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Anthony Quinn ACTOR


Anthony Quinn was born with the birth name Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca on April 21st, 1915 in Chihuahua, Mexico to parents Manualea 'Nellie' Oaxaca and Francisco Quinn.  His father worked as an assistant cameraman at a movie studio in Los Angeles. 
From a young age, Quinn was quite religious and attended a Catholic School having goals to one day become a priest.  His life began in El Paso, Texas but later he moved with his parents to Echo Park, Los Angeles, California.  He went to St. Hammel Elementary School and then Belvedere Junior High followed by Polytechnic High School and Belmont High.  He left school before graduating, but did finally complete his High School education in Arizona at Tucson High School.
Quinn had a natural talent for drawing and painting.  He won a variety of art competitions.  After graduation to earn money, Quinn would box professionally and also continued to study art and architecture.  He studied very briefly under Frank Lloyd Wright and it was at his suggestion that Quinn study acting to help with his speech that Quinn then became interested in a career in performing arts.  At this time Quinn had been offered a contract with a film studio, but was not sure if he should take a chance at acting.
Quinn began with working as a stage actor before progressing to films.  His first debut role was on, "Parole" (1936) follwed by, "The Milky Way" (1936).  Anthony began to get cast in a variety of roles playing everything from a Hawaiian chief, Chines Guerilla, Arab Sheik to an Indian.  By 1947, Quinn had allready appeared in over fifty films and his film career was still going strong.  Anthony also became a United States citizen this same year. 
He did not neglect his stage acting, as he returned tp perform on stage in, "A Streetcar Named Desire" on Broadway.  In the 50's he went back to film and this time tried to portray a different type of character.  He wanted to show his diversity in Hollywood with various tough guy roles in films such as, "Mask of the Avenger" (1951) and "Viva Zapata" (1952).  For this role he won an Oscar and was the first ever Mexican-American to become a recipient of this award.  He won his second Oscar for his role on the film, "Lust for Life" (1956) also starring Kirk Douglas, in which he portrayed the painter Gauguin. 
Quinn's career was at an all time high, receiving his third Academy nomination for his role on, "Wild is the Wind" (1957).  He continued to get chosen for a variety of roles.  Quinn was cast in, "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962) and "Zorba the Greek" (1964) which resulted in yet another Oscar nomination. 
Even though he was aging, Quinn did not let that stop him from undertaking more challenging roles.  Quinn took a chance at television as well with a successful role as a Mayor in the tv movie, "The City" (1971) follwed by the ABC series, "The Man and the City". 

Quinn took on a challenging and contreversal role in a film about the origin of Islam, "Mohammad, Messenger of God" (1976), also known as, "The Message".  Quinn returned to stage for 362 performances playing Zorba, his most well known role for the musical titled, "Zorba".

Quinn never let go of his interest in art.  He would still paint for fun and in the early 80's his work was actually noticed by some gallery's and was exhibited internationally. 
As he entered into the 90's and was getting older he slowed down slightly, but continued to take on roles in some films such as, "Revenge" (1990), "Jungle Fever" (1991), "A Walk in the Clouds" (1995) and "Seven Servants" (1996).  Quinn was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role on the HBO film, "Gotti" (1996) portraying the character Dellacroce. 
Quinn's final film role was on, "Avenging Angelo" released after his death in 2002.  He had been suffering from throat cancer and passed away from pnemonia and respiratory failure at the age of eighty six in Boston, Massachusetts on June 3, 2001.  Anthony Quinn is buried in a family plot in Bristol, Rhode Island. 
Anthony Quinn was married three times throughout his lifetime and fathered numerous children.  He first married Katherine DeMille, an actress in 1937 and divorced in 1965.  The couple had five children together.  He then married a costume designer, Jolanda Addolori in 1966 and fathered three more children with her.  This marriage too, ended in divorce in 1997.  His final wife was his secretary, Kathy Benvin whom only after fathering a child with her, did he proceed to marry her and they had another child together.  His third marriage was his final, remaining together until Quinn passed away.  He did have a total of 12 children as he also had two children with Friedel Dunbar, in the mid 70's even though they did not marry.
Anthony Quinn's legacy lives on.  He was honored in 1982 by having the Belvedere County Public Library in Los Angeles renamed in his honor and the National Council of La Raza gives out the Anthony Quinn Award for excellence in motion pictures as an ALMA Award.


