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Anne Jeffreys ACTOR


Anne Jeffreys was born on January 26th, 1923 in Goldsboro, North Carolina with the birth name Anne Carmichael.  As a young girl she became involved with the entertainment industry as a soprano singer and then dinged with John Robert Powers to work as a model.
She first began appearing on stage in the musical, "Fun for the Money" which soon lead to her being cast in her first film role, "I Married an Angel" (1942) and shortly after in the John Wayne World War II film "Flying Tigers" (1942).  Soon both RKO Pictures and Republic Studio's signed her to an acting contract and she was appearing on television in, "The Dick Tracy" series. 
Although she was now working as a film and television actress she was not getting cast in many roles therefore she continued also appearing on stage in such productions as, "Tosca", "Street Scene", "My Romance". and "Kiss Me Kate". 
Soon more roles were being offered to her again such as in the series, "Topper" (1953) co-starring with husband Robert Sterling and Leo G. Carroll, "Love That Jill" (1958), "Bright Promise" (1968) and "General Hospital" (1972).  Then in 1972 she was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for her role on the series, "The Delphi Bureau". 
Some of her other television credits she has added to her resume are, "Murder, She Wrote", "Falcon Crest", "Wagon Train", "Bonanza", "Dr. Kildare", "Fantasy island" and "LA Law" among others.
She has been married twice throughout her lifetime.  Her first husband was Joseph R. Serena whom she wed in 1945 but divorced just six years later in 1951.  She then married actor, Robert Sterling in 1951 and they worked on many projects together, toured singing in night clubs together and remained married until he passed away on May 30th, 2006.  The couple and three children together and she did take some time off from her career to focus on her children.
Although she has not married again, Jeffreys remains working in the industry and her latest appearances have been on the television series, "Baywatch" (1993-1998) and the films, "Richard III" (2008) and "Le Grande Jete" scheduled to release in 2013.  She was also honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to the Television Industry.  

2013 Le Grand Jete
2008 Empire State Building Murders
2008 Richard III 
1999-2003 Port Charles 
1993-1998 Baywatch 
1994 Clifford
1992 A Message from Holly 
1992 L.A. Law 
1986 Murder, She Wrote 
1985 General Hospital
1984-1985 Finder of Lost Loves
1984 Hotel
1983 Matt Houston 
1982-1983 Falcon Crest 
1978-1982 Fantasy Island
1982 Mr. Merlin 
1979 Beggarman, Thief 
1979 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 
1979 Vega$ 
1979 Battlestar Galactica 
1978 Flying High 
1975-1976 Police Story 
1976 Southern Double Cross 
1972 The Delphi Bureau
1972 Love, American Style
1969 Bright Promise 
1969 My Three Sons 
1968 Panic in the City
1967 Tarzan
1967 Ghostbreakers
1966 The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
1966 Bonanza 
1965 Dr. Kildare 
1962 Boys' Night Out
1957-1962 Wagon Train
1959 The Bob Cummings Show
1959 Lux Playhouse
1958 Love That Jill 
1957 Telephone Time 
1957 Cavalcade of America
1957 The 20th Century-Fox Hour
1956 The Red Skelton Hour 
1956 Star Stage 
1956 Lux Video Theatre 
1955 Max Liebman Presents: Dearest Enemy 
1953-1955 Topper 
1955 Max Liebman Presents: The Merry Widow 
1951 Musical Comedy Time
1948 Return of the Bad Men
1947 Riffraff 
1947 Trail Street
1946 Vacation in Reno 
1946 Dick Tracy vs. Cueball
1946 Genius at Work 
1946 Step by Step
1946 Ding Dong Williams
1945 Dick Tracy 
1945 Sing Your Way Home
1945 Those Endearing Young Charms
1945 Zombies on Broadway 
1945 Dillinger 
1944 Nevada 
1944 Step Lively 
1944 Hidden Valley Outlaws 
1944 Mojave Firebrand
1943 Death Valley Manhunt 
1943 Overland Mail Robbery
1943 Wagon Tracks West 
1943 Bordertown Gun Fighters 
1943 Crime Doctor 
1943 The Man from Thunder River 
1943 Calling Wild Bill Elliott 
1943 Chatterbox 
1942 X Marks the Spot 
1942 Flying Tigers 
1942 The Old Homestead
1942 Joan of Ozark
1942 I Married an Angel
1942 Olaf Laughs Last 
1942 Tarzan's New York Adventure 
1942 Yokel Boy
1942 Billy the Kid Trapped

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