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Byron Foulger ACTOR

Byron Foulger was born on August 27th, 1899 in Ogden, Utah.  His career in entertainment began performing in local community theater stage productions and later in stock repertory companies.

After earning his high school diploma he went on to earn a college degree from  the University of Utah.  Foulger then decided to pursue a full time career as an actor,  He made his first Broadway appearance in 1920 performing in a production of, “Medea” followed by a number of other stage roles.  He then relocated to California and found work at the Pasadena Playhouse where he not only worked as an actor, but was also given the chance to work as a director.
Soon, along with his wife, actress, Dorothy Adams, they began to break into the film industry.  He added over the course of his career more than 400 television and film roles.  Early film roles included, "The Little Minister" (1934) starring Katharine Hepburn, Reginald Denny, Alan Hale Sr., Donald Crisp, John Beal, Lumsden Hare and Andy Clyde, "The President's Mystery" (1936) starring Henry Wilcoxon, Betty Furness, Evelyn Brent and Sidney Blackmer and "The Man They Could Not Hang" (1939) starring Boris Karloff, Charles Trowbridge, James Craig, Lorna Gray and Don Beddoe.
Some of his more well known film roles included, "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe" (1940) starring Larry 'Buster' Crabbe, Charles Middleton, Carol Hughes and Frank Shannon, "The Great McGinty" (1940) starring Brian Donlevy, Akim Tamiroff, Thurston Hall, William Demarest and Muriel Angelus, "Sullivan's Travels" (1941) starring Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake, Robert Warwick, Porter Hall, Margaret Hayes, Franklin Pangborn and William Demarest, "The Palm Beach Story" (1942) starring Claudette Colbert, Joel McCrea, Mary Astor, Rudy Vallee, Franklin Pangborn, William Demarest, Robert Warwick, Fred 'Snowflake' Toones, Victor Potel and J. Farrell MacDonald, "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" (1944) starring Eddie Bracken, Betty Hutton, Diana Lynn, William Demarest, Porter Hall, Brian Donlevy and Akim Tamiroff, "The Great Moment" (1944) starring Joel McCrea, Betty Field, Harry Carey, William Demarest, Franklin Pangborn, Thurston Hall, Victor Potel, J. Farrell MacDonald and Porter Hall, "The Inspector General" (1949) starring Danny Kaye, Walter Slezak, Gene Lockhart, Barbara Bates, Elsa Lanchester, Alan Hale Sr. and Rhys Williams and "Superman and the Mole Men" (1951) starring George Reeves, Phyllis Coates, Jeff Corey, Stanley Andrews, J. Farrell MacDonald and Walter Reed.
Along with working in films he made quite a name for himself as a prolific television actor beginning in the 1950's.  He made appearances on such series as, "Climax!", "The Amos 'n Andy Show", "The Man Behind the Badge", "Richard Diamond, Private Detective", "The Beverly Hillbillies", "Make Room for Daddy", "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin", "Death Valley Days", "Our Miss Brooks", "Jungle Jim", "Judge Roy Bean", "The Cisco Kid", "The Jim Backus Show", "Terry and the Pirates", "Hopalong Cassidy", "One Step Beyond", "The Mickey Rooney Show", "My Little Margie", "The Lone Ranger", "The Abbott and Costello Show", "Captain Midnight", "Suspense", "Daniel Boone", "The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show", "Racket Squad", "The Loretta Young Show", "The Roy Rogers Show", "Burke's Law", "Space Patrol", "The Lucy Show", "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok", "Perry Mason", "Wagon Train", "Twilight Zone", "I Love Lucy", "Bonanza", "Mister Ed", "The Gene Autry Show", "Rawhide", "The Red Skelton Show" and his final television appearance in, "Petticoat Junction".

His final film role was in "There Was a Crooked Man..." (1970) starring Alongside Kirk Douglas, Henry Fonda, Warren Oates, Hume Cronyn, Burgess Meredith, Alan Hale Jr., Victor French, Bert Freed, Ann Doran, C.K. Yang, Lee Grant, John Randolph, Michael Blodgett, Arthur O'Connell and Gene Evans.
He remained married to Dorothy until he passed away on April 4th, 1970 in Hollywood, California after suffering from a heart condition,  He was survived by his wife and two children.  His remains are buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery in California.


