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Binnie Barnes ACTOR


Binnie Barnes was born on march 25th, 1903 in Finsbury, London in the United Kingdom with the birth name Gittel Enoyce Barnes, born to Rosa Enoyce and George Barnes.  

After high school she made a living as a nurse, milk maid and later a chorus girl, dance hostess and a vaudeville rope-twirling act in which she was known as "Texas Binnie Barnes" where she began to develop an interest in the entertainment industry.

Barnes then decided to try vaudeville and then started appearing in comedy shorts with comedian, Stanley Lupino.  She worked on twenty six comedy shorts total. After gaining some more experience, Barnes then began appearing in a number of films such as, "Out of the Blue" starring Gene Gerrard, Jessie Matthews and Kay Hammond, "Night in Montmartre" starring Horace Hodges, Franklin Dyall, Hugh Williams, Reginald Purdell, Heather Angel and Austin Trevor and "Love Lies" starring Stanley Lupino, Dorothy Boyd, Jack Hobbs and Dennis Hoey, (all 1931).

She first gained recognition with her role in the film, "The Private Life of Henry VIII" (1933) starring Charles Laughton, won the 1933 Academy Award as Best Actor for his performance as Henry, and including Merle Oberon, Robert Donat, Wendy Barrie, Elsa Lanchester, John Loder and Franklin Dyall.  Now earning the attention of Hollywood, Barnes relocated to California and began adding more substantial film roles to her resume such as, "Diamond Jim" (1935) starring Edward Arnold, Jean Arthur, Cesar Romero, William Demarest and Tully Marshall, "The Adventures of Marco Polo" (1938) starring Gary Cooper, Ernest Truex, Sigrid Gurie, Basil Rathbone, H. B. Warner, Stanley Fields, George Barbier and Lana Turner, "The Three Musketeers" (1939) also starring Don Ameche, Gloria Stuart, Joseph Schildkraut, Douglass Dumbrille, Lionel Atwill, John Carradine, Miles Mander, C. Montague Shaw, Russell Hicks, John 'Dusty' King, Pauline Moore and The Ritz Brothers, "Skylark" (1941) starring Claudette Colbert, Ray Milland, Walter Abel, Grant Mitchell, Irving Bacon and Brian Aherne, "The Man from Down Under" (1943) starring with Charles Laughton, Donna Reed, Stephen McNally, Arthur Shields and Richard Carlson and "The Spanish Main" (1945) starring Paul Henreid, Maureen O'Hara, Walter Slezak, John Emery and Barton MacLane.

In 1940 she married, M.J. Frankovich a professional football player and later the couple relocated to Italy where she continued working in the entertainment industry.  On occasion, she returned to the United States to add more films to her credits.  They had three adopted children together.  She married once before from 1931 through 1936 to Samuel Joseph but had no children during this marriage.

Along with film work she made occasional television appearances on such shows as, "General Electric Guest House" and "Lux Video Theatre".

In 1954, Barnes retired from acting after filming, "Malaga" starring Maureen O'Hara and Macdonald Carey, and became involved with a variety of charities.  She did come out of retirement and appeared on the television series, "The Donna Reed Show" as well as the films, "The Trouble with Angels" (1966) starring Rosalind Russell, Hayley Mills, June Harding, Gypsy Rose Lee and Jim Hutton, "Where Angels Go Trouble Follows!" (1968) starring Rosalind Russell, Stella Stevens, Milton Berle, Arthur Godfrey, Robert Taylor, Susan Saint James and Van Johnson and her final film role in 1973 in, "40 Carats" co-starring with Liv Ullman, Edward Albert, Gene Kelly, Deborah Raffin, Nancy Walker and Natalie Schafer.

Barnes passed away at the age of ninety five,  on July 27th, 1998 in Beverly Hills, California from natural causes.  Her remains are buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.


1973         40 Carats
1968         Where Angels Go Trouble Follows!
1966         The Trouble with Angels
1963-1966     The Donna Reed Show 
1954         Malaga
1951-1953     Lux Video Theatre 
1953         Decameron Nights
1951         General Electric Guest House
1950         Shadow of the Eagle
1950         La strada buia
1949         I pirati di Capri
1949         My Own True Love
1948         The Dude Goes West
1947         If Winter Comes
1946         The Time of Their Lives
1945         Getting Gertie's Garter
1945         The Spanish Main
1945         It's in the Bag!
1944         Barbary Coast Gent
1944         The Hour Before the Dawn
1944         Up in Mabel's Room
1943         The Man from Down Under
1942         I Married an Angel
1942         In Old California
1942         Call Out the Marines
1941         Skylark
1941         Three Girls About Town
1941         New Wine
1941         Tight Shoes
1941         Angels with Broken Wings
1940         This Thing Called Love
1940         'Til We Meet Again
1939         Day-Time Wife
1939         Frontier Marshal
1939         Man About Town
1939         Wife, Husband and Friend
1939         The Three Musketeers
1938         Thanks for Everything
1938         Gateway
1938         Tropic Holiday
1938         Always Goodbye
1938         Three Blind Mice
1938         Holiday
1938         The Adventures of Marco Polo
1938         The First Hundred Years
1938         The Divorce of Lady X
1937         Broadway Melody of 1938
1937         Breezing Home
1936         Three Smart Girls
1936         Magnificent Brute
1936         The Last of the Mohicans
1936         Small Town Girl
1936         Sutter's Gold
1935         Rendezvous
1935         Diamond Jim
1934         There's Always Tomorrow
1934         Forbidden Territory
1934         One Exciting Adventure
1934         Gift of Gab
1934         The Private Life of Don Juan
1934         The Lady Is Willing
1934         No Escape
1934         Nine Forty-Five
1934         The Silver Spoon
1933         The Private Life of Henry VIII
1933         The Charming Deceiver
1933         Counsel's Opinion
1933         Taxi to Paradise
1933         Their Night Out
1932         Strip! Strip! Hooray!!!
1932         Down Our Street
1932         Why Saps Leave Home
1932         Murder at Covent Garden
1932         Old Spanish Customers
1932         The Last Coupon
1932         Partners Please
1931         Dr. Josser, K.C.
1931         Love Lies
1931         Night in Montmartre
1931         Out of the Blue
1923         Phonofilm

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