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Bobby Jordan ACTOR


Bobby Jordan was born on April 1st, 1923 in Harrison, New York and raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn.  From a young age he was already exposed to show business knowing how to tap dance, act and was already playing the saxophone. 
In 1930, he made his stage debut followed by his film debut in a Warner brothers film in 1931.  Other small roles followed such was the case in the film, "Kid Millions".  He continued to work on stage productions as well such as in, "Dead End". 
By the mid 30's he was offered a film role in, "Dead End" starring Humphrey Bogart with the Samuel Goldwyn Company.  Soon, Warner Brothers chose to sign not just him, but all the kids who starred in "Dead End" to a contract.   

By the mid 1940's he reunited with the other child actors from "Dead End" and worked with Universal Pictures in, "The Little Tough Guy" series.  His career opportunities kept growing with an offer from Monogram Pictures with an offer to work in the film, "Boys in the City" (1943). 
His acting career was put on hold when he was drafted into the military and had to serve.  In 1945 he was cast in the film, "Bowery Champs" followed by an appearance in the first Bowery Boys Picture, "Live Wires".  He did a total of eight, Bowery Boys (Dead End Kids and East Side Kids) films before they began to use other actors such as, Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall.
Soon he married for his first time in 1946 to a woman by the name of Lee and they had one son together, Robert Jr.  Following his marriage and birth of his first child, Jordan continued to work in the industry on occasion. 
Just as his career was slowing down, he found work in a night club and even worked as a doorman, bartender and even an oil driller.  His marriage fell apart in 1957 followed by the need to file for bankruptcy. 
On August 25th, 1965 he fell in his home and was admitted to the hospital after finding out that he was suffering from Cirrhosis of the liver.  Just one month later on September 10th, 1965 he passed away.


1961 Bonanza 
1961 The Roaring 20's 
1961 Route 66
1961 Michael Shayne
1960 Peter Gunn
1960 Rawhide 
1959 M Squad 
1959 77 Sunset Strip 
1958 Maverick 
1958 The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 
1958 Richard Diamond, Private Detective 
1957-1958 Highway Patrol 
1957 Casey Jones 
1957 Tales of Wells Fargo 
1957 State Trooper
1957 The Millionaire 
1956 The Man Is Armed
1953 The Eddie Cantor Story
1952 Fireside Theatre
1951-1952 Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok
1951 Boston Blackie
1951 The Fat Man
1949 Treasure of Monte Cristo
1947 Bowery Buckaroos
1947 News Hounds
1947 Hard Boiled Mahoney 
1947 The Beginning or the End 
1946 Mr. Hex
1946 Spook Busters 
1946 Bowery Bombshell 
1946 In Fast Company 
1946 Live Wires 
1944 Bowery Champs 
1943 Adventures of the Flying Cadets 
1943 Destroyer
1943 Ghosts on the Loose 
1943 Clancy Street Boys 
1943 Keep 'Em Slugging 
1943 Kid Dynamite
1942 Junior Army 
1942 'Neath Brooklyn Bridge
1942 Smart Alecks 
1942 Let's Get Tough! 
1942 Mr. Wise Guy 
1941 Spooks Run Wild 
1941 Bowery Blitzkrieg 
1941 Flying Wild 
1940 Pride of the Bowery
1940 Give Us Wings 
1940 That Gang of Mine 
1940 Military Academy 
1940 Boys of the City 
1940 You're Not So Tough
1940 Young Tom Edison
1939 Dead End Kids at Military School
1939 Dust Be My Destiny 
1939 The Angels Wash Their Faces 
1939 Hell's Kitchen
1939 Off the Record
1939 They Made Me a Criminal
1938 Angels with Dirty Faces 
1938 My Bill 
1938 Reformatory 
1938 Crime School
1938 A Slight Case of Murder
1937 Dead End 
1934 Kid Millions 
1933 The Big Benefit
1932 Hot Dog
1932 His Honor -- Penrod
1932 Detectuvs
1931 One Good Deed
1931 Batter Up!
1931 Snakes Alive

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