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Arthur Hunnicutt ACTOR


Arthur Hunnicutt was born on February 17th, 1910 in Gravelly, Arkansas with the birth name Arthur Lee Hunnicutt.  He attended Arkansas State Teachers College, however due to financial reasons was never able to complete his degree.  He decided to relocate to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts and joined a theater company.  After gaining some experience there, Hunnicutt chose to relocate to New York and began working on a number of Broadway Productions.
He began touring as the lead in a stage production of, "Tobacco Road" which later in his career became the type cast character hew would mostly portray.  Many times he would be cast as old-timers or frontier men.
By the early 1940's, he was beginning to get cast in a number of small film roles such as, "Wild Cat" (1942), "Fall In" (1942) and "Frontier Fury" (1943).  He alternated between stage and film roles, making his biggest impression on the film industry in Hollywood in the mid 50's with roles on such films as, "The Red Badge of Courage" (1951) starring Audie Murphy, "The Lusty Men" (1952) starring Robert Mitchum, "The Kettles on the Ozarks" (1955), "The Last Command" (1955), "El Dorado" (1966) starring John Wayne and "The Big Sky" (1952) starring Kirk Douglas which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.  
Along with his long list of roles as a film actor, he made numerous television appearances on such shows as, "Bonanza", "The Outer Limits", "Gunsmoke", "Perry Mason", "The Twilight Zone" and "The Rifleman" among many others.
One of his last film roles was in, "Moonrunners" (1975).  Along with acting, Hunnicutt also was voted in as mayor of Northridge, California.  Arthur Hunnicutt married only once to Pauline Lile and passed away on September 26th, 1979 in Woodland Hills, California after suffering from mouth cancer.  His remains were buried in the Coop Prairie Cemetery in Mansfield, Arkansas.  


1975 Winterhawk 
1975 Moonrunners
1975 The Daughters of Joshua Cabe Return 
1974 Harry and Tonto 
1974 The Spikes Gang
1974 Mrs. Sundance 
1972 Climb an Angry Mountain
1972 The Bounty Man
1972 The Revengers
1971 The Trackers
1971 Shoot Out 
1971 The Million Dollar Duck
1961-1971 My Three Son
1971 Gunsmoke
1963-1970 The Virginian 
1970 Adam-12 
1959-1969 Bonanza 
1969 My World and Welcome to It 
1969 The Outcasts 
1967 The Wild Wild West 
1967 The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin 
1966 El Dorado 
1966 Daniel Boone 
1965 Apache Uprising
1965 Laredo 
1965 Cat Ballou
1965 Wagon Train
1959-1965 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
1964 The Outer Limits
1964 The Great Adventure
1964 A Tiger Walks 
1964 Lassie 
1963 Burke's Law 
1963 The Cardinal
1963 Perry Mason 
1961-1963 Laramie 
1961-1962 Outlaws
1962 Twilight Zone 
1961 The Donna Reed Show 
1961 The Aquanauts 
1960 The Andy Griffith Show
1960 The Westerner
1960 The Rifleman
1960 Overland Trail
1960 The Man from Blackhawk 
1959 Wanted: Dead or Alive 
1959 Black Saddle
1958 Born Reckless
1957 Sugarfoot 
1957 The Tall T 
1956 Cheyenne 
1956 Wire Service 
1956 The Kettles in the Ozarks 
1955 The Last Command 
1954 She Couldn't Say No 
1953 The French Line 
1953 Devil's Canyon 
1953 Split Second
1952 The Lusty Men
1952 The Big Sky
1951 Distant Drums 
1951 Passage West 
1951 The Red Badge of Courage 
1951 Sugarfoot 
1950 Two Flags West 
1950 The Furies 
1950 Broken Arrow 
1950 Stars in My Crown 
1950 A Ticket to Tomahawk 
1949 The Great Dan Patch 
1949 Border Incident 
1949 Pinky
1949 Lust for Gold
1945 You Can't Take It with You
1945 Murder, He Says
1944 Abroad with Two Yanks
1944 Riding West
1943 The Chance of a Lifetime
1943 Hail to the Rangers 
1943 Johnny Come Lately
1943 Robin Hood of the Range 
1943 Frontier Fury 
1943 Law of the Northwest 
1943 The Fighting Buckaroo 
1942 Pardon My Gun 
1942 Fall In 
1942 Silver Queen 
1942 Riding Through Nevada 
1942 Wildcat 

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Matinee Classics - The Big Sky starring Kirk Douglas, Dewey Martin, Elizabeth Threatt, Arthur Hunnicutt, Buddy Baer, Steven Geray, Henri Letondal, Hank Worden, Jim Davis, Iron Eyes Cody, Fraak DeKova and Guy Wilkerson
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