1936  Night Waitress
1936  The Milky Way
1936  Parole
1936  Sworn Enemy
1936  The Plainsman
1937  Swing High, Swing Low
1937  Waikiki Wedding
1937  Under Strange Flags
1937  The Last Train from Madrid
1937  Partners in Crime
1937  Daughter of Shanghai
1938  The Buccaneer
1938  Dangerous to Know
1938  Tip-Off Girls
1938  Hunted Men
1938  Bulldog Drummond in Africa
1938  King of Alcatraz
1939  King of Chinatown
1939  Union Pacific
1939  Island of Lost Men
1939  Television Spy
1940  Emergency Squad
1940  Parole Fixer
1940  Road to Singapore
1940  The Ghost Breakers
1940  City for Conquest
1940  The Texas Rangers Ride Again
1941  Knockout
1941  Thieves Fall Out
1941  Blood and Sand
1941  Bullets for O'Hara
1941  They Died with Their Boots On
1941  The Perfect Snob
1942  Larceny, Inc.
1942  Road to Morocco
1942  The Black Swan
1943  The Ox-Bow Incident
1943  Guadalcanal Diary
1944  Buffalo Bill
1944  Ladies of Washington
1944  Roger Touhy, Gangster
1944  Irish Eyes Are Smiling
1945  China Sky
1945  Where Do We Go from Here?
1945  Back to Bataan
1946  California
1947  Sinbad the Sailor
1947  The Imperfect Lady
1947  Black Gold
1947  Tycoon
1951  The Brave Bulls
1951  Mask of the Avenger
1952  Viva Zapata!
1952  The Brigand
1952  The World in His Arms
1952  Against All Flags
1953  Funniest Show on Earth
1953  Cavalleria rusticana
1953  City Beneath the Sea
1953  Seminole
1953  Ride, Vaquero!
1953  East of Sumatra
1953  Blowing Wild
1954  Angels of Darkness
1954  The Long Wait
1954  La strada
1954  Ulysses
1954  Attila
1955  The Magnificent Matador
1955  The Naked Street 
1955  Seven Cities Of Gold
1956  Lust for Life
1956  Man from Del Rio
1956  The Hunchback of Notre Dame
1956  The Wild Party
1957  The River's Edge
1957  The Ride Back
1957  Wild Is the Wind
1958  Hot Spell
1958  The Black Orchid
1959  Warlock
1959  Last Train from Gun Hill
1960  Heller in Pink Tights
1960  The Savage Innocents
1960  Portrait in Black
1961  The Guns of Navarone
1961  Barabbas
1962  Requiem for a Heavyweight
1962  Lawrence of Arabia
1964  The Visit
1964  Behold a Pale Horse
1964  Zorba the Greek
1965  A High Wind in Jamaica
1965  Marco the Magnificent
1966  Lost Command
1967  The Rover
1967  The 25th Hour
1967  Guns for San Sebastian
1968  The Shoes of the Fisherman
1968  The Magus
1969  The Secret of Santa Vittoria
1969  A Dream of Kings
1970  A Walk in the Spring Rain
1970  R. P. M.
1970  Flap
1972  Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears
1972  Arruza
1972  Across 110th Street
1973  The Don Is Dead
1974  The Marseille Contract
1976  Target of an Assassin
1976  The Con Artists
1976  The Inheritance
1976  The Message
1977  Jesus of Nazareth
1978  The Greek Tycoon
1978  Caravans
1978  The Children of Sanchez
1979  The Passage
1981  The Salamander
1981  Crosscurrent
1981  Lion of the Desert
1981  High Risk
1982  Regina Roma
1982  Valentina
1987  L'isola del tesoro (Treasure Island in space)
1989  Stradivari
1989  A Man of Passion
1990  Ghosts Can't Do It
1990  Revenge
1991  A Star for Two
1991  Only the Lonely
1991  Jungle Fever
1991  Mobsters
1993  Last Action Hero
1994  Somebody to Love
1995  A Walk in the Clouds
1995  Gotti
1996  The Mayor
1996  Seven Servants
1999  Land Guns
1999  Oriundi
2002  From Russia to Hollywood: The 100-Year Odyssey of Chekhov and Shdanoff
2001  Avenging Angelo

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Matinee Classics - Last Train from Gunhill starring Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn, Carolyn Jones, Earl Holliman, Brian G. Hutton, Ziva Rodann, Bing Russell, Val Avery, Walter Sande, Lars Henderson, Henry Wills and Brad Dexter
Matinee Classics - Last Train from Gunhill starring Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn, Carolyn Jones, Earl Holliman, Brian G. Hutton, Ziva Rodann, Bing Russell, Val Avery, Walter Sande, Lars Henderson, Henry Wills and Brad Dexter
Matinee Classics - Last Train from Gunhill starring Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn, Carolyn Jones, Earl Holliman, Brian G. Hutton, Ziva Rodann, Bing Russell, Val Avery, Walter Sande, Lars Henderson, Henry Wills and Brad Dexter
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