As his career in the industry progressed he added over 250 roles to his resume and although, many were un-credited, White did appear in some more well known films such as, "Junior G-Men of the Air" (1942) starring the Dead End Kids and the Little Tough Guys, Billy Halop, Huntz Hall, Frankie Darro, Turhan Bey, Lionel Atwill and Frank Albertson, "The Yearling" (1946) Gregory Peck, Jane Wyman, Claude Jarman Jr., Chill Wills, Henry Travers, Clem Bevans and Forrest Tucker., "Duel in the Sun" (1946) starring Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Gregory Peck, Lillian Gish, Lionel Barrymore, Herbert Marshall, Butterfly McQueen, Lane Chandler, Charles Bickford, Otto Kruger, Walter Huston, Joan Tetzel, Harry Carey, Sidney Blackmer and Scott McKay, "Four Faces West" (1948) starring Joel McCrea, his real-life wife Frances Dee, William Conrad and Charles Bickford, "Distant Drums" (1951) starring Gary Cooper, Richard Webb, Mari Aldon and Arthur Hunnicutt, "Red River" (1948) starring John Wayne, Joanne Dru, Walter Brennan, Coleen Gray, Harry Carey, John Ireland, Hank Worden, Paul Fix, Chief Yowlachie, Noah Beery Jr. and Harry Carey, Jr., "Vengeance Valley" (1951) starring Burt Lancaster, Joanne Dru, Robert Walker, Ray Collins, Will Wright, Hugh O'Brian and Stanley Andrews and Sally Forrest, "Suddenly" (1954) starring Frank Sinatra, Nancy Gates, Sterling Hayden, Willis Bouchey and James Gleason, "Rage at Dawn" (1955) starring Randolph Scott, Forrest Tucker, Denver Pyle, Edgar Buchanan, Mala Powers and J. Carrol Naish, "Giant" (1956) starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean and features Carroll Baker, Jane Withers, Chill Wills, Mercedes McCambridge, Dennis Hopper, Sal Mineo, Rod Taylor, Elsa Cardenas, Paul Fix and Earl Holliman, "Jailhouse Rock" (1957) starring Elvis Presley, Judy Tyler, Jennifer Holden, Vaughn Taylor, Dean Jones and Mickey Shaughnessy, "Touch of Evil" (1958) starring Orson Welles, Charlton Heston, Janet Leigh, Joseph Calleia, Akim Tamiroff, Ray Collins, Dennis Weaver, Victor Millan, Mort Mills, Joi Lansing, Mercedes McCambridge, Keenan Wynn, Joseph Cotten, Joanna Cook Moore, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Marlene Dietrich, "The Sheepman" (1958) starring Glenn Ford, Shirley MacLaine, Leslie Nielsen, Edgar Buchanan, Mickey Shaughnessy, Willis Bouchey, Pernell Roberts and Slim Pickens, "To Kill a Mockingbird" (1962) starring alongside Gregory Peck, Mary Badham, Brock Peters, Frank Overton, Paul Fix, Philip Alford, Robert Duvall, William Windom and Alice Ghostley and "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter" (1966) starring John Lupton, Narda Onyx, Estelita Rodriguez, Jim Davis, Steven Geray and William Fawcett.

Along with working as a film actor, he made more of a name for himself appearing on numerous television series such as, "Hopalong Cassidy", "The Lone Ranger", "The Adventures of Kit Carson", "The Cisco Kid", "Climax!", "The Adventures of Jim Bowie", "Lux Video Theater", "Tales of the Texas Rangers", "West Point", "Adventures of Superman", "Sugarfoot", "Highway Patrol", "The Texan", "Thriller", "The Deputy", "Twilight Zone", "Maverick", "Wagon Train", "Petticoat Junction", "Northwest Passage", "Stories of the Century", "Sheriff of Cochise", "Bonanza", "The Beverly Hillbillies", "Lassie", "Telephone Time", "Bat Masterson" and "Checkmate", among many others.

