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Charles Bickford ACTOR


Charles Bickford was born on January 1st, 1891 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He was the fifth of seven children in his family.  Charles was not a very well behaved child and even as he entered into his teen years, he was a wonderer and never really had a direction for his life.
He had various odd jobs to financially support himself such as a lumberjack, investment promoter and also ran a pet extermination business.  He also worked as a fireman in the United States Army.  It was on a dare from his friend to join burlesque that he actually became involved in the acting industry.
His original goal was to get his life back on track and attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earn a degree in engineering, however after his friend convinced him to try burlesque his goals changed direction.  In 1911, his stage debut was in Oakland, California where he officially decided this was exactly the direction he wanted to take his life and abandoned his goals of becoming an engineer for good.
His actual professional stage debut was with the John Craig Stock Company at the Castle Square Theatre in Boston in 1912.  From here, he joined a traveling stage company.  He began working with Broadway and appeared in a play called, "Outside Looking In" (1925) which he got rave reviews for and this lead to his first film role offer on, "Beau Geste" (1926), however, he was enjoying his success in his stage career so much, that he turned this film role down.
A film contract was soon offered to him from Cecil B. DeMille with MGM studios and this time he decided to take the offer.  He starred in, "Anna Christie" (1930) and became an overnight sensation.

Even though he was proving himself to be a very talented actor, he had a very abrupt and stubborn personality and seemed to have issues with everyone he worked with.  He was very hard headed and strong willed, that in one incident, he actually punched out the director, DeMille during the filming of, "Dynamite".  He rejected numerous scripts and soon his contract with MGM came to an end.
Bickford became blacklisted by many studios who did not want to deal with his hard headed temper, so he worked for several years as an independent actor.  He was working for a while with Fox Studios and was on a film called, "East of Java" (1935), but sadly was injured working with a lion and while undergoing recovery, Fox dropped his contract.
However, Bickford managed to still get work and some decent film roles were offered to him.  Some of his more successful work was, "The Farmers Daughter" (1947), "Johnny Belinda" (1948), "A Star is Born" (1954), "Whirlpool" (1948) and "Not as a Stranger" (1955).  He was nominated Three times for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for, "The Song of Bernadette", "The Farmers Daughter" and "Johnny Belinda".
Bickford was very talented at playing character roles, and despite his bad attitude, he became highly sought after.  Along with a highly successful film career, he also made his mark on television.  He was the host of the television series, "The Man Behind the Badge" (1950) and also guest starred on the, "Barbara Stanwyck Show". 
Bickford, like many other actors of his era also wrote and published his own autobiography, "Bulls Balls Bicycles and Actors" in 1965.  Charles Bickford passed away November 9th, 1967 from a blood infection in Los Angeles, California.  He had two children, a son Rex and a daughter Doris. 

1962-1967  The Virginian
1966   A Big Hand for the Little Lady  
1964   Suspense
1964   Della  
1963   The Eleventh Hour 
1961-1963  The Dick Powell Zane Grey Theatre 
1963   Alcoa Premiere
1962   Days of Wine and Roses  
1962   The Farmer's Daughter
1961   Dr. Kildare 
1961   G.E. True Theater
1961   The Americans 
1960   The Islanders
1960   The Barbara Stanwyck Show 
1960   Checkmate 
1960   The Gambler, the Nun and the Radio
1960   The Unforgiven  
1956-1960  Playhouse 90
1959   Hallmark Hall of Fame 
1959   Woman on the Run 
1958   The Big Country  
1958   Wagon Train
1957   Undercurrent
1957   Climax
1957   The 20th Century-Fox Hour 
1957   Mister Cory
1952-1956  The Ford Television Theatre 
1956   You Can't Run Away from It 
1953-1956  Schlitz Playhouse 
1955   The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell  
1955   Screen Directors Playhouse 
1955   Celebrity Playhouse 
1955   Not as a Stranger  
1955   Prince of Players  
1954   A Star Is Born  
1953   The Revlon Mirror Theater
1953   The Last Posse 
1951   The Raging Tide
1951   Elopement 
1951   Jim Thorpe All-American 
1950   Branded 
1950   Riding High  
1950   Guilty of Treason 
1949   Whirlpool 
1949   Roseanna McCoy 
1948   Command Decision  
1948   Johnny Belinda 
1948   The Babe Ruth Story 
1948   Four Faces West 
1947   Brute Force 
1947   The Woman on the Beach  
1947   The Farmer's Daughter  
1946   Duel in the Sun  
1945   Fallen Angel  
1945   Captain Eddie  
1944   Wing and a Prayer  
1943   The Song of Bernadette
1943   Mr. Lucky 
1942   Tarzan's New York Adventure
1942   Reap the Wild Wind  
1941   Burma Convoy 
1941   Riders of Death Valley 
1940   Queen of the Yukon  
1940   South to Karanga
1940   Girl from God's Country
1939   Thou Shalt Not Kill
1939   Of Mice and Men 
1939   One Hour to Live
1939   Mutiny in the Big House 
1939   Our Leading Citizen 
1939   Street of Missing Men
1939   Romance of the Redwoods
1939   Stand Up and Fight 
1938   The Storm 
1938   Valley of the Giants 
1938   Gangs of New York
1937   Daughter of Shanghai  
1937   Night Club Scandal  
1937   Thunder Trail  
1937   High, Wide, and Handsome  
1936   The Plainsman 
1936   Pride of the Marines  
1936   Rose of the Rancho  
1935   East of Java  
1935   The Farmer Takes a Wife  
1935   Under Pressure  
1935   A Notorious Gentleman  
1934   A Wicked Woman  
1934   Little Miss Marker  
1933   Red Wagon  
1933   White Woman  
1933   This Day and Age  
1933   Song of the Eagle  
1933   No Other Woman  
1932   Vanity Street  
1932   The Last Man  
1932   Thunder Below  
1932   Scandal for Sale 
1932   Panama Flo  
1931   Men in Her Life 
1931   The Pagan Lady  
1931   The Squaw Man 
1931   East of Borneo
1930   Passion Flower
1930   River's End 
1930   The Sea Bat 
1930   Anna Christie 
1929   Hell's Heroes
1929   Dynamite  
1929   South Sea Rose

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