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Anne Archer ACTOR


Anne Archer was born on August 24th, 1947 in Los Angeles, California, born to actress Marjorie Lord and actor John Archer.  She followed in her parents footsteps pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

After high school, Archer went on to study drama at Claremont College and by the early 1970's she was appearing on such television series as, "Hawaii Five-O", "The F.B.I.", "The Mod Squad", "Ironside", "Alias Smith and Jones" and "Love American Style".

She debuted in her first film in 1972 in, "The Honkers" followed by roles in the films, "Cancel My Reservation" (1972), "The All-American Boy" (1973), "Trackdown" (1976), "Life Guard" (1976) and "Paradise Alley" (1978) directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone along with Armand Assante, Kevin Conway, Joe Spinell, Terry Funk, Tom Waits, Frank McRae, Lee Canalito, Joyce Ingalis and Frank Stallone with cameos by Ted DiBiase, Bob Roop, Dick Murdoch, Dory Funk Jr., Don Leo Jonathan, Don Kernodle, Gene Kiniski, Dennis Stamp, Ray Stevens and Uliuli Fifita.

She made quite a name for herself with her role in the film, "Fatal Attraction" (1987) starring Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, Fred Gwynne, Meg Mundy, Ellen Foley, Ellen Hamilton Latzen Stuart Pankin.  For this role she was nominated for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and British BAFTA Academy Award.  Archer is also well known for her Golden Globe performance in the film, "Short Cuts" (1993).

Other prominent film credits she has added to her resume include roles in, "Narrow Margin" (1990) starring with Gene Hackman, J. T. Walsh and M. Emmet Walsh, "Love at Large" (1990) starring Tom Berenger, Elizabeth Perkins, Kate Capshaw, Annette O'Toole, Ted Levine, Ruby Dee, Barry Miller, Kevin J. O'Connor, Neil Young Dirk Blocker, Gailard Sartain, Robert Gould and Ann Magnuson, "Eminent Domain" (1990) starring Donald Sutherland, Paul Freeman, Anthony Bate, Jodhi May, Pip Torrens and Yves Beneyton, "Patriot Games" (1992) co-starring Harrison Ford, Patrick Bergin, Sean Bean, Thora Birch, Richard Harris, James Earl Jones, Ellen Geer, Alex Norton, Samuel L. Jackson, James Fox, Hugh Fraser, Alun Armstrong, J.E. Freeman and David Threlfall, "Clear and Present Danger" (1994) starring Harrison Ford, James Earl Jones, Willem Dafoe, Miguel Sandoval, Belita Moreno, Joaquim de Almeida, Harris Yulin, Donald Moffat, Benjamin Bratt, Raymond Cruz, Ann Magnuson, Reg E. Cathey, Rex Linn, Thora Birch, Ellen Geer, Hope Lange and Dean Jones,, "The Art of War" (2000), "November" (2004), starring Courteney Cox, "Short Cuts" (1993) and "Man of the House" (2005).

Archer has also worked on a variety of television movies such as, "Nails" (1992), "The Last of His Tribe" (1992), "Jane's House" (1994), "Present, Tense, Past Perfect" (1995),

"Jake's Women" (1996), "Indiscretion of an American Wife" (1998), "My Husbands Secret Life" (1998) and "Night of the Wolf" (2002).

Archer also has quite a bit of stage experience.  She has appeared in such productions as, "The Poison Tree", "Les Liaisons Dangereuses", "The Graduate" and "Maude Mix".

Along with her career as an actress she has also had the opportunity to work on the other side of the industry co-producing and starring in the film, "Waltz Across Texas" (1982), the television movie, "Because Mommy Works" (1994) and the 1998 documentary, "World Fashion Premiere from Paris".

Her most recent roles include the television series, "Ghost Whisper" and "Privileged" and the films, "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" (2009) and "Lullaby" (2012). 

Anne Archer is currently married to her second husband, Terry Jastrow whom she wed in 1978 and they have one child together.  She also has another child from her first marriage to William Davis whom she wed in 1969 and divorced in 1977.

In addition to still working as an actress she remains very involved with the Church Scientology and at one time was a spokeswoman for Applied Scholastics which is sponsored by the church. 


2012         Lullaby
2009         Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
2008-2009     Privileged
2008         Felon
2006-2008     Ghost Whisperer 
2008         Family Practice 
2007         Judicial Indiscretion 
2006         It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 
2006         End Game
2006         Cut Off
2005         The Iris Effect
2005         Man of the House
2004         The L Word
2004         November
2003         Uncle Nino
2003         Boston Public
2002         Night of the Wolf 
2002         The Gray in Between
2000         Beggars and Choosers
2000         The Art of War
2000         Rules of Engagement
2000         Whispers: An Elephant's Tale
2000         Innocents
1999         Camino de Santiago
1998         My Husband's Secret Life 
1998         Indiscretion of an American Wife 
1998         Nico the Unicorn
1996         Mojave Moon
1996         Jake's Women 
1995         Present Tense, Past Perfect
1995         The Man in the Attic
1994         Because Mommy Works 
1994         Leslie's Folly
1994         There Goes My Baby
1994         Clear and Present Danger
1994         Jane's House 
1993         Short Cuts
1993         Family Prayers
1993         Body of Evidence
1992         Nails
1992         Patriot Games
1992         The Last of His Tribe 
1990         Eminent Domain
1990         Narrow Margin
1990         Love at Large
1988         Leap of Faith
1987         Fatal Attraction
1987         A Different Affair
1986         The Check Is in the Mail...
1985         Falcon Crest
1985         Too Scared to Scream
1984         The Naked Face
1984         The Sky's No Limit
1983         The Family Tree 
1982         Waltz Across Texas
1981         Green Ice
1980         Raise the Titanic
1980         Hero at Large
1978         The Pirate
1978         Paradise Alley
1978         Good Guys Wear Black
1977         Seventh Avenue 
1976         Lifeguard
1976         Trackdown
1976         The Dark Side of Innocence 
1976         A Matter of Wife... and Death 
1974-1976     Harry O 
1975-1976     Petrocelli 
1975-1976     Switch 
1976         McCloud
1975         Little House on the Prairie 
1975         The Log of the Black Pearl 
1974         The Mark of Zorro
1973         The Blue Knight 
1973         Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice 
1973         The All-American Boy
1973         Mannix
1972         Cancel My Reservation
1972         The Honkers
1972         The Sixth Sense
1971         Love, American Style
1971         Alias Smith and Jones 
1971         Ironside 
1971         The Mod Squad
1971         The F.B.I.
1970         Hawaii Five-O
1970         Men at Law  

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