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Billy Bob Thornton ACTOR


Billy Bob Thornton was born on August 4th, 1955 in Hot Springs, Arkansas with the birth name William Robert Thornton, born to parents William Raymond Thornton and Virginia R. Faulkner.  He has three younger brothers and was raised in Alpine and Malvern Arkansas in a poverty stricken family.  
After graduating from high school in 1973 he went on to study psychology at Henderson State University, but dropped out after only being enrolled two semesters to pursue a career in music.
He first joined the band, Tres Hombres and would play the drums and well as perform as the singer.  He then decided in 1981 to relocate to Los Angeles California in pursuit of a career in acting as well as writing.
While living in Los Angeles, he still performed in a band and also tried to sell the scripts he wrote, but was having no luck.  He found part time work to support himself doing telemarketing, wind farming and working in fast food. 
In 1988 he appeared in his first screen role, "South of Reno" followed by in 1991 starring in a film that he also co wrote called, "One False Move" and finally Hollywood began to take notice of the talent he might possibly possess.  He also appeared on the CBS sitcom, "Hearts Afire" in the early 1990's and such films as, "On Deadly Ground" (1994) and "Tombstone" (1993).
He then gained a huge amount of popularity when he wrote, directed and also starred in the film, "Sling Blade" (1996), which earned him an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay as well as a Writers Guild of America Award, an Edgar Award and his performance earned an Oscar and Screen Actors Guild nomination for Best Actor.
As his career progressed he was seen on the big screen in such films as, "Primary Colors" (1998), "All the Pretty Horses" (2000) and "The Gift" (2000) which he co wrote with Tom Epperson.
He had a unique look and was desired in Hollywood being offered more film roles such as, "Armageddon" (1998), "Monster's Ball" (2001), "Bandits" (2001), "The Man Who Wasn't There" (2001), "Bad Santa" (2003), "Love Actually" (2003) and "The Alamo" (2004).
Some of his more recent film roles have been in, "The Astronaut Farmer" (2007), "Mr. Woodcock" (2007), "Eagle Eye" (2008), "Puss in Boots" (2011) and "Jayne Mansfield's Car" to release in 2013.
Along with his success as an actor, screen writer and director he also put effort towards his music career.  He released an album titled, 'Private Radio' in 2001 followed by the release of three other albums, 'The Edge of the World' (2003), 'Hobo' (2005) and 'Beautiful Door' (2007). 
Billy Bob Thornton has been married a total of five times and he has a total of five children.  Billy Bob's first wife was Melissa Lee Gatlin from 1978 through 1980 and they had a daughter, Amanda.  He then married Toni Lawrence from 1986 through 1988.  His third wife was Cynda Williams from 1990-1992 and no children with her.  With his fourth wife, Pietra Thornton whom he wed in 1993 and had two sons, William and Harry before this marriage also ended in a divorce in 1997.  His fifth wife was actress Angelina Jolie in 2000 and they adopted one son before divorcing in 2003.  He also has a daughter named Bella with live-in girlfriend Connie Angland. 
Thornton was honored in 2004 with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the film industry.  He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. 


2013 Jayne Mansfield's Car
2012 The Baytown Disco
2011 Puss in Boots
2010 Faster
2009 Deadly Creatures
2009 The Smell of Success
2008 The Informers 
2008 Eagle Eye 
2007 Mr. Woodcock 
2006 The Astronaut Farmer
2006 School for Scoundrels
2005 The Ice Harvest
2005 Bad News Bears
2004 Friday Night Lights
2004 The Alamo
2004 Chrystal 
2003 Bad Santa 
2003 Love Actually 
2003 Intolerable Cruelty
2003 Levity
2002 Waking Up in Reno
2002 The Badge
2001 Saturday Night Live 
2001 Monster's Ball 
2001 Bandits
2001 Daddy and Them
2001 The Man Who Wasn't There
2001 CatDog: The Great Parent Mystery
2000 CatDog 
2000 The Last Real Cowboys
2000 South of Heaven, West of Hell 
1999 Pushing Tin
1998 King of the Hill
1998 A Simple Plan 
1998 Armageddon 
1998 Homegrown 
1998 Primary Colors 
1997 The Apostle 
1997 U Turn 
1997 Princess Mononoke 
1997 A Gun, a Car, a Blonde
1997 Ellen 
1996 The Winner 
1996 Sling Blade
1996 Don't Look Back
1995 Out There
1995 The Stars Fell on Henrietta
1995 Dead Man
1992-1995 Hearts Afire 
1994 On Deadly Ground 
1994 Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade 
1994 Floundering 
1993 Tombstone
1993 Indecent Proposal
1993 Grey Knight 
1993 Blood In, Blood Out
1993 Trouble Bound
1993 Living and Working in Space: The Countdown Has Begun
1992 Knots Landing
1992 One False Move 
1991 For the Boys
1991 The Dark Backward
1990 Evening Shade
1990 The Outsiders
1989 Chopper Chicks in Zombietown
1989 Going Overboard
1988 Circus
1988 South of Reno
1987 The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains
1987 Matlock 
1986 Hunter's Blood

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