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Andy Clyde ACTOR


Andy Clyde was born on March 25th, 1892 in Blairgowrie, Perthshire in Scotland, born the fifth of six children to actor, producer and manager John Clyde.  He also had a brother, David and a sister, Jean who went on to pursue careers in the entertainment industry.
He began his career in entertainment working as a vaudeville stage performer in Scotland in the 1920's.  Clyde then relocated to Los Angeles, California and began working as an extra in a number of Mack Sennett's short comedies. 
After gaining some experience on set, he began to catch the attention of Hollywood and it was just a matter of time before Clyde began to work on more films as a feature player.  By the mid 1930's, Clyde was even given the chance to have his own series of short comedies with Educational Pictures and later began to also work with Columbia Pictures for quite a number of years.
Clyde is most remembered by many for his roles as the comedy side-kick in a variety of Western films such as the "Hopalong Cassidy" series.  He portrayed the character, California Carson.  Clyde also worked with actor, Whip Wilson on another series of Westerns with Monogram Pictures.
Some of his more well known films were, "You Were Never Uglier", "The Little Minister", "The Green Years" and his last film role was in, "The Tycoon".
In addition to film work he also appeared on a variety of television series such as, "No Time for Sergeants" (1964) starring Andy Griffith, "The Real McCoys" (1957) starring Walter Brennan, "City Detective", "Lassie", "The Andy Griffith Show" and "Gunsmoke".
He was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and worked in the industry for over 4 decades adding over 300 credits to his resume.
Andy Clyde married only one time to Elsie Tarron and they remained together until he passed away on May 18th, 1967 in Los Angeles, California at the age of seventy five from natural causes.