He had a total of three children with Matilda and his latest roles were on the television series, "Gunsmoke", "Mannix", "Barnaby Jones" and the television movie, "Beyond the Bermuda Triangle" in 1975. 

Dan White then relocated back to Florida and retired from the industry until he passed away on July 7th, 1980 at the age of seventy two in Tampa Bay, Florida.    


1975         Beyond the Bermuda Triangle
1975         Smoke in the Wind
1973         Mannix
1973         Barnaby Jones
1960-1972     Gunsmoke
1972         Skyjacked
1971         They Call It Murder 
1971         Adam-12 
1962-1970     The Virginian 
1970         Swing Out, Sweet Land 
1967-1970     The High Chaparral
1970         The Cheyenne Social Club
1970         The Name of the Game 
1960-1967     Bonanza
1965-1967     Green Acres
1967         Red Tomahawk
1965-1966     Petticoat Junction
1966         The Beverly Hillbillies 
1966         Waco
1966         Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter
1963-1966     Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre
1965         Apache Uprising
1965         Flipper 
1965         The Bounty Killer
1964         A Tiger Walks
1964         Destry
1963         The Cardinal
1963         Arrest and Trial 
1958-1963     Wagon Train 
1958-1963     The Rifleman 
1962         To Kill a Mockingbird
1962         Have Gun - Will Travel 
1959-1962     Laramie
1962         The Wild Westerners
1962         Lonely Are the Brave
1958-1962     Tales of Wells Fargo 
1959-1962     Rawhide
1962         Ripcord 
1961         The Sergeant Was a Lady
1961         Cheyenne
1961         Sea Hunt 
1961         Outlaws
1961         Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1961         Checkmate 
1960-1961     Bat Masterson 
1955-1961     The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 
1958-1961     Maverick 
1961         The Rebel 
1961         Twilight Zone 
1959-1960     The Deputy 
1960         G.E. True Theater 
1960         Thriller 
1959-1960     The Texan 
1960         Wichita Town
1960         Overland Trail 
1960         Wanted: Dead or Alive 
1960         Ma Barker's Killer Brood
1959         Beloved Infidel
1959         Attack of the Giant Leeches
1959         This Earth Is Mine
1959         King of the Wild Stallions
1959         Lassie
1959         Gunmen from Laredo
1959         The Californians
1959         Northwest Passage
1958         From These Roots 
1958         Frontier Gun
1958         The Proud Rebel
1958         The Sheepman
1958         Quantrill's Raiders
1958         Touch of Evil
1957-1958     Highway Patrol 
1957         Escape from Red Rock
1957         Casey Jones 
1957         Gunfire at Indian Gap
1957         Jailhouse Rock
1957         Sugarfoot 
1957         Band of Angels
1957         The Ford Television Theatre
1957         The Lonely Man
1957         Adventures of Superman
1957         Circus Boy 
1957         Science Fiction Theatre
1957         Sheriff of Cochise 
1956         The Rainmaker
1953-1956     Cavalcade of America
1956         West Point 
1956         The Adventures of Jim Bowie 
1956         Telephone Time 
1956         Giant
1956         The Ten Commandments
1956         Gun Brothers
1956         The First Traveling Saleslady
1956         Thunder Over Arizona
1956         Great Day in the Morning
1956         The Last Hunt
1956         Red Sundown
1956         Screen Directors Playhouse 
1956         Tales of the Texas Rangers 
1956         Corky and White Shadow
1956         Glory
1956         Red Ryder
1955         The Twinkle in God's Eye
1955         The Tall Men
1955         The Man Behind the Badge
1955         The Road to Denver
1955         The Man from Bitter Ridge
1955         Rage at Dawn
1955         Stories of the Century
1955         Lux Video Theatre 
1952-1955     Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
1955         The Americano
1954         The Country Girl
1954         Climax!
1954         The Cisco Kid 
1954         Suddenly
1954         The Adventures of Kit Carson 
1954         Yankee Pasha
1954         Tennessee Champ
1954         Taza, Son of Cochise
1954         She Couldn't Say No
1954         Jubilee Trail
1953         Hopalong Cassidy
1953         Gun Fury
1953         A Lion Is in the Streets
