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Carl Betz ACTOR


Carl Betz was born on March 9th, 1921 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with the birth name Carol Lawrence Betz.  While in High School he became interested in acting and actually formed his own repertory theatre company and also worked in summer stock.
After High School he served in the Army and upon  discharge he enrolled at college at Carnegie Tech.  When he graduated he found work as a radio announcer and soon turned his site back on acting. 
He relocated to New York where he found acting jobs in summer stock companies.  Betz had his Broadway stage debut in 1952 in a production called, "The Long Watch" which soon followed with an offer to sign a contract with Twentieth Century Fox.  He began working in the film industry on a number of films in supporting character roles such as, "My Pal Gus" (1952) and "Dangerous Crossing" (1953).
He also did a number of television appearances, mostly on various soap opera's such as, "Love of Life", before he worked for the next eight years as a cast member of "The Donna Reed Show" (1958).  Then following this show he was then cast on the television series called, "Judd for the Defense" (1967) for which he won an Emmy Award.
Carl continued to work as a television actor on such shows as, "Mission Impossible" and "Starsky and Hutch" and made a number of stage performance appearances towards the end of his career, but sadly on January 18th, 1978 he passed away in Los Angeles, California from lung cancer and his remains were cremated. 
He married only twice throughout his lifetime, his first wife was Lois Harmon whom he married on June 20th, 1952 and had one son, Richard, before the marriage ended on September 30th, 1961.  His second marriage was to Gloria Stone Martin whom he married on December 14th, 1963 and they remained together until his passing.


1977 Kingston: Confidential
1977 The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries 
1977 Quincy, M.E. 
1977 Most Wanted 
1976 Jigsaw John
1976 Brinks: The Great Robbery 
1976 Police Story
1976 Starsky and Hutch 
1975 Matt Helm
1975 That Lady from Peking 
1975 The Meal 
1975 S.W.A.T
1975 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1975 The Boy Who Talked to Badgers
1975 The Daughters of Joshua Cabe Return 
1974 Marcus Welby, M.D.
1970-1974 Insight
1974 Killdozer 
1973 The New Perry Mason
1973 The Magician 
1973 Barnaby Jones 
1973 Set This Town on Fire 
1972 The Streets of San Francisco 
1972 Cannon
1972 The Bold Ones: The New Doctors
1970-1972 Mission: Impossible
1972 Norman Corwin Presents
1971 Deadly Dream 
1971 In Search of America 
1969-1971 The F.B.I.
1971 Mod Squad
1970 Rod Serling's Night Gallery
1970 Ironside
1970 McCloud
1970 Medical Center
1970 Bracken's World
1969 Love, American Style
1969 The Monk
1967-1969 Judd for the Defense 
1969 Felony Squad
1968 Premiere
1966 Spinout 
1958-1966 The Donna Reed Show
1958 Mike Hammer
1957-1958 The Millionaire
1958 Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1958 Perry Mason
1957 Sheriff of Cochise
1957 Panic!
1957 Gunsmoke
1957 The Alcoa Hour
1957 The Silent Service 
1956 Crusader
1956 Appointment with Adventure
1955 I Spy 
1954-1955 Love of Life 
1954 Robert Montgomery Presents
1954 Kraft Theatre
1954 Waterfront
1953 Your Jeweler's Showcase
1953 City of Bad Men 
1953 Vicki
1953 Dangerous Crossing 
1953 Inferno 
1953 Powder River 
1953 The President's Lady
1952 My Pal Gus 
1952 Full House 

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