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Ben Murphy ACTOR


Ben Murphy was born on March 6th, 1942 in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  He was raised in Memphis and Chicago.  He originally had goals of pursuing a career as a professional sportsman, focusing on baseball.  However when he realized the lack of creativity a baseball player had with a career he decided to pursue other interests.
After graduating from High School Ben actually attended eight different colleges and earned a political science degree from the University of Illinois.  He was always a very shy man and considered for the most part to be a loner, so he decided acting might help bring him out of his shell.
He answered a casting call in the college paper and was cast in a school play which initiated his interest in acting.  So after graduating, he joined the Pasadena Playhouse and earned a drama degree.  While performing in Los Angeles, a agent took notice of him and helped him get into various studios throughout Hollywood to audition.   
His acting career began with working as an Apprentice at the Pasadena Playhouse and was soon followed by a supporting role in, "The Graduate" and "Your, Mine and Ours" (1968) followed by the series, "The Name of the Game" (1968).  He was then signed to a contract with Universal Pictures. 
Ben also worked on a western series, "Alias Smith and Jones" (1971) which brought him to television superstardom with the role of Paul Newman.  He also worked on the crime drama, "Griff" (1973).
His acting career continued into the 80's with a co star role on, "Berrenger's" (1985) and the series, "Dirty Dozen" (1988).  He continues to make a number of guest star appearances, such as on CBS's television drama, "Cold Case" (2006).
He married very late in life to Jeanne Davis on June 23rd, 1978 and they were only together until 1981.  He has no children and his last known role was in 2010 on, "The Genesis Code".  He is not your usual typical Hollywood star.  Ben Murphy currently lives at a small home in North Hollywood in a tiny two-room apartment and drives a beaten-up 1966 Chevrolet worth only about $200.


2010 The Genesis Code 
2007 McBride: Semper Fi 
2006 The Uniform Motion of Folly
2006 Cold Case
2005 Freezerburn 
2004 Judging Amy
1997-2004 JAG
2003 NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service
2003 The Drew Carey Show
2001 The District
2001 To Protect and Serve 
2000 Hanging Up 
1999 Pacific Blue
1999 Seven Days
1998 Air America
1996 Baywatch Nights
1996 Silk Stalkings
1996 Litter 
1995 High Sierra Search and Rescue
1993-1995 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 
1992 FBI: The Untold Stories
1991 In the Heat of the Night
1991 Life Goes On
1990 Shades of LA
1989 The Twilight Zone 
1988 Dirty Dozen: The Series
1986 Stark: Mirror Image 
1979-1986 The Love Boat
1985 Murder, She Wrote
1985 Scarecrow and Mrs. King
1985 Gidget's Summer Reunion 
1985 Berrenger's 
1985 MacGruder and Loud 
1984 Hotel 
1984 Finder of Lost Loves
1983 Lottery! 
1983 The Cradle Will Fall 
1983 Matt Houston
1983 The Winds of War
1983 Uncommon Valor 
1979-1983 Fantasy Island
1982 Time Walker
1982 Trapper John, M.D.
1980 The Secret War of Jackie's Girls 
1979 The Chisholms 
1976 Gemini Man
1976 Bridger 
1976 Riding with Death 
1975 Sidecar Racers
1975 Marcus Welby, M.D.
1974 This Is the West That Was 
1974 Heat Wave! 
1973 Griff
1973 Runaway! 
1973 Love, American Style 
1973 The Letters
1971-1973 Alias Smith and Jones
1970 Mod Squad 
1970 Medical Center 
1968-1970 The Name of the Game 
1969 The Thousand Plane Raid 
1969 Anatomy of a Crime 
1968 The Outsider
1968 The Virginian
1968 Yours, Mine and Ours 
1968 It Takes a Thief
1967 The Graduate  

Matinee Classics - Alias Smith and Jones starring Ben Murphy and Peter Duel
Matinee Classics - The Graduate starring Anne Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman, Katharine Ross, William Daniels, Murray Hamilton, Elizabeth Wilson, Buck Henry, Brian Avery, Norman Fell, Marion Lorne, Alice Ghostley, Eve McVeagh, Mike Farrell, Richard Dreyfuss, Ben Murphy and Kevin Tighe
Matinee Classics - The Chisholms starring Robert Preston, Rosemary Harris, Ben Murphy, Brian Kerwin, Stacey Nelkin, Susan Swift and James Van Patten
Matinee Classics - The Chisholms starring Robert Preston, Rosemary Harris, Ben Murphy, Brian Kerwin, Stacey Nelkin, Susan Swift and James Van Patten

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