1958-1966  Lassie 

1964-1965  No Time for Sergeants 

1964   The Tycoon

1962-1963  Dr. Kildare 

1957-1963  The Real McCoys

1958-1962  Gunsmoke 

1960-1962  The Tall Man 

1961   The Andy Griffith Show

1961   Lock Up 

1961   The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp

1960   The Man from Blackhawk

1958-1960  The Texan

1959   The Millionaire 

1959   Colt .45 

1959   The Restless Gun

1959   Buckskin 

1956-1959  Fury

1959   Shotgun Slade 

1958   Wagon Train

1958   Jefferson Drum 

1958   The Bob Cummings Show 

1955-1958  The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin 

1958   The People's Choice

1957   Tales of the Texas Rangers 

1956-1957  Circus Boy

1956   Pardon My Nightshirt

1956   Andy Goes Wild 

1955   Studio 57 

1955   One Spooky Night

1955   The Road to Denver 

1955   Scratch Scratch Scratch

1955   Soldiers of Fortune 

1955   City Detective

1955   Carolina Cannonball

1954   The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse

1954   Two April Fools 

1954   My Little Margie

1954   Tooting Tooters

1954   Born in Freedom: The Story of Colonel Drake 

1953   Oh, Say Can You Sue

1953   Love's A-Poppin' 

1953   Pardon My Wrench 

1953   Fresh Painter 

1952   Death Valley Days

1952   Hooked and Rooked

1952   A Blissful Blunder

1952   Hopalong Cassidy 

1951   Pleasure Treasure

1951   Blonde Atom Bomb 

1951   Abilene Trail 

1950   Outlaws of Texas 

1950   Cherokee Uprising 

1950   A Blunderful Time

1950   Silver Raiders

1950   Arizona Territory 

1950   Gunslingers 

1950   Marinated Mariner 

1950   Fence Riders

1949   Range Land 

1949   Riders of the Dusk 

1949   Haunted Trails

1949   Big Jack 

1949   Sunk in the Sink

1949   Shadows of the West 

1949   Crashing Thru 

1948   Go Chase Yourself

1948   Strange Gamble 

1948   False Paradise 

1948   Borrowed Trouble 

1948   Sinister Journey

1948   The Dead Don't Dream 

1948   Silent Conflict

1948   Eight-Ball Andy

1948   Sundown Riders 

1947   Wife to Spare 

1947   Hoppy's Holiday

1947   The Marauders 

1947   Dangerous Venture

1947   Two Jills and a Jack

1947   Unexpected Guest

1947   Fool's Gold 

1946   Andy Plays Hookey

1946   The Devil's Playground

1946   Plainsman and the Lady

1946   You Can't Fool a Fool

1946   That Texas Jamboree 

1946   The Green Years

1946   Throw a Saddle on a Star

1946   The Blonde Stayed On

1945   Spook to Me

1945   A Miner Affair

1945   Song of the Prairie

1945   Two Local Yokels

1945   Roughly Speaking 

1945   Son of the Prairie 

1944   Heather and Yon

1944   Gold Is Where You Lose It

1944   Forty Thieves

1944   You Were Never Uglier

1944   Mystery Man

1944   Lumberjack 

1944   His Tale Is Told

1944   Texas Masquerade

1943   He Was Only Feudin'

1943   Riders of the Deadline 

1943   False Colors

1943   Bar 20

1943   Farmer for a Day

1943   Colt Comrades

1943   Leather Burners 

1943   Border Patrol

1943   A Maid Made Mad

1943   Hoppy Serves a Writ

1943   Wolf in Thief's Clothing 

1943   Missing Men 

1942   Lost Canyon

1942   Sappy Pappy

1942   Undercover Man

1942   All Work and No Pay

1942   This Above All

1942   How Spry I Am

1942   Sappy Birthday

1941   Secret of the Wastelands

1941   Outlaws of the Desert 

1941   Lovable Trouble

1941   Twilight on the Trail

1941   Stick to Your Guns

1941   Riders of the Timberline 

1941   Host to a Ghost

1941   Wide Open Town 

1941   Yankee Doodle Andy

1941   Pirates on Horseback 

1941   The Ring and the Belle 

1941   Border Vigilantes 

1941   In Old Colorado 

1941   The Watchman Takes a Wife

1941   Doomed Caravan

1940   Three Men from Texas

1940   A Bundle of Bliss

1940   Cherokee Strip 

1940   Fireman, Save My Choo Choo

1940   Boobs in the Woods 

1940   Money Squawks

1940   Mr. Clyde Goes to Broadway 

1940   Abe Lincoln in Illinois

1939   Andy Clyde Gets Spring Chicken 

1939   All-American Blondes 

1939   Bad Lands

1939   Trouble Finds Andy Clyde

1939   Now It Can Be Sold

1939   It's a Wonderful World

1939   Boom Goes the Groom

1939   Swing, You Swingers!

1938   Home on the Rage 

1938   Not Guilty Enough

1938   The Soul of a Heel 

1938   Ankles Away 

1938   Jump, Chump, Jump

1938   The Old Raid Mule

1937   He Done His Duty

1937   The Barrier

1937   Gracie at the Bat

1937   Lodge Night 

1937   My Little Feller

1937   Stuck in the Sticks 

1937   Knee Action

1936   Red Lights Ahead 

1936   Love Comes to Mooneyville

1936   Two in a Crowd 

1936   Am I Having Fun!

1936   Straight from the Shoulder

1936   Mister Smarty

1936   The Peppery Salt

1936   Share the Wealth

1936   Caught in the Act

1936   Yellow Dust   

1935   Hot Paprika

1935   Annie Oakley

1935   It Always Happens

1935   The Bishop Misbehaves

1935   Alimony Aches

1935   Village Tale

1935   Tramp Tramp Tramp

1935   Old Sawbones 

1935   McFadden's Flats 

