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Art Linkletter ACTOR


Art Linkletter was born on July 17th, 1912 in the Moose Jaw hamlet of Saskatchewan, Canada with the birth name Arthur Gordon Kelly.  At just a few weeks old he was abandoned by his biological family and was adopted and raised by Mary and Fulton John Linkletter.
His family relocated to San Diego, California when he was just a young boy.  He received his early years education in San Diego and later earned a high school diploma from San Diego High School and later in 1934, he earned his college degree from San Diego State Teachers College which is now known as San Diego State University.
He originally came into the work force working as a radio announcer even though he had earned a teaching degree.  By the 1940's he was given a chance to work in Hollywood with John Guedel on the radio show, "People Are Funny" which later became the television show "House Party" (Art Linkletter's House Party) and later a kid's interview program "Kids Say the Darndest Things". 
As his career progressed he added other television shows to his credits such as, "Life with Linkletter", "Hollywood Talent Scouts" and was also given the chance to appear as the guest host three different times on, "The Tonight Show".
In addition to radio and television he also added a couple film roles to his resume such as, "People Are Funny" (1946), "Champagne for Caesar" (1950)
Not only was he involved as an actor in the industry, he ventured into other business dealings such as being involved as a investor and promoter of, 'the hula hoop' in the 1950's.  Also, in 1963 he became the spokesperson and endorser for the game, "The Game of Life" and at one time was also the spokesperson for national Home Life, an insurance company.  
One of his daughter's, Diane Linkletter committed suicide by jumping out of a window due to drug abuse and because of this, Linkletter was appointed later to President Richard Nixon's national advisory council for drug abuse education and prevention.
In 2005 at the age of ninety three, Linkletter was chosen to do the opening ceremony for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Happiest Homecoming on Earth for Disney.  Throughout his career he also received a number of honors such as a lifetime achievement Daytime Emmy Award in 2003 and he was also inducted into the national Speakers Association.
He was also a published author writing the forward for the book titled, "Release Your Brakes"   
Art Linkletter married only once during his lifetime to Lois Foerster in 1935 and they had five children together and remained married until he passed away on May 26th, 2010 in Bel-Air, California.  He was survived by his wife and two of his five children, seven grand children and fifteen great grand children. 

1986   Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color

1968   The Red Skelton Hour
1962   Wagon Train

1957-1962  G.E. True Theater 

1961   Zane Grey Theater
1957   The Snow Queen 

1957   Kids Say the Darndest Things

1955   The Christophers 

1955   The Jack Benny Program

1954   House Party
1950   Life with Linkletter

1950   Champagne for Caesar

1946-1969   People Are Funny

Matinee Classics - People Are Funny starring Jack Haley, Helen Walker, Rudy Vallee, Ozzie Nelson, Philip Reed, Bob Graham, Roy Atwell, Barbara Roche, Clara Blandick, Art Linkletter and Frances Langford
Matinee Classics - People Are Funny hosted by Art Linkletter

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