1970         There Was a Crooked Man...
1970         Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County
1970         The Love War
1968-1969     The Mod Squad 
1969         Hook, Line and Sinker
1965-1969     Petticoat Junction
1968         Adam-12 
1968         The Wild Wild West
1960-1968     Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1968         Blackbeard's Ghost
1967         The Danny Thomas Hour 
1967         The Guns of Will Sonnett 
1967         The Gnome-Mobile
1967         The Spirit Is Willing
1966-1967     Laredo
1965-1967     The Lucy Show
1967         Love on a Rooftop
1967         Daniel Boone 
1967         The Monkees 
1967         The Time Tunnel 
1967         Captain Nice 
1962-1966     Gunsmoke 
1966         Green Acres 
1966         The Swinger
1966         Felony Squad
1965-1966     The Andy Griffith Show
1961-1966     Hazel 
1966         My Mother the Car 
1966         Get Smart 
1966         Honey West 
1966         O.K. Crackerby!
1965         The Patty Duke Show
1965         The Fugitive
1965         Marriage on the Rocks
1962-1965     Perry Mason
1965         The Beverly Hillbillies
1965         The Addams Family
1965         Profiles in Courage 
1965         Guns of Diablo
1965         Mister Ed
1964         The Tycoon
1964         Burke's Law
1964         The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters 
1959-1964     Bonanza
1959-1964     Wagon Train 
1960-1963     The Red Skelton Hour 
1960-1963     Rawhide 
1963         Who's Minding the Store?
1963         Son of Flubber
1962         Ride the High Country
1960-1962     Lassie 
1962         Have Gun - Will Travel
1962         77 Sunset Strip 
1961-1962     Pete and Gladys
1961         Pocketful of Miracles
1957-1961     Tales of Wells Fargo
1961         Devil's Partner
1961         Wanted: Dead or Alive
1961         The Jim Backus Show
1960         Full Circle
1960         The Slowest Gun in the West 
1960         Twelve Hours to Kill
1960         Dennis the Menace 
1960         Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond 
1960         Hawaiian Eye
1960         Ma Barker's Killer Brood
1959         The Untouchables 
1959         Twilight Zone
1959         Markham
1959         The Rebel Set
1959         High School Big Shot
1959         King of the Wild Stallions
1959         The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 
1959         Lawman
1958         Make Room for Daddy
1958         Playhouse 90
1958         Onionhead
1958         Terror in a Texas Town
1958         Maverick 
1958         Alcoa Theatre 
1957-1958     December Bride
1958         The Long, Hot Summer
1951-1958     Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok 
1958         Suspicion 
1958         Richard Diamond, Private Detective 
1958         Going Stead
1958         Man from God's Country
1957         Up in Smoke
1955-1957     Climax! 
