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Bela Lugosi ACTOR


Bela Lugoisi was born, October 20, 1882, Lugos, Hungary (now Lugoj,) Romania as Be'la Ferenc Dezso Blasko.  He was the youngest of four children. After seeing a touring repertory company as they passed through town, he became fascinated by acting. At the young age of twelve years old, he ran away to pursue acting.  However, he was unable to find work, but with the help of one of his older sisters she got his some small roles in provincial theatre.
He studied at the Budapest Academy of Theatrical Arts and made his stage debut in 1901.  Formal training was the way most actors during this time gained any experience.  In school he studied acting theory and method very seriously.  He changed his name for the stage, choosing Lugosi, as it meant, "one from the town of Lugos".

Bela Lugosi was averaging thirty to forty roles per year, many of which were operettas.  As a young man he had already developed quite a fine singing voice.  In 1911, Lugosi went to work in the theatre in the capital city of Budapest, and gained much popularity.  Made his film debut in," The Leopard" 1917.

Between 1913 and 1919, he was a member of the National Theatre.  While living in Budapest, he performed in various Hungarian Films, under the stage name Arisztid Olt.  In 1919, political commotion in his own country of Budapest forced him to move to Germany for work in film, and finally in 1921 he immigrated to the United States.
The first US film he made in Hollywood was, "The Silent Command" 1923.  He had not yet grasped  the American language so well yet and learned all his lines phonetically. In 1924, Lugosi signed on to direct a drama titled, "The Right to Dream", but was unable to communicate with his cast and crew and so was fired.  He sued the producers, but was found by the court to be unable to helm a theatrical production and was ordered to pay fines close to 70 dollars.  but in 1927 he was able to land another role in the Broadway production of "Bram Stoker's".  This production was a success and he remained employed with the show for three years. 
In 1931, Lugois redeemed himself with the Universal Pictures film, "Adaptation of Dracula".  This was his big stage success. The success of Universal's "Frankenstein"  in the same year inaugurated the studio as the top producer of horror films

Lugosi's also starred in a modification of Edgar Allan Poe's, "Murders in the Rue Morgue" 1932, "White Zombie" 1932, "Island of Lost Souls" 1933, and "Mark of the Vampire" 1935. He co-starred with Boris Karloff, famous for his role in, "Frankenstein'.  Together they worked on  several films, including, "The Black Cat" 1934, "The Raven" 1935, and "The Invisible Ray" 1936.  Lugosi did not only appear in horror films, he did work on Paramount Pictures all-star comedy, "International House" 1933 and "Ninotchka" 1939.

Lugosi is most known for his role of Dracula, however, many find his role portraying the broken necked Ygor in, "Son Of Frankenstein" 1939 to be one of his most finest performances.  He did a repeat of this character in, "The Ghost of Frankenstein" 1942, but by this time his stardom was already beginning to fade.

Lugosi did continue to work on several other vampire films, before returning to the role of Dracula for the last time in, "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" in 1948.  He was also the victim of numerous financial problems and in 1955 he willingly committed himself to the state hospital in Norwalk, California, as a drug addict, but was released later that year.  He then returned to working in film with Ed Wood, Jr., regarded by many as the most comprehensively incapable director in film history. Their collaboration, "Bride of the Monster" 1956, and "Plan 9 from Outer Space" 1958 which are now considered cult favorites.

He died August 16, 1956, in Los Angeles, California, U.S. a peaceful death and was buried in full 'Dracula' costume.  He was famed for his stage and screen appearances as Dracula, and made a living by portraying mad scientists and demented souls who stirred no pity or compassion in audiences.


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