1935   I'm a Father

1935   Romance in Manhattan 

1934   The Little Minister

1934   In the Dog House

1934   It's the Cats

1934   Half-Baked Relations

1934   Hello, Prosperity

1934   The Super Snooper

1934   An Old Gypsy Custom

1933   Frozen Assets

1933   His Weak Moment

1933   Dora's Dunking Doughnut

1933   The Big Squeal 

1933   Loose Relations

1933   Feeling Rosy 

1933   Artist's Muddles 

1932   Boy Oh Boys

1932   A Fool About Women

1932   Sunkissed Sweeties

1932   The Giddy Age 

1932   His Royal Shyness

1932   For the Love of Ludwig

1932   Alaska Love 

1932   Million Dollar Legs 

1932   The Candid Camera

1932   The Boudoir Butler 

1932   Speed in the Gay Nineties 

1932   Heavens! My Husband!

1932   Shopping with Wifie 

1931   Half Holiday

1931   Taxi Troubles 

1931   Speed

1931   The Cannonball 

1931   Too Many Husbands 

1931   The Fainting Lover 

1931   Monkey Business in Africa

1931   Ghost Parade 

1931   The Cowcatcher's Daughter

1931   In Conference 

1931   Just a Bear

1931   The Dog Doctor 

1931   The College Vamp 

1931   No, No, Lady

1930   Racket Cheers 

1930   Don't Bite Your Dentist

1930   Should a Girl Marry? 

1930   Take Your Medicine

1930   Grandma's Girl 

1930   Midnight Daddies

1930   The Bluffer 

1930   Vacation Loves 

1930   Average Husband

1930   Hello, Television 

1930   Goodbye Legs 

1930   The Chumps

1930   Campus Crushes

1930   Fat Wives for Thin

1930   Match Play

1930   Bulls and Bears 

1930   Sugar Plum Papa 

1930   Scotch

1929   Uppercut O'Brien

1929   The New Halfback

1929   Clancy at the Bat

1929   A Hollywood Star    

 1929   The Golfers 

1929   The Lunkhead 

1929   The Constabule

1929   The Barber's Daughter 

1929   A Close Shave 

1929   Caught in a Taxi

1929   Girl Crazy

1929   Don't Get Jealous 

1929   The New Aunt 

1929   The Big Palooka 

1929   The Nightwatchman's Mistake 

1929   The Bees' Buzz 

1929   Matchmaking Mamma

1929   The Rodeo 

1929   Broadway Blues

1929   Ladies Must Eat

1929   Whirls and Girls 

1929   Taxi Spooks 

1929   The Old Barn 

1929   Calling Hubby's Bluff 

1929   Uncle Tom

1929   The Bride's Relations

1929   Clunked on the Corner

1928   Blindfold 

1928   Ships of the Night 

1928   A Taxi Scandal

1928   The Bargain Hunt

1928   Taxi for Two

1928   Smith's Restaurant

1928   His Unlucky Night

1928   The Girl from Nowhere

1928   The Good-Bye Kiss

1928   Hold 'Er Cowboy

1928   The Branded Man

1928   The Bicycle Flirt

1928   The Swim Princess

1928   The Best Man

1928   Smith's Army Life

1928   Love at First Flight

1928   The Beach Club

1928   Run, Girl, Run

1927   Love in a Police Station

1927   Smith's Modiste Shop

1927   The Girl from Everywhere

1927   The Bull Fighter

1927   For Sale, a Bungalow

1927   Gold Digger of Weepah

1927   Smith's Candy Shop 

1927   The Pride of Pikeville

1927   Smith's Fishing Trip

1927   Smith's Kindergarten

1927   Broke in China

1927   Catalina, Here I Come 

1927   Smith's Surprise

1927   A Small Town Princess

1927   The Jolly Jilter

1927   Smith's New Home

1927   A Finished Actor

1927   Smith's Customer

1927   Pass the Dumplings

1927   Smith's Pets

1926   Smith's Uncle

1926   Love's Last Laugh

1926   A Prodigal Bridegroom

1926   A Sea Dog's Tale 

1926   Ice Cold Cocos

1926   A Yankee Doodle Duke

1926   Muscle-Bound Music

1926   The Ghost of Folly

1926   Fight Night

1926   Soldier Man

1926   Hayfoot, Strawfoot?

1926   Hooked at the Altar

1926   Wandering Willies

1926   Circus Today 

1926   Trimmed in Gold 

1926   Whispering Whiskers

1925   From Rags to Britches

1925   There He Goes

1925   Isn't Love Cuckoo?

1925   Dangerous Curves Behind

1925   A Sweet Pickle

1925   Over Thereabouts

1925   Butter Fingers 

1925   Lucky Stars

1925   The Iron Nag

1925   Cupid's Boots

1925   Sneezing Beezers

1925   Super-Hooper-Dyne Lizzies 

1925   Skinners in Silk

1925   The Lion's Whiskers

1925   Giddap

1925   The Raspberry Romance

1925   Water Wagons

1924   Bull and Sand

1924   The Cannon Ball Express

1924   All Night Long 

1924   Galloping Bungalows

1924   Riders of the Purple Cows

1924   The Hansom Cabman

1924   Wandering Waistlines

1924   Little Robinson Corkscrew

1924   Lizzies of the Field 

1924   East of the Water Plug 

1924   Wall Street Blues

1924   His New Mamma

1924   The Lion and the Souse

1924   Black Oxfords

1924   Flickering Youth

1924   The Hollywood Kid 

1924   Shanghaied Lovers

1924   Scarem Much

1924   Smile Please

1924   The Half-Back of Notre Dame

1924   One Spooky Night

1924   Picking Peaches

1923   Flip Flops

1923   Asleep at the Switch

1923   Pitfalls of a Big City

1923   Rough and Ready

1922   Bow Wow

1922   Step Forward

1921   Hard Knocks and Love Taps

1921   A Small Town Idol 

1921   On a Summer Day 

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