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Charles Boyer ACTOR


Charles Boyer was born on August 28th, 1899 in Figeac, Lot, Midi-Pyrénées, France to parents Maurice and Louise.  As a child he enjoyed the movies and going to the theater.  He studied philosophy and earned a degree from the Sorbonne.  Charles then decided to pursue a career in acting and originally intended to just work as a stage actor.  He had an amazing memory and was cast in his first stage production.  
He planned to work only as a stage actor, but soon became interested in the film industry also.  His first film was, "L'homme du large" (1920) and he followed with a number of silent films.  He was then signed by MGM to a contract.  

When the sound era of films came about he had no issues with the transition and it actually helped his career in Hollywood due to his beautiful voice.  He starred in such films as, "Red-Headed Woman" (1932), "Caravan" (1934), "Private Worlds" (1935) and his first Technicolor film to really make him a star in the United States was his role in, "The Garden of Allah" (1936).  

As his career progressed he continued to work on film after film such as, "Algiers" (1938), "Love Affair" (1939), "Gaslight" (1944).  Charles worked on over eighty films and although he never won an Oscar he was nominated a total of four times for Best Actor.  

Along with a successful career as a film actor in the United States he also did a number of French Films and even worked as a television actor as well.  He was a guest star on, "I Love Lucy" and was nominated for an Emmy on the series, "Four Star Playhouse" (1952-1956).   

He also continued to work on the Broadway stage in such productions as, "Man and Superman" and "Lord Pengo" (1963) for which he received a nomination for a Tony Award as Best Actor.  Even as he progressed into the 60's and 70's he remained working on the film scene is such movies as, "Fanny" (1961), "Barefoot in the Park" (1967) and "Stavisky" (1974) for which he won the New York Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actor.  

Boyer was such an amazingly talented actor and his career lasted a lot longer then many other romantic actors that he earned the nickname, "The last of the cinema's great lovers".  He even recorded his own album, "Where Does Love Go?" in 1966.  In 1973, he did his final major film role in the musical, "Lost Horizon", which sadly did not receive very good reviews.  

Charles Boyer married only once to Pat Paterson on February 14th, 1934 and they had one child together, Michael Charles Boyer.  He and his wife remained married until she passed away on August 24th, 1978.  Sadly, only two days after losing his wife he committed suicide on August 26th, 1978 in Phoenix Arizona just two days before his seventy ninth birthday.     

He is interred at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.    


1976 A Matter of Time 
1974 Stavisky... 
1973 Lost Horizon 
1969 The Madwoman of Chaillot 
1969 The Name of the Game
1969 The April Fools
1968 The Day the Hot Line Got Hot 
1967 Barefoot in the Park
1966 Casino Royale 
1966 Is Paris Burning? 
1966 How to Steal a Million 
1965 A Very Special Favor
1964-1965 The Rogues
1963 Love Is a Ball
1962 The Dick Powell Theatre
1962 Adorable Julia 
1962 The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse 
1961 Midnight Folly 
1961 Fanny 
1958 The Buccaneer 
1958 Maxime 
1957-1958 Alcoa Theatre 
1957-1958 Goodyear Theatre
1957 La Parisienne 
1957 Hallmark Hall of Fame 
1956 Paris, Palace Hôtel 
1956 Around the World in Eighty Days 
1952-1956 Four Star Playhouse 
1955 Lucky to Be a Woman 
1955 Nana 
1955 The Cobweb 
1953 The Earrings of Madame de... 
1952 Thunder in the East 
1952 The Happy Time 
1951 The First Legion 
1951 The 13th Letter 
1948 Arch of Triumph 
1948 A Woman's Vengeance 
1946 Cluny Brown 
1946 The Battle of the Rails 
1945 Confidential Agent 
1945 Congo
1944 Together Again
1944 Gaslight 
1943 Flesh and Fantasy 
1943 The Constant Nymph 
1943 Immortal France
1942 Tales of Manhattan 
1941 Appointment for Love 
1941 Hold Back the Dawn 
1941 Back Street 
1940 All This, and Heaven Too
1939 When Tomorrow Comes 
1939 Love Affair
1939 Le corsaire 
1938 Algiers 
1938 Storm 
1937 Tovarich 
1937 Conquest 
1937 History Is Made at Night
1936 The Garden of Allah 
1936 Mayerling 
1936 I Loved a Soldier 
1935 Shanghai 
1935 Break of Hearts 
1935 Private Worlds
1934 Caravane 
1934   Caravan 
1934 Le bonheur 
1934 The Only Girl 
1934 Thunder in the East 
1934 Liliom 
1933 L'épervier 
1933 Moi et l'impératrice 
1933 F.P.1 Doesn't Answer 
1933 Ich und die Kaiserin 
1933 La bataille 
1932 Red-Headed Woman 
1932 The Man from Yesterday 
1932 Tumultes 
1931 The Magnificent Lie 
1931 Révolte dans la prison 
1931 La barcarolle d'amour 
1930 Le procès de Mary Dugan
1929 Captain Fracasse 
1928 Infernal Circle 
1922 Esclave 
1922 Le grillon du foyer
1921 Chantelouve 
1920 L'homme du large   

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