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Bugs Bunny ACTOR


Bugs Bunny was a fictional character who is most well known for starring in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of a number of animated films that were produced by Leon Schlesinger Productions.  These later became Warner Brothers Cartoons in 1944.
Bugs Bunny starred in a total of 164 short films and cameos in many others.  The animated character was born on July 27th, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York and was created by Tex Avery.  He became the most prominent of the Looney Tunes characters.
He first appeared in the cartoon short titled, "Porky's Hare Hunt" which was released in 1938 although he looked very different at that time.  His appearance has changed over the years and he began with being known as, "Happy".  He appeared in a number of cartoons as, "Happy" and later his name was changed to, Bugs Bunny and his depiction changed as well.
The way he spoke was also changed to include more of a rural drawl.  In 1940 it is the first time in, "A Wild Hare" that Bugs Bunny is actually shown how we know him today.  It was also around this time that he began using the catch phrase, "What's Up Doc?".
During 1941, he appeared in five more shorts such as, "Torteise Beats hare", "Cecil Turtle; Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt" and "The Heckling Hare".
During World War II, Bugs Bunny had become the most famous star on the Merrie Melodies.  Bugs Bunny continued to appear on such shorts as, "The Wabbit Who Came to Supper", "The Wacky Wabbit", "Bugs Bunny Gets the Bold", "Hold the Lion, Please", "The Hare-Brained Hypnotist", "Crazy Cruise", and "Any Bonds Today" which was two minute war bonds commercials. 
For the most part, the depiction of Bugs Bunny remained the same, although throughout the years slight changes were made to his appearance such as slanted eyes, longer teeth and a larger mouth. 
Bugs Bunny was very famous during World War II and some of his later work were in such shorts as, "Nutty News", "To Duck or Not to Duck", "Porky Pig's Feat" and in 1944 in, "Buckaroo Bugs" which was the first cartoon of the Looney Tunes series.
Bugs Bunny was also famous for a number of civilian short films such as, "Tortoise Wins by a Hare", "A Corny Concerto", "Falling hare; What's Cookin' Doc?", and "Little Red Riding Rabbit".
Between 1943 and 1946, Bugs Bunny was the official mascot of Kingman Army Airfield, in Kingman, Arizona as well as serving as the mascot for 530 Squadron of the 280th Bombardment Group, 5th Air Force, US Air Force. 
Following World War II, Bugs Bunny appearances did not slow down.  He appeared in a number of cartoon shorts in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series.  He also was seen on the big screen of feature films such as, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", "Space Jam" and "Looney Tunes" Back in Action".
Then in 1960, ABC debuted a television show titled, "The Bugs Bunny Show" which remained on the network for 40 years.  Once Mel Blanc who had played the voice of Bugs Bunny for so many years passed away, the animated character continued on with new actors doing the voice such as, Jeff Bergman, Greg Burson, Billy West and Joe Alaskey. 
Bugs Bunny also made numerous cameo appearances in, "Taz-Mania", "Animaniacs" and "Gremlins 2: The New Batch".  He was also depicted in a number of comic book series over the years.  it was Western publishing that had the license for all Warner Brothers cartoons and they produced the comics first for Dell Comics and then later for their own Gold Key Comics.
Along with Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny was one of the first cartoon characters to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  In 1990, Bugs bunny, returned to the big screen in, "Box Office Bunny" which was created to celebrate Bugs bunny's 50th anniversary.
Bugs Bunny was also depicted on a United States postage stamp in 1997 again being the first cartoon character to receive this honor.  Along with appearing on films, television, comic books and postage stamps there are also a variety of video games available with Bugs Bunny such as the Castle series, "Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout", "Bugs Bunny: Rabbit Rampage", "Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble, "Looney Tunes B-ball", "Space Jam", "Looney Tunes Racing" and "Looney Tunes Acme Arsenal" amongst many others.
In the year 2011, Bugs Bunny's character returned to television gaining a whole new fan base from a new generation.  He can be seen on Cartoon Network in, "The Looney Tunes Show" with Jeff Bergman.
Many actors have voiced Bugs Bunny, the most famous was Mel Blanc who did the voice for 49 years.  After Blanc passed away, Jeff Bergman was the next actor to take over the animated characters voice.  Along with Bergman, Greg Burson voiced Bugs Bunny in later episodes of, "Tiny Toon Adventures".  In 2008, he passed away and Billy West who has done voices for over 120 characters took over the Bugs Bunny voice.  In 2003, Joe Alaskey also had the opportunity to create his version of Bugs Bunny's voice in the feature, "Looney Tunes: Back in Action", followed by doing the voice in, "Daffy Duck for President" and such video games as, "Hare and Loathing in Las Vegas".  Other actors such as Samuel Vincent and Noel Blanc have also on occasion had the chance to depict the characters voice.  
In 2002, Bugs Bunny was chosen as the number one out of 50 greatest cartoon characters by TV Guide.  Then Animal Planet named him number 3 of the 50 greatest Movie Animals.  In 2005, Bugs Bunny was voted the 10th greatest cartoon in Channel 4's 100 Greatest Cartoons


