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Bill Travers ACTOR


Bill Travers was born on January 3rd, 1922 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England with the birth name William Linden-Travers, born to parents Florence and William Halton Lindon-Travers.  He also had a older sister, Linden who grew up to pursue a career as an actress as well.
Before becoming an actor at the age of eighteen he joined the British forces and earned rank of Major.  He served till the end of World War Two and then upon being discharged, Travers began working as a stage actor.
After some experience he took a chance at breaking into the film industry with small roles on, "The Trio" (1950) and "Holiday Week" (1952).  In 1955 he first caught the attention of film critics with his role in, "Wee Geordie".  From this point on he starred in a number of films such as, "Born Free" (1966), "Ring of Bright Water" (1969) and "An Elephant Called Slowly" (1971).
Along with working as a film actor, Travers was also given the opportunity to not only write but also direct and produce the film, "Christian the Lion" (1976).  For the most part after 1976, he retired but made a couple television appearances in such series as, "To the Manor Born" (1980), "The First Olympics: Athens 1986" (1984) and "Lovejoy" (1992).
Then he turned his focus mostly towards a foundation he and his wife were highly involved in called, 'The Born Free Foundation' which dealt with the importance of animal rights.  He spent the last three years of his life traveling Europe visiting old zoos and filming a documentary that shared with the rest of the world how many animals are suffering in these zoos nationwide.
He was married twice throughout his lifetime.  His first marriage was to Patt Rains and together they had one daughter before the marriage ended.  He then married his second wife, Virginia McKenna in 1957 and they had four children together and remained married until he passed away on March 29th, 1994 in Dorking, England.  His widow, Virginia continues to be involved in helping her and her late husband's foundation do whatever they can to help save these animals.   


1992 Lovejoy
1984 The First Olympics: Athens 1896
1980 To the Manor Born
1976 The Belstone Fox
1971 Rum Runners
1971 An Elephant Called Slowly 
1969 Ring of Bright Water 
1968 A Midsummer Night's Dream
1968 Hallmark Hall of Fame
1966 Duel at Diablo
1966 Born Free 
1963 Espionage 
1963 Rawhide
1963 Lorna Doone
1962 Everglades 
1961 Invasion Quartet 
1961 The Green Helmet 
1961 Two Living, One Dead 
1961 Gorgo 
1959 The Bridal Path
1958 Storm Over Jamaica d
1957 Kraft Theatre
1957 The Seventh Sin in
1957 Big Time Operators 
1957 The Barretts of Wimpole Street 
1956 Bhowani Junction
1955 Wee Geordie 
1955 Footsteps in the Fog
1954 Romeo and Juliet
1953 Undercover Agent
1953 Rheingold Theatre 
1953 The Square Ring 
1953 The Genie 
1953 The Shadow Man
1953 Man in Hiding 
1952 It Started in Paradise 
1952 Outpost in Malaya 
1952 The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men 
1952 Holiday Week 
1951 BBC Sunday-Night Theatre 
1951 The Browning Version 
1950 The Wooden Horse 
1950 Trio
1949 Conspirator

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