1957         Gun Battle at Monterey
1957         The Loretta Young Show
1954-1957     Lux Video Theatre 
1957         The Buckskin Lady
1957         Dino
1957         You Are There 
1950-1957     The Lone Ranger 
1953-1957     The Ford Television Theatre 
1957         Sierra Stranger
1957         The Iron Sheriff
1957         The River's Edge
1957         The Phantom Stagecoach
1957         Curfew Breakers
1957         The Young Stranger
1957         How to Marry a Millionaire
1957         The Gray Ghost
1957         Dr. Christian
1956         The Desperados Are in Town
1956         You Can't Run Away from It
1956         Telephone Time 
1956         The Roy Rogers Show
1956         Thunder Over Arizona
1956         TV Reader's Digest
1953-1956     Four Star Playhouse
1956         The Millionaire
1956         Our Miss Brooks 
1956         Jungle Jim
1956         Front Row Center 
1955-1956     It's a Great Life 
1956         Judge Roy Bean
1955         At Gunpoint
1955         The Spoilers
1955         The Gene Autry Show
1955         The Man Behind the Badge 
1955         The Scarlet Coat
1953-1955     Schlitz Playhouse 
1955         The Mickey Rooney Show 
1955         Treasury Men in Action 
1954-1955     The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show 
1955         The Whistler
1954         Cattle Queen of Montana
1954         Captain Midnight 
1952-1954     My Little Margie
1954         Silver Lode
1954         The Rocket Man
1950-1954     The Cisco Kid 
1954         Waterfront
1954         Alarm
1953         Paris Model
1953         The Amos 'n Andy Show 
1953         The Moonlighter
1953         Bandits of the West
1953         Gun Belt
1953         Cruisin' Down the River
1953         Run for the Hills
1953         I Love Lucy
1953         Death Valley Days
1950-1953     Fireside Theatre 
1953         A Perilous Journey
1953         Cowboy G-Men 
1953         Your Favorite Story 
1953         Confidentially Connie
1953         The Magnetic Monste
1953         The Flaming Urge
1953         The Abbott and Costello Show
1952         The Star
1952         Hopalong Cassidy
1951-1952     Racket Squad
1952         We're Not Married!
1952         Cripple Creek
1952         Space Patrol 
1952         Apache Country
1952         Skirts Ahoy!
1952         The Snipe
1952         Hold That Line
1952         My Six Convicts
1952         Mutiny
1952         Rose of Cimarron
1952         The Steel Fist
1952         Terry and the Pirates
1951         Superman and the Mole-Men
1951         Gruen Guild Theater
1951         The Sea Hornet
1951         FBI Girl
1951         Disc Jockey
1951         A Millionaire for Christy
1951         Best of the Badmen
1951         Home Town Story
1951         Stars Over Hollywood
1951         Lightning Strikes Twice
1950-1951     The Bigelow Theatre 
1951         Gasoline Alley
1950         The Magnavox Theatre
1950         Experiment Alcatraz
1950         Dark City
1950         To Please a Lady
1950         Union Station
1950         Pal, Canine Detective
1950         Dick Tracy
1950         The Return of Jesse James
1950         The Silver Theatre
1950         Champagne for Caesar        
1950         Salt Lake Raiders
1950         Riding High
1950         The Girl from San Lorenzo
1950         Key to the City
1949         The Inspector General
1949         Samson and Delilah
1949         Red Desert
1949         Dancing in the Dark
1949         Chinatown at Midnight
1949         The Dalton Gang
1949         Satan's Cradle
1949         Mighty Joe Young
1949         Arson, Inc
1949         Streets of Laredo
1949         Tucson
1949         I Shot Jesse James
1949         They Live by Night
1948         Trouble Preferred
1948         Let's Live a Little
1948         He Walked by Night
1948         The Kissing Bandit
1948         The Return of October
1948         The Three Musketeers
1948         I Surrender Dear
1948         Out of the Storm
1948         A Southern Yankee
1948         Borrowed Trouble
1948         The Bride Goes Wild
1948         Relentless
1948         Arch of Triumph
1947         The Chinese Ring
1947         Linda Be Good
1947         Song of Love
1947         Unconquered
1947         Second Chance
1947         They Won't Believe Me
1947         The Trouble with Women
1947         The Long Night
1947         Too Many Winners
1947         Fun on a Week-End
1947         The Adventures of Don Coyote
1947         Love and Learn
1947         Hard Boiled Mahoney
1947         Stallion Road
1947         Bells of San Fernando
1947         The Michigan Kid
1947         Easy Come, Easy Go
1947         It's a Joke, Son!
1946         The Show-Off
1946         San Quentin
1946         Till the Clouds Roll By
1946         Magnificent Doll
1946         Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
1946         Plainsman and the Lady
1946         The Secret of the Whistler
1946         Courage of Lassie
1946         The Mysterious Mr. M
1946         Suspense
1946         The French Key
1946         The Postman Always Rings Twice
1946         Two Sisters from Boston
1946         The Hoodlum Saint
1946         Blonde Alibi
1946         House of Horrors
1946         Deadline at Dawn
1946         Just Before Dawn
1946         Sentimental Journey
1946         Breakfast in Hollywood
1945         Scarlet Street
1945         Adventure
1945         Cornered
1945         Follow That Woman
1945         Snafu
1945         The Lost Weekend
1945         Purity Squad 
1945         Voice of the Whistler
1945         Sensation Hunters
1945         Week-End at the Waldorf
1945         Arson Squad
1945         The Hidden Eye
1945         The Cheaters
1945         The Blonde from Brooklyn
1945         Wonder Man
1945         Don Juan Quilligan
1945         The Master Key
1945         It's in the Bag!
1945         Circumstantial Evidence
1945         Brewster's Millions
1945         Adventures of Kitty O'Day
1945         Grissly's Millions
1945         Let's Go Steady
1944         Music for Millions
