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Constance Towers ACTOR


Constance Towers was born on May 20th, 1933 in Whitefish, Montana with the middle name Constance, born to Ardath L. and Harry J. Towers.  Her career in entertainment began when she as a young girl performing on the radio.  She loved singing and had hopes of pursuing a career as an opera singer.
When her family relocated to New York, Towers she enrolled at the Julliard School of Music and the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts.  When she was offered a chance to perform as a stage actress in a local production, towers began to realize her appreciation for acting and her career goals to head a different direction were intrigued.
Towers soon broke into the film industry appearing in such films as, "Bring Your Smile Along" (1955) co-starring Frankie Laine and Keefe Brasselle, "The Horse Soldiers" (1959) also starring John Wayne, William Holden, Judson Pratt, Ken Curtis, Denver Pyle and Strother Martin, "Sergeant Rutledge" (1960) co-starring Jeffrey Hunter, Woody Strode, Willis Bouchey, Billie Burke and Carleton Young, "Shock Corridor" (1963) starring with Peter Breck, Philip Ahn, Gene Evans, Hari Rhodes and James Best and "The Naked Kiss" (1964) also starring Anthony Eisley, Michael Dante, Virginia Grey and Patsy Kelly.
Alongside her film career, she maintained her presence as a stage actress and continued performing in such productions as, "Guys and Dolls", "Kiss Me Kate", "42nd Street", "Oklahoma!", "Camelot", "Anya", "Carousel", "The Sound of Music" and "The King and I" starring Yul Brynner, which ran for a total of 800 performances on Broadway.
not only was Towers sharing her extraordinary talent on the stage and film, she was also active as a television actress adding such series credits as, "Perry Mason", "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing", "The Young and the Restless", "Tales of Tomorrow", "Designing Woman", "Baywatch", "Sunset Beach", "State Trooper", "Capitol", "Hawaii Five-O", "L.A. Law", '"Murder, She Wrote", "Fantasy Island", "The Bob Cummings Show" and her most recent appearances have been on the soap opera, "General Hospital" where at the age of seventy two she portrays the evil grandmother, Helena Cassadine.
Some more well known film roles she has added to her resume include, "The Next Karate Kid" (1994) starring Pat Morita and Hilary Swank, "The Relic" (1997) starring Penelope Ann Miller, Tom Sizemore, James Whitmore and Linda Hunt, "A Perfect Murder" (1998) starring Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow and "The Awakening of Spring" (2008) starring Yuval David, John Aniston, Gary Bisig and Nicholas Downs. 

Constance Towers has married twice.  First to Eugene McGrath and she has two children from this marriage that came to an end in 1966.  She then married, John Gavin who was a former actor and  United States Ambassador to Mexico.  The couple wed in 1974 and have two children together .
Alongside her continued career as an actress she also remains involved in a number of different charitable causes, such as the Red Cross, the National Health Foundation and, "Project Connie", which is an organization that was set up to help those in need of medical, rehabilitation service and adoption services from Mexico to El Salvador. 


2000-2012     General Hospital
2009         Cold Case
2008         The Awakening of Spring
2007         The 4400
2006         Criminal Minds
2000         Providence
1998         A Perfect Murder
1998         Kelly Kelly 
1997         Sunset Beach 
1997         The Relic
1996         The Young and the Restless
1995         High Society 
1995         Caroline in the City 
1995         Thunder in Paradise 3
1994         Silk Stalkings 
1994         Thunder in Paradise 
1994         Frasier
1994         The Next Karate Kid
1993         Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 
1992         The Sands of Time
1992         Civil Wars 
1992         The Nutt House
1992         2000 Malibu Road
1992         Baywatch
1991         Memories of Midnight
1991         Matlock
1990         Designing Women
1989         Christine Cromwell
1989         MacGyver 
1989         Midnight Caller 
1987-1988     L.A. Law 
1988         The Loner
1987         Murder, She Wrote
1982-1987     Capitol 
1986         On Wings of Eagles 
1985         Sylvester
1985         Fast Forward
1979-1981     Fantasy Island 
1979         The Rockford Files 
1977         Lanigan's Rabbi 
1975         Hawaii Five-O
1974         CBS Daytime 90 
1967         Love Is a Many Splendored Thing 
1961-1965     Perry Mason 
1965         Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre 
1964         The Outer Limits 
1964         The Naked Kiss
1964         Fate Is the Hunter
1963         Shock Corridor
1961         Zane Grey Theatre
1960         The Renegade 
1960         Adventures in Paradise 
1960         Sergeant Rutledge
1959         The Horse Soldiers
1958         The Bob Cummings Show
1958         Mike Hammer
1957         State Trooper 
1956         Over-Exposed
1955         Bring Your Smile Along
1952         Tales of Tomorrow  

Matinee Classics - Sergeant Rutledge starring Jeffrey Hunter, Woody Strode, Constance Towers, Billie Burke, Juano Hernandez, Willis Bouchey, Carleton Young and Judson Pratt
Matinee Classics - Sergeant Rutledge starring Jeffrey Hunter, Woody Strode, Constance Towers, Billie Burke, Juano Hernandez, Willis Bouchey, Carleton Young and Judson Pratt

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