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Bill Williams ACTOR

Bill Williams was born on May 21st, 1915 in Brooklyn, New York with the birth name Herman Katt.  He received his formal education at the Pratt Institute where he excelled as an athlete, especially in swimming.  He first began his involvement in entertaining when he took his swimming talent and combined it with his knack for dancing and would perform under water shows.  He began appearing in vaudeville both in the United States as well as overseas and soon gained enough experience to see if he had what it took to make it in the film industry.
He first took a brief break from performing to serve in the United States Army during World War II. but as soon as he completed his service he took a chance at the film industry.  Williams began with getting cast in small parts until he finally made his real film debut in, "Murder in the Blue Room" (1944) and soon he was signing a contract with RKO Pictures.
Some of his earlier more prominent film roles done under his contract with RKO were roles in such features as "Till the End of Time" (1946), "Deadline at Dawn" (1946), "West of the Pecos" (1945), "A Likely Story" (1947) and "The Clay Pigeon" (1949). 
As his career progressed he continued to work on films, although they were mostly 'B' rated he never really reached a level of stardom he hoped for, however he did manage to constantly stay employed in the industry.  Some of his later film work were on such features as, "Fighting Man of the Plains" (1949), "Rookie Fireman" (1950), "The Cariboo Trail" (1950), "Buckskin" (1968) and "The Giant Spider Invasion" (1975).
Williams also made a number of television appearances on such series as "The Adventures of Kit Carson" (1951), "Date with the Angels" (1957) co-starring Betty Whie and guest starred on, "Rawhide", "77 Sunset Strip", "Hawaiian Eye" and "Perry Mason". 
Bill Williams continued to work in the late 70's and early 80's, but was beginning to be seem less and less on films and on television.  He focused on his marriage to his actress wife, Barbara Hale whom he married in 1946 and they had three children together.
On September 21st, 1992, Bill William's passed away in Burbank, California after suffering from a brain tumor at the age of seventy seven.  He is interred at an unmarked grave in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery.  He was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the television industry. 


1981 Goldie and the Boxer Go to Hollywood
1981 Night of the Zombies 
1979 240-Robert 
1979 B.J. and the Bear 
1978 A Fire in the Sky
1974-1976 Police Woman 
1976 69 Minutes 
1976 The Quest
1976 Moon Over the Alley 
1959-1976 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color 
1976 Flight of the Grey Wolf 
1975 The Giant Spider Invasion 
1972-1975 Ironside 
1968-1974 The F.B.I. 
1973-1974 The Rookies
1974 The Phantom of Hollywood 
1971-1974 Adam-12 
1973 Emergency!
1973 Dusty's Trail 
1973 The Streets of San Francisco 
1973 Chester, Yesterday's Horse 
1973 Gunsmoke 
1972 O'Hara, U.S. Treasury 
1971 Primus 
1971 Scandalous John 
1970 Rio Lobo 
1970 Marcus Welby, M.D.
1969 Insight
1969 Lady Godiva Rides
1964-1969 Lassie
1968 Buckskin 
1967 Daniel Boone
1967 Dragnet 1967
1966 Batman 
1962-1965 Perry Mason 
1965 Spaceflight IC-1: An Adventure in Space 
1965 The Wild Wild West
1965 Tickle Me 
1965 The Hallelujah Trail 
1965 A Letter to Nancy 
1964 Rawhide
1964 Law of the Lawless
1962 77 Sunset Strip 
1962 Target: The Corruptors
1962 Lawman 
1962 Hawaiian Eye 
1961 The Investigators 
1961 The Sergeant Was a Lady 
1960-1961 Assignment: Underwater
1960 Hell to Eternity 
1960 Oklahoma Territory
1959 A Dog's Best Friend 
1959 Laramie
1959 Men Into Space
1959 Bachelor Father 
1956-1959 The Millionaire 
1959 Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse 
1959 G.E. True Theater 
1959 Alaska Passage 
1958 Yancy Derringer
1958 Legion of the Doomed
1958 Space Master X-7 
1958 M Squad 
1957-1958 Date with the Angels
1957 Slim Carter 
1957 Pawnee 
1957 The Storm Rider 
1955-1957 Science Fiction Theatre 
1957 The Halliday Brand
1956 The Broken Star
1955-1956 Schlitz Playhouse 
1956 The Wild Dakotas
1956 Damon Runyon Theater 
1955 Hell's Horizon
1955 The Red Skelton Hour 
1951-1955 The Adventures of Kit Carson
1955 Studio 57
1955 Apache Ambush
1955 Wiretapper
1955 Young Couples Only
1954 Outlaw's Daughter
1954 Dragnet 
1954 Racing Blood
1952 Torpedo Alley
1952 Son of Paleface 
1952 The Pace That Thrills 
1952 The Battle at Apache Pass 
1952 Rose of Cimarron
1951 Havana Rose
1951 The Last Outpost 
1951 The Bigelow Theatre
1951 The Great Missouri Raid
1951 Blue Blood
1950 California Passage 
1950 Rookie Fireman 
1950 The Cariboo Trail 
1950 Operation Haylift 
1950 Blue Grass of Kentucky 
1949 A Dangerous Profession 
1949 Fighting Man of the Plains
1949 The Clay Pigeon 
1949 The Stratton Story
1949 A Woman's Secret 
1949 Adventures in Jazz 
1947 A Likely Story 
1946 Till the End of Time 
1946 Deadline at Dawn 
1945 Sing Your Way Home 
1945 Johnny Angel 
1945 West of the Pecos
1945 Back to Bataan
1945 The Body Snatcher
1945 Those Endearing Young Charms 
1945 Zombies on Broadway
1944 Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo
1944 He Forgot to Remember
1944 Murder in the Blue Room
1933 King Kong   

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