1944         And Now Tomorrow
1944         Enemy of Women
1944         He Forgot to Remember
1944         The Mystery of the Riverboat
1944         Girl Rush
1944         Black Arrow
1944         Ministry of Fear
1944         Mrs. Parkington
1944         An American Romance
1944         Music in Manhattan
1944         Dark Mountain
1944         Barbary Coast Gent
1944         Ever Since Venus
1944         The Great Moment
1944         Marriage Is a Private Affair
1944         Casanova Brown
1944         When Strangers Marry
1944         Maisie Goes to Reno
1944         Swing in the Saddle
1944         Summer Stor
1944         Since You Went Away
1944         Henry Aldrich's Little Secret
1944         Take It Big
1944         Roger Touhy, Gangster
1944         A Night of Adventure
1944         3 Men in White
1944         Stars on Parade
1944         Ladies of Washington
1944         Once Upon a Time
1944         Gambler's Choice
1944         The Whistler
1944         Lady in the Death House
1944         Beautiful But Broke
1944         The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
1943         What a Woman!
1943         In Old Oklahoma
1943         Sweet Rosie O'Grady
1943         The Kansan
1943         So Proudly We Hail!
1943         The Adventures of a Rookie
1943         Silver Spurs
1943         Hi Diddle Diddle
1943         First Comes Courage
1943         Appointment in Berlin
1943         Henry Aldrich Swings It
1943         Coney Island
1943         The Black Raven
1943         Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case
1943         Shantytown
1943         The Falcon Strikes Back
1943         Hangmen Also Die!
1943         Hoppy Serves a Writ
1943         Dixie Dugan
1943         The Human Comedy
1943         Margin for Error
1942         Stand by for Action
1942         Quiet Please: Murder
1942         Keep 'Em Sailing
1942         Wrecking Crew
1942         The Palm Beach Story
1942         The Forest Rangers
1942         Apache Trail
1942         The Man in the Trunk
1942         Sabotage Squad
1942         The Magnificent Dope
1942         Miss Annie Rooney
1942         Flying with Music
1942         Pacific Rendezvous
1942         The Panther's Claw
1942         A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen
1942         The Tuttles of Tahiti
1942         Fingers at the Window
1942         Who Is Hope Schuyler?
1942         Reap the Wild Wind
1942         The Adventures of Martin Eden
1942         Man from Headquarters
1942         Road to Happiness
1941         Remember the Day
1941         Bedtime Story
1941         Harvard, Here I Come!
1941         Dude Cowboy
1941         Sullivan's Travels
1941         H.M. Pulham, Esq.
1941         Night of January 16th
1941         Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring
1941         Fancy Answers
1941         Come Back, Miss Pipps 
1941         You Belong to Me
1941         The Stork Pays Off
1941         Helping Hands
1941         Mystery Ship
1941         The Deadly Game
1941         I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island
1941         Sweetheart of the Campus
1941         She Knew All the Answers
1941         The Gay Vagabond
1941         Under Age
1941         Roar of the Press
1941         Sis Hopkins
1941         Man Made Monster
1941         The Penalty
1941         Meet Boston Blackie
1941         Blonde Inspiration
1941         Ridin' on a Rainbow
1940         Behind the News
1940         Dr. Kildare's Crisis
1940         Ellery Queen, Master Detective
1940         Arizona
1940         Sky Murder
1940         Good Bad Boys
1940         I Want a Divorce
1940         Boom Town
1940         The Great McGinty
1940         Golden Gloves
1940         Untamed
1940         Three Faces West
1940         Opened by Mistake
1940         Edison, the Man
1940         The Man with Nine Lives
1940         Curtain Call
1940         Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
1940         Parole Fixer
1940         The Saint's Double Trouble
1940         Abe Lincoln in Illinois
1940         Heroes of the Saddle
1939         The Secret of Dr. Kildare
1939         Bad Little Angel
1939         Beware Spooks!
1939         Television Spy
1939         Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
1939         Sabotage
1939         A Woman Is the Judge
1939         The Man They Could Not Hang
1939         The Girl from Rio
1939         In Name Only
1939         Mutiny on the Blackhawk
1939         The Spellbinder
1939         Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever
1939         Million Dollar Legs
1939         The Girl from Mexico
1939         Exile Express
1939         Missing Daughters
1939         Some Like It Hot
1939         Union Pacific
1939         Streets of New York
1939         Let Us Live
1939         Mystery of the White Room
1938         Smashing the Spy Ring
1938         I Am a Criminal
1938         Say It in French
1938         Gangster's Boy
1938         Tarnished Angel
1938         A Man to Remember
1938         The Spider's Web
1938         The Mad Miss Manton
1938         I Am the Law
1938         You Can't Take It with You
1938         Delinquent Parents
1938         Crime Ring
1938         Strange Glory
1938         The Lady in the Morgue
1938         Test Pilot
1938         It's All in Your Mind
1938         King of the Newsboys
1938         Born to Be Wild
1937         True Confession
1937         The Duke Comes Back
1937         The Luck of Roaring Camp
1937         The Awful Truth
1937         It Happened in Hollywood
1937         The Prisoner of Zenda
1937         Tenth Avenue Kid
1937         Soak the Poor 
1937         The Devil Is Driving
1937         A Day at the Races
1937         Make Way for Tomorrow
1937         History Is Made at Night
1937         Dick Tracy
1937         The Devil Diamond
1937         Larceny on the Air
1936         The President's Mystery
1934         The Little Minister
1932         Night World

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