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1986 The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show
1985 The Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour 
1983 Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island
1982 Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales
1982 Bugs Bunny's Mad World of Television
1981 Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie
1981 Bugs Bunny: All American Hero
1980 The Bugs Bunny Mystery Special
1980 Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All Over
1980 Portrait of the Artist as a Young Bunny
1980 Spaced Out Bunny
1979 Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales
1979 The Bugs Bunny Mother's Day Special
1979 Bugs Bunny's Valentine
1979 Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol
1979 Fright Before Christmas
1978 Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet
1978 How Bugs Bunny Won the West
1978 Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special
1977 Bugs Bunny in Space
1977 Bugs Bunny's Easter Special
1976 Carnival of the Animals
1974 A Political Cartoon
1968 The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour
1964 False Hare
1964 The Iceman Ducketh
1964 Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare
1963 Transylvania 6-5000
1963 Palm Springs Weekend
1963 Mad as a Mars Hare
1963 Hare-Breadth Hurry
1963 The Million Hare
1963 Devil's Feud Cake
1962 Shishkabugs
1962 Bill of Hare
1962 Wet Hare
1961 Prince Violent
1961 Compressed Hare
1961 The Abominable Snow Rabbit
1960 Lighter Than Hare
1960 From Hare to Heir
1960 Rabbit's Feat
1960 Person to Bunny
1960 Horse Hare
1959 People Are Bunny
1959 A Witch's Tangled Hare
1959 Bonanza Bunny
1959 Wild and Woolly Hare
1959 Backwoods Bunny
1959 Apes of Wrath
1959 Hare-Abian Nights
1958 Pre-Hysterical Hare
1958 Knighty Knight Bugs
1958 Now, Hare This
1958 Hare-Way to the Stars
1958 Hare-Less Wolf
1957 Rabbit Romeo
1957 Show Biz Bugs
1957 Bugsy and Mugsy
1957 What's Opera, Doc?
1957 Piker's Peak
1957 Bedevilled Rabbit
1957 Ali Baba Bunny
1956 To Hare Is Human
1956 Wideo Wabbit
1956 A Star Is Bored
1956 Half-Fare Hare
1956 Barbary-Coast Bunny
1956 Napoleon Bunny-Part
1956 Rabbitson Crusoe
1956 Broom-Stick Bunny
1956 Bugs' Bonnets
1955 Roman Legion-Hare
1955 Knight-Mare Hare
1955 Hyde and Hare
1955 This Is a Life?
1955 Rabbit Rampage
1955 Hare Brush
1955 Sahara Hare
1955 Beanstalk Bunny
1954 Baby Buggy Bunny
1954 Lumber Jack-Rabbit
1954 Bewitched Bunny
1954 Devil May Hare
1954 No Parking Hare
1954 Bugs and Thugs
1953 Robot Rabbit
1953 Duck! Rabbit, Duck!
1953 Bully for Bugs
1953 Hare Trimmed
1953 Southern Fried Rabbit
1953 Upswept Hare
1953 Duck Amuck
1953 Forward March Hare
1952 Hare Lift
1952 Rabbit's Kin
1952 Rabbit Seasoning
1952 Oily Hare
1952 The Hasty Hare
1952 Water, Water Every Hare
1952 Foxy by Proxy
1952 14 Carrot Rabbit
1952 Operation: Rabbit
1951 Big Top Bunny
1951 Ballot Box Bunny
1951 French Rarebit
1951 Rabbit Fire
1951 The Fair Haired Hare
1951 Bunny Hugged
1951 Rabbit Every Monday
1951 Hare We Go
1950 Rabbit of Seville
1950 Bushy Hare
1950 Bunker Hill Bunny
1950 Hillbilly Hare
1950 8 Ball Bunny
1950 What's Up Doc?
1950 Big House Bunny
1950 Homeless Hare
1950 Mutiny on the Bunny
1950 Hurdy-Gurdy Hare
1949 Rabbit Hood
1949 Which Is Witch
1949 Frigid Hare
1949 The Windblown Hare
1949 The Grey Hounded Hare
1949 It's a Great Feeling
1949 Knights Must Fall
1949 Long-Haired Hare
1949 Bowery Bugs
1949 High Diving Hare
1949 My Dream Is Yours
1949 Rebel Rabbit
1949 Mississippi Hare
1949 Hare Do
1948 My Bunny Lies Over the Sea
1948 A-Lad-in His Lamp
1948 Two Guys from Texas
1948 Hot Cross Bunny
1948 Haredevil Hare
1948 Bugs Bunny Rides Again
1948 Buccaneer Bunny
1948 Rabbit Punch
1948 A Feather in His Hare
1948 Gorilla My Dreams
1947 Slick Hare
1947 Easter Yeggs
1947 A Hare Grows in Manhattan
1947 Rabbit Transit
1947 The Goofy Gophers
1946 Rhapsody Rabbit
1946 The Big Snooze
1946 Racketeer Rabbit
1946 Acrobatty Bunny
1946 Hair-Raising Hare
1946 Baseball Bugs
1945 Hare Tonic
1945 Hare Conditioned
1945 Hare Trigger
1945 The Unruly Hare
1945 Herr Meets Hare
1944 Stage Door Cartoon
1944 The Old Grey Hare
1944 Buckaroo Bugs
1944 Jasper Goes Hunting
1944 Hare Ribbin'
1944 Gas
1944 Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips
1944 Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears
1944 Hare Force
1944 What's Cookin' Doc?
1944 Little Red Riding Rabbit
1943 Falling Hare
1943 A Corny Concerto
1943 Porky Pig's Feat
1943 Wackiki Wabbit
1943 Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk
1943 Super-Rabbit
1943 Tortoise Wins by a Hare
1942 Case of the Missing Hare
1942 The Hare-Brained Hypnotist
1942 Fresh Hare
1942 Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid
1942 Hold the Lion, Please
1942 The Wacky Wabbit
1942 Any Bonds Today?
1942 The Wabbit Who Came to Supper
1942 Crazy Cruise
1941 Wabbit Twouble
1941 All This and Rabbit Stew
1941 The Heckling Hare
1941 Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt
1941 Tortoise Beats Hare
1941 Elmer's Pet Rabbit
1940 Patient Porky
1940 A Wild Hare   

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