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Dan Dailey ACTOR


Daniel James Dailey was born on December 14th, 1917 in new York City, New York and he was the son of a hotelier, James J. Dailey and Helen Dailey.  At the age of fourteen, Dailey became interested in dancing lessons.  Dailey performed in a minstrel show and also worked in vaudeville.

In 1937, he had his Broadway debut in, "Babes in Arms" followed by, "Stars in Your Eyes" and "I Married an Angel".  Most of his early stage acting was in musicals but when MGM discovered him and signed him to a contract he began his career in the film industry.  The first film he was cast in under his new contract was, "The Mortal Storm" (1940).  MGM soon realized they had made a mistake casting him in this film and figured out his talents were best of being used in musical films.
He briefly put acting aside to join the military and serve as an officer during World War II.  Upon his return to film he went to work with 20th century Fox Productions on the film, "Mother Wore Tights" (1947) followed by "When My Baby Smiles at Me" (1948) and "A Ticket to Tomahawk" (1950).  Due to his dance background, Dailey was very physically fit and therefore he was cast to play baseball pitcher, Dizzy Dean in, "Pride of St. Louis" (1952).
His professional career was heading in the right direction, however he had many personal struggles to overcome.  Being a child actor had put a large amount of un-necessary stress on him.  In 1951, he was admitted to the Menninger Clinic for five months.  Upon his return to Hollywood, he felt that this break was just what he needed to get his mind straightened out.
Dailey exhibited a great strength in performing in musical films such as his roles in, "Meet Me at the Fair" (1952) and "It's Always Fair Weather" (1953) with MGM.  By far his most well known role was in, "There's No Business Like Show Business" (1954).

His performing career was not limited to stage and film alone, he also appeared on numerous television series such as, "Four Just Men" (1959), "The Governor and JJ" (1970) and "Farraday and Company" (1974).  
Dan Dailey passed away from acute anemia on October 15th, 1978 in Los Angeles, California and is interred at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.  He married 4 times throughout his life to Carole Warner first, then Esther Rodier whom he divorced in 1941, followed by Elizabeth Hofert who he married in 1942 til 1951.  Together they had one son, Dan Dailey III who sadly committed suicide in 1975.  His final marriage was to Gwen Carter from February 5th, 1955 till another divorce in 1961.


1977   The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover
1977   Testimony of Two Men
1976   Freedom Is
1975   The Daughters of Joshua Cabe Return
1973-1974  Faraday and Company
1972   Michael O'Hara the Fourth
1971   Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones
1969-1970  The Governor & J.J.
1964   Low Man on a Totem Pole
1964   Vacation Playhouse 
1963   Four Nights of the Full Moon
1962   The Alfred Hitchcock Hour  
1962   The Untouchables  
1962   Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man 
1960   Pepe 
1959-1960  The Four Just Men 
1959   G.E. True Theater  
1958   Armchair Theatre  
1958   Underwater Warrior 
1957   The Wayward Bus 
1957   The Wings of Eagles 
1957   Oh, Men! Oh, Women! 
1956   The Best Things in Life Are Free 
1956   Meet Me in Las Vegas  
1955   It's Always Fair Weather 
1955   Shower of Stars 
1954   There's No Business Like Show Business 
1954   Tournament of Roses
1953   The Kid from Left Field 
1953   The Girl Next Door 
1953   Taxi 
1953   Meet Me at the Fair 
1952   What Price Glory 
1952   The Pride of St. Louis 
1951   I Can Get It for You Wholesale 
1951   Call Me Mister 
1950   I'll Get By 
1950   My Blue Heaven 
1950   A Ticket to Tomahawk 
1950   When Willie Comes Marching Home 
1949   You're My Everything 
1949   Chicken Every Sunday 
1948   When My Baby Smiles at Me 
1948   Give My Regards to Broadway 
1948   You Were Meant for Me 
1947   Mother Wore Tights 
1943   This Is the Army
1942   Panama Hattie 
1942   Give Out, Sisters 
1942   Timber! 
1942   Sunday Punch 
1942   Mokey 
1941   Moon Over Her Shoulder 
1941   Lady Be Good 
1941   Down in San Diego 
1941   The Getaway 
1941   Ziegfeld Girl 
1941   Washington Melodrama 
1941   The Wild Man of Borneo
1940   Keeping Company 
1940   Hullabaloo 
1940   Dulcy 
1940   The Captain Is a Lady 
1940   The Mortal Storm 
1940   Susan and God

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Matinee Classics - The Governor and J.J. starring Dan Dailey, Julie Sommars, James T. Callahan, Neva Patterson and Nora Marlowe

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