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Barbara Stanwyck ACTOR


Barbara Stanwyck was born Ruby Stevens on July 16th, 1907 in Brooklyn, New York to Byron and Catherine McGee Stevens.  At the young tender age of only 4 in 1910 her mother died as a result of being knocked off a trolley by a drunk man, her father could not cope and ran away to Panama, so she was left orphaned and her older sister, Mildred, a showgirl, raised her.  Only 10 years later, at the age of fourteen she quit school and began dancing in local Cabarets.  A year later she got a job as a Ziegfled chorus girl.  Her first Broadway Debut as in "The Noose" 1926 followed by "Burlesque".  MGM requested a screen test from her, which she chose to decline, but was willing to take a supporting role in "Broadway Nights", 1927.  In 1928, she wed her first husband, Frank Fay, a actor/comedian.  

Her success continued in 1929 appearing in the drama, "The Locked Door" playing side by side with her husband, Frank Fay.  She then chose to travel to Hollywood, but after an unsuccessful attempt at Warner Brothers, she appeared in  Columbia's Low Budget "Mexicali Rose" followed in 1930 by Capra's "Ladies of Leisure".  It was this film that really took her career to the next level of stardom.  She was given a long term contract with Columbia.  Warner's was allowed to use her in a film, "Illicit" in 1931 and it was this film that became a big hit.  The public was quite intrigued by her performances and since she had quite a few successful films on her resume, she decided to sue Columbia for a higher salary.  This resulted in a deal where Columbia and Warner's could share her and she appeared in pictures such as, "Miracle Woman", "Night Nurse" starring with Ben Lyon, Clark Gable and Joan Blondell and "Forbidden".  In 1932 she also worked on films such as, "Shopworn", "Ladies They Talk About" and "Baby Face" co-starring George Brent with a small role by John Wayne.  She began to get the reputation of a 'working girl' image. 
In 1935, on New Year's Eve,  she ended her marriage to Frank Fay, due to his violent temper and addiction to alcohol. Her career then proceeded with her signing a contract with RKO, where she starred as Annie Oakley.  However, this contract she signed was non-exclusive, and she was allowed to enter deals with some multi pictures with Fox, "A Message to Garcia" 1936 and MGM "His Brothers Wife" co staring Robert Taylor who she later married as husband number 2. 
One of her first of four Academy Award Nominations was for the film "Stella Dallas" in 1937 which featured fellow actors Tim Holt, Alan Hale, Hattie McDaniel and Marjorie Main.  He earned her second nomination for her role in the comedy film, "Ball of Fire" in 1941 with Gary Cooper.  "Meet John Doe" was another 1941 film again starring Gary Cooper along with Edward Arnold, Spring Byington and Walter Brennan.  1946 brought her pairing with Kirk Douglas, Lizabeth Scott, Darryl Hickman and Van Heflin in "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers".  Perhaps her most amazing performance was in Billy Wilder's film noir classic, "Double Indemnity" starring alongside Fred MacMurray and Edward G. Robinson.  This film secured her third Oscar Nomination.  Her final nomination came from her appearance in "Sorry, Wrong Number" 1948 a suspense thriller starring with Burt Lancaster, Wendell Corey, Ann Richards, Ed Begley, Leif Erickson and William Conrad.  Her second marriage was also unsuccessful and ended in divorce in 1951. 
In 1952 she appeared opposite Marilyn Monroe in "Clash By Night" 1952.  Majority of her material was finding her to be type cast to playing only one type of character.  She appeared in a great disaster film in 1953 "Titanic" starring with Clifton Webb and Robert Wagner, whom she was reportedly having as tryst with.  By the late 1950's she started to let herself go....her hair began to turn Gray and she found herself cast in a series of low budget Western's, one of which was "The Violent Men" (1955) starring with Glenn Ford, Edward G. Robinson, Brian Keith, Diane Foster, May Wynn and Warner Anderson.  In 1957, she did appear in Samuel Fuller's "Forty Guns" and she did get some notice, however this was her last film for the next 5 years. 
The year 1960, brought a change in her career path and a move to Television.  She hosted "The Barbara Stanwyck Show" and won an Emmy for her work.  However in 1962 she did return to her initial introduction to the acting world and appeared in "A Walk On The Wild Side".  This appearance was followed by a role in, "The Night Walker". 

1964 brought about a starring role alongside Elvis Presley in "Roustabout" which also featured Leif Erickson.

Back to television she went with her long running western series "The Big Valley" co-starring as her on-screen family Lee Majors, Peter Breck, Richard Long and Linda Evans.  Here she earned another Emmy for her performances.  Upon completion of this project she made a TV movie, "The House that Would Not Die" followed by "A Taste of Evil" 1971 and "The Letters" 1973. 
Barbara Stanwyck received numerous awards on top of her Oscar nominations such as an honorary Oscar and The Recipient of the Lincoln Center Life Achievements Award.  She was named the 40th Greatest Movie Star of all times by Entertainment Weekly.  She was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located on 1751 Vine Street.  She was also inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1973.  She did make one more final return to television, where she headlined, "The Colby's".  A spin off of the soap opera "Dynasty".  This was her final project before retiring from her successful career. 

The American Film Institute (AFI) named Barbara Stanwyck as the 12th greatest female star of all time. 
Stanwyck died January 20, 1990. She had chosen not to have a funeral or be buried, instead her ashes are scattered in Lone Pine, California. She left behind 93 movie appearances and a host of television appearances.  She is a legend in Hollywood and will always be remembered as the matriarch of the family. 


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1957  Forty Guns
1962  Walk on the Wild Side
1964  Roustabout
1964  The Night Walker
1965  Love Goddesses

1977  That's Action

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Matinee Classics - The Strange Love of Martha Ivers starring Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas, Van Heflin, Lizabeth Scott, Judith Anderson and Darryl Hickman
Matinee Classics - The Strange Love of Martha Ivers starring Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas, Van Heflin, Lizabeth Scott, Judith Anderson and Darryl Hickman

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