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Bob Steele ACTOR


Twins, Robert Adrian Bradbury and William Curtis Bradbury were born January 23rd, 1907 in Portland, Oregon to parents Ronald and Nieta Bradbury.  Both parents were stage/vaudeville performers and would tour throughout the US and Canada, while the twin brothers lived with the grandmother on her ranch in Washington.  They also had one more brother, James Irving Bradbury, born November 7th, 1921.
Their father was in awe of Hollywood and purchased a small ranch in the San Fernando Valley.  Their father worked on a number of silent films, then around 1918 decided to pursue the other side of the industry as a director and writer and changed his name to Robert North Bradbury Sr.  

The twins were very different in their goals and aspirations.  William went on to University after graduating from High School and became a lead surgeon in the field of OBGYN while Bob did not complete high school and instead chose to pursue a career in film.  Neither boys served in the military.
Bob began making films as a teenager and actually did some work with his twin brother in a series of outdoor short subjects produced and directed by their father in 1920 titled, "The Adventures of Bob and Bill".  He worked for his dad in over two dozen short episodes before his brother and him finally decided to go their separate ways.  Bob gained popularity rather quickly working on various B Western series of the late silent and early sound era working with a variety of studios such as Supreme, PRC, Monogram and Republic.  It was in the western titled, "Mojave Kid" (1927) that Bob first used his name Bob Steele which became his stage name.  He also had several supporting roles in some well known pictures such as, "Of Mice and Men" (1939) starring Burgess Meredith, Noah Beery Jr., Lon Chaney Jr. and Charles Bickford and "The Big Sleep" (1946) starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Dorothy Malone.
Primarily, Steele was a figure of Westerns and by the mid 40's his popularity was decreasing.  He did continue to act and spent the next twenty five years portraying character roles.   Bob was quite memorable in his performance on, "The Enforcer" (1951).  He also became involved in Television and regained some of his stardom for his role as Trooper Duffy in, "F Troop" (1965) which he got at the age of 59.   Bob even had the opportunity to perform in a John Wayne classic "McLintock! (1963) in the latter part of his career.  He had a couple more roles on films one in particular, "Hang 'Em High" (1968) starring Clint Eastwood, where he was a remorseful member of a lynching party, Steel then chose to fully retire from acting in 1973. 
His career spanned over 50 years and he appeared in over 150 films.  He became ill with emphysema a couple years after retirement and on December 21st, 1988, Bob Steele passed away at St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, California.
He was married three times during his lifetime.  First to Louise A. Chessman from June 10th, 1931 to December 12th, 1933, then to Alice Petty Hackley from August 12th, 1935 to July 12th, 1938 and finally he married his third wife Virginia Nash Tatem on August 29th, 1939 and they remained together until he passed away.


