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Colleen Moore ACTOR


Colleen Moore was born on August 18th, 1899 in Port Huron, Michigan with the birth name Kathleen Morrison.  Her father worked as an irrigation engineer and she grew up in a financially stable environment.  She received a good education and studied at the Detroit Conservatory.
Her family moved twice first to Atlanta, Georgia and later to Tampa Bay, Florida.  She had a very good upbringing and as a child always had a love for films.  Colleen had aspirations of growing up and becoming a famous actress like many of her idols such as Mary Pickford.  She would get together with neighborhood children and together they would perform for the other kids in he neighborhood.  

In 1917, her uncle, Walter C. Howey knew of her interest to become and actress and so with his help and his connections, asked his friend D.W. Griffith to help his niece get her start in the industry.  Soon, Moore picked up and relocated to Hollywood and her film career took off right away.  

Within the first year she had already been cast in five films, with her debut being, "The Savage" (1917).  In 1918 she got her first real starring role in the film, "Little Orphant Annie" which soon followed with a role in, "Flaming Youth" (1927).  She was making $12,500 per week which was a much larger salary then many other young actresses.  She was very intelligent and made sure to invest her money wisely.
When the silent era of films came to an end, she had no issue making the transition to 'talkies'.  Her final film role was in, "The Scarlet Letter" (1934).  She also started a film production company in 1960, Vid-More Productions and way later in her career she returned to the industry for a television appearance on, "Hollywood" (1980).  Colleen became an author of two books on investing.   

Moore married four times during her lifetime, first to John McCormick from 1923 through 1930.  She then married Albert P. Scott for two years, followed by her third marriage from 1937 to 1964 to Homer P. Hargrave who passed away.  Her fourth and final time to marry was to Paul Magenot from 1983 through her death at the age of eighty seven on January 25th, 1988 in Paso Robles, California.        


1934 The Scarlet Letter 
1934 Success at Any Price 
1934 Social Register 
1933 The Power and the Glory 
1929 Footlights and Fools 
1929 Smiling Irish Eyes 
1929 Why Be Good? 
1929 Synthetic Sin 
1928 Oh Kay! 
1928 Lilac Time 
1928 Happiness Ahead 
1927 Her Wild Oat 
1927 Naughty But Nice 
1927 Orchids and Ermine 
1926 Twinkletoes 
1926 It Must Be Love 
1926 Ella Cinders 
1926 Irene 
1925 Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ 
1925 We Moderns 
1925 The Desert Flower 
1925 Sally 
1924 So Big  
1924 Flirting with Love 
1924 The Perfect Flapper 
1924 Painted People 
1924 Through the Dark 
1923 Flaming Youth 
1923 April Showers 
1923 The Huntress 
1923 Broken Hearts of Broadway 
1923 Slippy McGee 
1923 The Nth Commandment 
1923 Look Your Best
1922 The Ninety and Nine
1922 Broken Chains 
1922 Forsaking All Others
1922 Affinities 
1922 The Wall Flower 
1922 Come on Over 
1921 The Lotus Eater 
1921 His Nibs 
1921 The Sky Pilot 
1920 Dinty 
1920 So Long Letty 
1920 The Devil's Claim
1920 When Dawn Came 
1920 Her Bridal Night-Mare 
1920 The Cyclone 
1919 A Roman Scandal 
1919 Common Property 
1919 The Egg Crate Wallop
1919 The Man in the Moonlight 
1919 The Wilderness Trail 
1919 The Busher 
1918 Little Orphant Annie 
1918 A Hoosier Romance 
1917 The Savage 
1917 The Little American 
1917 Hands Up!
1917 An Old Fashioned Young Man 
1917 The Bad Boy 
1916 The Prince of Graustark    

Matinee Classics - The Busher starring Charles Ray, Colleen Moore, John Gilbert, Jay Morley and Otto Hoffman
Matinee Classics - The Busher starring Charles Ray, Colleen Moore, John Gilbert, Jay Morley and Otto Hoffman
Matinee Classics - Colleen Moore, star of the silent screen

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