1953         Inferno
1953         The Lone Ranger
1953         Born to the Saddle
1953         The Silver Whip
1952         The Lusty Men
1952         Horizons West
1952         Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie
1952         Waco
1951         Distant Drums
1951         Red Mountain
1951         Texas Carnival
1951         Drums in the Deep South
1951         His Kind of Woman
1951         The Tall Target
1951         David and Bathsheba
1951         Comin' Round the Mountain
1951         Raton Pass
1951         Rawhide
1951         The Red Badge of Courage
1951         Oh! Susanne
1951         Sugarfoot
1951         Vengeance Valley
1950         Never a Dull Moment
1950         A Lady Without Passport
1950         The Gunfighter
1950         Return of the Frontiersman
1949         She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
1949         Roseanna McCoy
1949         Intruder in the Dust
1949         The Cowboy and the Indians
1949         El Paso
1949         South of St. Louis
1949         Cover Up
1949         Dynamite
1949         Outlaw Country
1948         Gunning for Justice
1948         Unknown Island
1948         Sunset Carson Rides Again
1948         Station West
1948         Red River
1948         The Walls of Jericho
1948         Four Faces West
1948         Shaggy
1948         I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes
1948         Silver River
1948         The Westward Trail
1948         Albuquerque
1947         The Sea of Grass
1946         Duel in the Sun
1946         The Yearling
1946         Gunman's Cod
1946         Gun Town
1945         San Antonio
1945         Frontier Feud
1945         Flaming Bullets
1945         Trail to Vengeance
1945         Both Barrels Blazing
1945         The Return of the Durango Kid
1945         Sudan
1945         Rough Ridin' Justice
1945         Beyond the Pecos
1944         The Big Bonanza
1944         Crazy Knights
1944         Harmony Trail
1944         The Mystery of the Riverboat
1944         Black Arrow
1944         Gangsters of the Frontier
1944         The Utah Kid
1944         Raiders of Ghost City
1944         Fuzzy Settles Down
1944         The Invisible Man's Revenge
1944         Valley of Vengeance
1944         Guns of the Law
1944         Shine on Harvest Moon
1944         Frontier Outlaws
1944         Voodoo Man
1944         Arizona Whirlwind
1944         Outlaw Roundup
1944         Marshal of Gunsmoke
1944         Westward Bound
1943         The Phantom
1943         Smart Guy
1943         Boss of Rawhide
1943         False Colors
1943         Outlaws of Stampede Pass
1943         Blazing Guns
1943         Here Comes Kelly
1943         Arizona Trail
1943         The Kansan
1943         Trail of Terror
1943         The Renegade
1943         Black Hills Express
1943         Fighting Valley
1943         Death Rides the Plains
1943         Lady of Burlesque
1943         Border Patrol
1942         I Married a Witch
1942         Overland Stagecoach
1942         Sheriff of Sage Valley
1942         Tumbleweed Trail
1942         Junior G-Men of the Air
1942         Juke Girl
1941         Forbidden Trails
1941         Lone Star Law Men
1941         Texas
1941         The Lone Rider Ambushed
1941         The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury
1941         The Parson of Panamint
1941         The Lone Rider in Ghost Town
1941         The Singing Hill
1941         Prairie Pioneers
1941         Back Street
1940          She Couldn't Say No
1940         Too Many Girls
1940         The Howards of Virginia
1940         Deadwood Dick
1940         Adventures of Red Ryder
1940         Our Town
1940         Beyond Christmas
1940         The Grapes of Wrath
1939         Days of Jesse James
1939         Gone with the Wind
1939         Death Rides the Range
1939         El Diablo Rides
1939         Destry Rides Again
1939         Rovin' Tumbleweeds
1939         Jeepers Creepers
1939         The Fighting Renegade
1939         In Old Monterey
1939         The Law Comes to Texas
1939         Rough Riders' Round-up
1938         Shine On, Harvest Moon
1938         Prairie Moon
1938         Murder in the Family
1938         Born to Be Wild
1936         Everybody's Old Man 

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