1973    Charley Varrick
1973    Nightmare Honeymoon
1971    Something Big
1970    Rio Lobo
1970    Family Affair
1969    Then Came Bronson  
1969    The Great Bank Robbery
1969    Doc
1968    Hang 'Em High
1965    F Troop
1965    The Bounty Killer
1965    Town Tamer
1965    Requiem for a Gunfighter
1965    Shenandoah
1964    Taggart
1963    Gunsmoke 
1964    Chicken
1963    The Renegades
1964    Bullet for a Badman
1963    4 for Texas
1963    McLintock!
1963    Temple Houston 
1963    Gallows in Galile
1962    The Wide Country 
1962    The Bravest Man in the World
1962    The Longest Day
1962    The Wild Westerners
1962    Six Black Horses
1961    The Comancheros
1961    Whispering Smith
1961    Trial of the Avengers
1960    National Velvet
1960    A Matter of Pride
1959    Rawhide 
1960    Incident of the Deserter
1959    Incident of Fear in the Streets
1959    Incident of the Tumbleweed
1960    Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1960    Texas John Slaughter: Geronimo's Revenge
1960    Texas John Slaughter: Kentucky Gunslick
1960    Overland Trail 
1960    West of Boston
1960    Hell Bent for Leather
1960    The Texan
1960    The Terrified Town
1959    Hotel de Paree 
1960    Sundance and the Bare-Knuckled Fighters
1959    The Man Who Believed in Law
1960    The Deputy 
1960    Backfire
1960    The Atomic Submarine
1959    The Rebel 
1959    In Memoriam
1959    Judgment
1959    Pork Chop Hill
1959    Lawman
1959    The Journey
1959    Rio Bravo
1958    The Californians 
1959    Gold-Tooth Charlie
1958    The Marshal
1959    No Name on the Bullet
1959    Death Valley Days
1959    Stagecoach Spy
1957    Maverick 
1958    Holiday at Hollow Rock
1958    The Seventh Hand
1957    War of the Silver Kings 
1958    Tales of Wells Fargo 
1958    The Happy Tree
1958    Cimarron City 
1958    Twelve Guns
1958    Ride a Crooked Trail
1958    The Bonnie Parker Story
1958    Giant from the Unknown
1958    Have Gun - Will Travel 
1958    The High Graders
1957    Decision at Sundown
1957    Sugarfoot
1957    Bunch Quitter
1957    Colt .45 
1957    The Peacemaker
1957    The Parson and the Outlaw
1957    Band of Angels
1957    Gun for a Coward
1957    Duel at Apache Wells
1956    Cheyenne
1956    Lone Gun 
1956    Pardners
1956    The Steel Jungle
1955    The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp
1955    The Buntline Special
1955    Rich Man's Son
1955    Trail's End for a Cowboy
1955    Frontier Journalism was Fearless
1955    The Spoilers
1955    The Fighting Chance
1955    Last of the Desperados
1955    Screen Directors Playhouse 
1955    Arroyo
1954    The Outcast
1954    Drums Across the River
1953    Island in the Sky
1953    Column South
1953    Savage Frontier
1953    San Antone
1952    The Lion and the Horse
1952    Bugles in the Afternoon
1952    Rose of Cimarron
1951    Cattle Drive
1951    Fort Worth
1951    Silver Canyon
1951    The Enforcer
1950    The Savage Horde
1949    South of St. Louis
1947    Killer McCoy
1947    Bandits of Dark Canyon
1947    Exposed
1947    Cheyenne
1947    Twilight on the Rio Grande
1946    Rio Grande Raider
1946    The Big Sleep
1946    Thunder Town
1946    Sheriff of Redwood Valley
1946    Ambush Trail
1946    Six Gun Man
1945    Northwest Trail
1945    The Navajo Kid
1945    Wildfire
1944    Trigger Law
1944    The Utah Kid
1944    Marked Trails
1944    Sonora Stagecoach
1944    Outlaw Trail
1944    Arizona Whirlwind
1944    Westward Bound
1943    Death Valley Rangers
1943    Revenge of the Zombies
1943    Riders of the Rio Grande
1943    Santa Fe Scouts
1943    The Blocked Trail
1943    Thundering Trails
1942    Valley of Hunted Men
1942    Shadows on the Sage
1942    The Phantom Plainsmen
1942    Westward Ho
1942    Raiders of the Range
1942    Code of the Outlaw
1941    West of Cimarron
1941    Gauchos of El Dorado
1941    Outlaws of Cherokee Trail
1941    Billy the Kid in Santa Fe
1941    Gangs of Sonora
1941    Saddlemates
1941    Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals
1941    Pals of the Pecos
1941    The Great Train Robbery
1941    Prairie Pioneers
1941    Billy the Kid's Range War
1940    Billy the Kid's Gun Justice
1940    Lone Star Raiders
1940    The Trail Blazers
1940    Billy the Kid in Texas
1940    Under Texas Skies
1940    City for Conquest
1940    Billy the Kid Outlawed
1940    The Carson City Kid
1940    Pinto Canyon
1940    Wild Horse Valley
1939    Of Mice and Men
1939    El Diablo Rides
1939    The Pal from Texas
1939    Riders of the Sage
1939    Mesquite Buckaroo
1939    Smoky Trails
1939    Feud of the Range
1938    Durango Valley Raiders
1938    Desert Patrol
1938    The Feud Maker
1938    Thunder in the Desert
1938    Paroled - To Die
1937    The Colorado Kid
1937    Arizona Gunfighter
1937    Ridin' the Lone Trail
1937    The Red Rope
1937    Doomed at Sundown
1937    Border Phantom
1937    Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin
1937    The Trusted Outlaw
1937    Lightnin' Crandall
1936    The Gun Ranger
1936    Cavalry
1936    Brand of the Outlaws
1936    The Law Rides
1936    Last of the Warrens
1936    The Kid Ranger
1935    Trail of Terror
1935    Alias John Law
1935    The Rider of the Law
1935    Powdersmoke Range
1935    Sundown Saunders
1935    Tombstone Terror
1935    Smokey Smith
1935    Big Calibre
1935    Kid Courageous
1935    No Man's Range
1934    Western Justice
1934    The Brand of Hate
1934    A Demon for Trouble
1933    The Mystery Squadron
1933    Ranger's Code
1933    Galloping Romeo
1933    The Gallant Fool
1933    Trailing North
1933    Breed of the Border
1932    The Fighting Champ
1932    Young Blood
1932    Texas Buddies
1932    Hidden Valley
1932    Son of Oklahoma
1932    The Man from Hell's Edges
1932    Riders of the Desert
1932    Law of the West
1932    South of Santa Fe
1931    The Nevada Buckaroo
1931    Near the Trail's End
1931    The Ridin' Fool
1931    Sunrise Trail
1930    Headin' North
1930    The Land of Missing Men
1930    The Oklahoma Cyclone
1930    The Oklahoma Sheriff
1930    Near the Rainbow's End
1930    Hunted Men
1930    The Man from Nowhere
1930    Breezy Bill 
1929    A Texas Cowboy
1929    The Cowboy and the Outlaw
1929    The Invaders
1929    Laughing at Death
1929    The Amazing Vagabond
1929    Come and Get It!
1928    Headin' for Danger
1928    Lightning Speed
1928    Captain Careless
1928    Man in the Rough
1928    Breed of the Sunsets
1928    The Riding Renegade
1928    Sliding Home 
1928    Driftin' Sands
1927    The Bandit's Son
1927    The Mojave Kid
1927    Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre
1926    The College Boob
1926    Davy Crockett at the Fall of the Alamo
1926    Daniel Boone Thru the Wilderness
1922    The Opossum
1922    Mysterious Tracks 
1922    Dangerous Trails 
1921    Trailing the Coyote
1921    A Day in the Wilds 
1921    The Skunk 
1921    The Civet Cat 
1921    The Mountain Lion 
1921    The American Badger
1921    The Fox
1921    Catching a Coon
1921    Outwitting the Timber Wolf 
1921    Trapping the Wildcat
1920    The Adventures of Bob and Bill 

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