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Alastair Sim ACTOR


Alastair Sim was born on October 9th, 1900 in Edinburgh, Scotland with the birth name Alastair George Bell Sim.  His parents were Sim JP and Isabella McIntyre.  He received his formal education in Edinburgh at the independent George Heriot's School and from a young age showed an interest in language.  He went on to become employed as the Fulton Lecturer in Elocution New College from 1925 through 1930. 
He first began working as an actor on stage.  Making his first appearance at a messenger at the Savoy Theatre in London.  He then was cast in the stage play, "Othello" (1930) and also played Captain Hook on the stage version of, "peter Pan".  He repeated this role on stage a total of six times throughout his career. He then started working on British films.  His film debut was in 1935 on, "The Case of Gabriel Perry" and he remained in the film industry from 1936 through his death in 1976.  He would create some very memorable comedic roles throughout his lifetime of working as an actor.
He moved in to more supporting roles.  One of his more successful roles was as Detective Sergeant Bingham in the film series, "Inspector Hornleigh" (1939), "Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday" (1939) and "Inspector Hornleigh Goes to It" (1941).  Many times in his career even though he was cast as the supporting actor he outshined the lead actor and took over the whole production.
By 1940, Sim was getting the leads on most films and was soon voted the most popular film actor in all of Britain.  Some of the films in which he was cast as the lead were, "Green for Danger" (1946), "The Happiest Days of Your Life" (1950), "Laughter in Paradise" (1951) and one of his most well known performances as Scrooge in, "A Christmas Carol" (1951).
In 1954 many remember his character Miss Fritton, the headmistress in the films, "The Belles St. Trinian's" and in, "Blue Murder at St. Trinian's" (1957).  He continued to amazed audiences and some of his other film roles were on, "Folly to be Wise" (1953), "The Ladykillers" (1955), "The Ruling Class" (1972) and "Royal Flash" (1975). 
Along with a very successful film career in England, Sim also maintained working as a stage actor.  He also made numerous television appearances such as on the comedy series, "Misleading Cases" (1967-1971).
Alastair Sim married only one time to an actress, Naomi Plaskitt in 1932 and they had one daughter Merlith.  The couple stayed together until Sims passed.  He is also credited for taking in a young man by the name of, George Cole to live with them at the age of fifteen and mentored him into the actor he became.  The two appeared in the film, "Cottage to Let" (1941), "The Happiest Days of Your Life" (195) and "The Green Man" (1956) amongst others.
Sim's never let his fame get the best of him.  He passed away on August 19th, 1976 in London, England from lung cancer. 


1977 Rogue Male
1976 The Littlest Horse Thieves 
1975 Royal Flash 
1975 The Prodigal Daughter
1972 Play for Today
1972 The Ruling Class
1971 A Christmas Carol 
1967-1971 Misleading Cases 
1968 Cold Comfort Farm 
1960 The Millionairess
1960 BBC Sunday-Night Play 
1960 School for Scoundrels 
1959 Left Right and Centre
1958 The Doctor's Dilemma
1957 Blue Murder at St. Trinian's 
1957 Escapade
1956 The Green Man
1956 TV Play of the Week 
1956 The Anatomist
1955 Wee Geordie 
1954 The Belles of St. Trinian's 
1954 An Inspector Calls 
1953 Innocents in Paris
1953 Folly to Be Wise 
1951 A Christmas Carol
1951 Bikini Baby 
1951 Laughter in Paradise 
1950 Mr. Gillie 
1950 The Happiest Days of Your Life 
1950 Stage Fright 
1948 Dulcimer Street
1947 Captain Boycott
1947 Hue and Cry 
1946 Green for Danger 
1945 Waterloo Road 
1942 Let the People Sing 
1941 Bombsight Stolen  
1940 Law and Disorder 
1940 Shadows of the Underworld
1939 Inspector Hornleigh on Holiday 
1939 Inspector Hornleigh
1938 Climbing High
1938 This Man Is News 
1938 Alf's Button Afloat 
1938 The Terror 
1938 Sailing Along 
1937 Melody and Romance 
1937 Murder on Diamond Row
1937 Clothes and the Woman
1937 Gangway 
1937 A Romance in Flanders 
1937 Strange Experiment 
1936 The Mysterious Mr. Davis 
1936 Man in the Mirror 
1936 Keep Your Seats, Please 
1936 Wrath of Jealousy 
1936 Troubled Waters 
1936 The Big Noise 
1935 The Private Secretary
1935 The Case of Gabriel Perry
1935 The Riverside Murder
1935 Late Extra 
1935 A Fire Has Been Arranged   

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