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Carrie Fisher ACTOR


Carrie Fisher was born on October 21st, 1956 in Beverly Hills, California with the middle name Frances.  She was born into a family already involved in the entertainment industry.  Her mother was, Debbie Reynolds, an actress and her father was Eddie Fisher, a singer.  She has one brother and two half sisters, Joely and Tricia Leigh who also both grew up and pursued careers as actresses.  
When Carrie was two her parents marriage ended in divorce when her father left her mother for her then best friend, another actress, Elizabeth Taylor.  By the age of twelve, Fisher was appearing o stage with her mother and never completed her formal education and instead chose to pursue her career in entertainment.
At the age of seventeen she was seen in the musical, "Irene" (1973) on Broadway with her mother.  She then chose to work on her acting by going to study at the London's School of Speech and Drama.  After eighteen months of education, fisher now felt she was ready to continue pursuing her career.
Her film debut came just after she finished studying.  She was cast in 1975 in the film, "Shampoo" and soon she became most well known for her role as Princess Leia Organa from, "Star Wars" (1977).  It was this role that brought her to a whole new level of stardom.  Soon she was also appearing in the made for Television movie in 1978, "The Star Wars Holiday Special".  Also, merchandise of her character were stocked throughout the United States.
As her career progressed she did not slow down.  Fisher was a guest host on Saturday Night Live in 1978 and starred in such films in the early 80's as, "The Blues Brothers" (1980), "The Man with One Red Shoe" (1985), "Hannah and Her Sisters" (1986), "The Time Guardian" (1987), "When Harry Met Sally" (1989) and "The Burbs" (1989) with co star Tom Hanks.
Along with her acting career she also wrote and published her first novel, "Postcards from the Edge" in 1987 which reached the best seller list and she earned a Los Angeles Pen Award for Best First Novel.  In 1990 her book was made into a film which starred such actors as, Meryl Streep, Dennis Quaid and Shirley Maclaine.  She soon published her next books, "Surrender the Pink" in 1991 and "Delusions of Grandma" (1993).
Some of her latest film roles have been in, "Scream 3" (2000), "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" (2001), "Undiscovered" (2005), "Cougar Club" (2007), "Fanboys" (2008) and the television series, "Family Guy" (2005-2011) and HBO's, "Entourage" (2010).  Soon to release in 2012 is the television movie, "Caroling".
Other television credits she had added to her resume are guest roles on, "Sex and the City", "30 Rock", "Deal or No Deal", "Weeds", "Frasier", "Odd Job Jack", "Smallville and "Good Morning Miami" among a number of others. 
Along with her career as an actress and author she has also been involved in the other side of the industry working as a co-executive producer for the television film, "These Old Broads" (2001) which she also co-wrote.  She has also worked as a script doctor on screenplays for other writers.
Other books she has published over the course of her career as a writer are, "Wishful Thinking" (2008) which was an autobiographical book from a one woman play that she wrote and performed in Los Angeles in 2006.  She then returned from 2009 to 2010 performing this play again in Seattle and in New York.
Although she has had a highly successful professional life, her personal life has been filled with a couple challenges.  She was married only once to singer, Paul Simon from 1977 through 1983.  Prior to this she was involved with comedian and actor, Dan Aykroyd, although they never married.  She also has one child with Bryan Lourd, however this relationship came to an end when Lourd left to be in a homosexual relationship.
She also had a horrible experience when a man by the name of, Gregory Stevens was found dead in her home due to a drug overdose and this experience has haunted her for quite some time.  She also battles bipolar disorder and her addiction to prescription medication and at one time was also addicted to cocaine
However, with all she has experienced throughout her lifetime, Fisher is a strong willed woman who has overcome many obstacles and continues to maintain a name for herself in the industry.         


2012 Caroling
2011 One Side Conversation
2005-2011 Family Guy 
2011 A Child's Garden of Poetry
2010 Family Guy Presents: It's a Trap 
2010 Entourage
2010 Wright vs. Wrong 
2009 Sorority Row
2009 White Lightnin'
2008 Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II
2008 The Women 
2008 Fanboys
2007 30 Rock 
2007 Side Order of Life 
2007 Weeds 
2007 Odd Job Jack 
2007 Cougar Club 
2007 Suffering Man's Charity
2006 Friendly Fire
2005 Romancing the Bride 
2005 Smallville 
2005 Undiscovered
2004 Jack & Bobby 
2004 Stateside
2003 Good Morning, Miami
2003 Wonderland 
2003 Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 
2002 A Midsummer Night's Rave 
2002 A Nero Wolfe Mystery 
2001 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
2001 Heartbreakers
2001 These Old Broads
2000 Scream 3
1998 Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
1997 Gun 
1997 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 
1995 Frasier
1995 Present Tense, Past Perfect
1994 Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
1992 This Is My Life
1991 Hook
1991 Soapdish
1991 Drop Dead Fred 
1990 Sibling Rivalry 
1990 Sweet Revenge 
1989 Trying Times
1989 When Harry Met Sally... 
1989 She's Back
1989 Two Daddies?
1989 Loverboy
1989 The 'burbs
1988 Appointment with Death
1987 The Time Guardian
1987 Amazon Women on the Moon
1987 Paul Reiser Out on a Whim
1987 Amazing Stories
1986 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1986 Liberty 
1986 Hollywood Vice Squad
1986 Hannah and Her Sisters
1985 Happily Ever After 
1985 George Burns Comedy Week 
1985 The Man with One Red Shoe 
1985 From Here to Maternity 
1984 Frankenstein 
1984 Garbo Talks
1984 Faerie Tale Theatre 
1983 Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi 
1982 Laverne & Shirley 
1981 Under the Rainbow
1980 The Blues Brothers 
1980 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back 
1978 The Star Wars Holiday Special
1978 Leave Yesterday Behind 
1978 Ringo 
1977 Come Back, Little Sheba 
1977 Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope 
1975 Shampoo 
1969 Debbie Reynolds and the Sound of Children
1959 A Visit with Debbie Reynolds

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