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Catherine Deneuve ACTOR


Catherine Deneuve was born on October 22nd, 1943 in Paris, France with the birth name Catherine Fabienne Dorléac born to parents, Renée and Maurice Dorléac, who were both stage performers.  She was the third of four children and was raised in Paris.  Her sister, Francoise was also pursued a career as an actress later in life, so Catherine took on her mother's maiden name to make sure there was no confusion between her and her sister.
At the age of seventeen she left home and moved in with a Ukranian director by the name of, Roger Vadim who was almost twice her age.  When she was only nineteen years old she gave birth to their son, and one month later their relationship came to an end, however she continued to pursue her career as an actress. 
Catherine made her film debut in 1957 in, "Les collégiennes", followed by roles in such films as, "Vice and Virtue" (1963), "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" (1964), "Repulsion" (1965), "Belle de Jour" (1967) and "The Young Girls of Rochefort" (1967).
Her professional career was heading in the right direction, but being only twenty four years old, she already had two failed marriages and then to add to her personal life, her twenty five year old sister, Francoise was killed in a car accident.
Deneuve continued to fight on and keep searching for roles that challenged her.  She was seen on the big screen in, "Mississippi Mermaid" (1969) followed by two American film roles in, "The April Fools" (1969) and "Hustle" (1975).
She was not too intrigued in pursuing a career in Hollywood, however when she was chosen to be the new face of the perfume, Chanel No. 5 her popularity began to increase.  She was now a mother of two children and had to continue working.  She took on another American film role in, "The Hunger" (1983) which later became a cult classic and actually gained her a wide lesbian range of fans due to a sex scene that occurred in the film between her and actress, Susan Sarandan.
As her career progressed she was seen in more film such as, "Strange Place for an Encounter" (1988), "Indochine" (1992), "My Favorite Season" (1993), "Thieves" (1996), Place Vendôme (1998), "Dancer in the Dark" (2000) and another American film, "The Musketeer" (2001).
Although she is now in her late fifties, Deneuve continues to take on more roles with some of her latest appearances in, "Park Benches" (2009), "The Big Picture" (2010), "Les yeux de sa mère" (2011) and soon to release in 2012, "Astérix et Obélix: On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and "As Linhas de Torres".
She has only married once to David Bailey from 1965 through 1972 and has one son, Christian Vadim from a previous relationship with Roger Vadim and a daughter, Chiara Mastroianni from a relationship with Marcello Mastroianni.  She has four grandchildren and although she has never performed on stage live due to stage fright, she has made a name for herself in France as well as in America.  

2012 As Linhas de Torres
2012 Astérix et Obélix: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
2011 Les bien-aimés
2011 Les yeux de sa mère 
2010 The Big Picture 
2010 Potiche
2009 Hidden Diary
2009 Park Benches
2009 Cyprien
2009 The Girl on the Train
2008 My Stars
2008 I Want to See 
2008 A Christmas Tale
2007 Suddenly Gina 
2007 Persepolis
2007 Après lui 
2006 Family Hero
2006 Nip/Tuck
2006 The Stone Council
2005 Palais royal!
2004 Changing Times
2004 Kings & Queen
2004 Princesse Marie
2003 A Talking Picture
2003 Dangerous Liaisons
2002 Nearest to Heaven 
2002 8 Women
2001 Le petit poucet 
2001 The Musketeer
2001 Absolutely Fabulous 
2001 Je rentre à la maison 
2000 Dancer in the Dark
1999 Est - Ouest
1999 Marcel Proust's Time Regained 
1999 Pola X 
1999 Belle maman 
1999 Night Wind 
1998 Place Vendôme 
1997 Sans titre
1997 Généalogies d'un crime
1996 Court toujours: L'inconnu 
1996 Thieves
1995 The Convent
1995 Les cent et une nuits de Simon Cinéma
1994 La partie d'échecs 
1993 My Favorite Season 
1992 Indochine 
1991 La reine blanche
1988 Strange Place for an Encounter 
1988 Frequent Death 
1987 Agent trouble 
1986 Scene of the Crime
1986 Speriamo che sia femmina 
1985 Paroles et musique
1984 Fort Saganne
1984 Le bon plaisir
1983 The Hunger 
1983 L'africain
1982 Le choc
1981 Hotel America 
1981 Choice of Arms 
1980 Je vous aime
1980 The Last Metro
1979 Écoute voir...
1979 Courage fuyons
1979 Us Two
1979 Ils sont grands, ces petits
1978 Other People's Money
1977 Beach House
1977 March or Die 
1977 Anima persa 
1976 Si c'était à refaire 
1975 Hustle 
1975 Le Sauvage 
1975 L'agression 
1975 Zig-Zag 
1974 La femme aux bottes rouges 
1974 The Murri Affair 
1974 Don't Touch the White Woman! 
1973 L'événement le plus important depuis que l'homme a marché sur la lune
1972 Un Flic
1972 Liza 
1971 It Only Happens to Others 
1970 Donkey Skin 
1970 Tristana
1969 Tout peut arriver 
1969 Mississippi Mermaid
1969 The April Fools 
1968 Heartbeat 
1968 Mayerling
1968 Manon 70
1968 The Diary of an Innocent Boy 
1967 Belle de Jour 
1967 The Young Girls of Rochefort
1966 The Creatures 
1966 A Matter of Resistance 
1965 Song of the World
1965 Das Liebeskarussell
1965 Repulsion 
1965 Les petits chats 
1964 La Costanza della ragione 
1964 Male Companion 
1964 Male Hunt 
1964 Les plus belles escroqueries du monde
1964 The Umbrellas of Cherbourg 
1963 Portuguese Vacation 
1963 Vice and Virtue 
1962 And Satan Calls the Turns
1962 Tales of Paris
1960 The Door Slams
1960 Ladies Man 
1957 Les collégiennes

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